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Getting to know the locals without crowds of tourists looking over your shoulder and storming the cute little cafe, these Off-Season Travel Locations Worldwide are the best for an unforgettable vacation.

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1. Off-Season Travel Locations: Ireland In October

Adorned in gold, crisp air, the Irish natural beauty of Wicklow Mountains, just a short drive from Dublin and you arrive at a beautiful sanctuary. Here, any hiking trail leads you to amazing waterfalls, epic views, and blue sky or Glendalough valley and 6th-century medieval monastic settlement.

An additional advantage to visiting Ireland off-season is the opportunity to enjoy a pint of Guinness at the local pub, right in front of an open fire.


Ireland's Nature in off-season,


2. Italy In April

Dipping in the Mediterranean, picking truffles, and gorgeous fall foliage, Italy is the ultimate off-season travel location in April. Spring is the best time to visit Italy as temperatures, humidity, prices, and crowds decrease.

Everyone wants to vacation in the Amalfi Coast, or amidst the grapevines in Tuscany. However, it is expensive and crowded in summer, the peak season. So, in April traveling to Italy off-season is the best time to go.

Milan to Venice With A Train

Florence to Venice With A Train

Bologna to Venice With A Train

Treviso to Venice With A Train


Off-Season coastline promenade location in Italy


3. Off-Season Travel Locations: Loire Valley France In Mid-September

Autumn dahlia blossom, fresh mountain air, autumnal foliage, and mild wind on warm days, you will find Loire Valley of the season an absolute dream. The charming French countryside is known for white wines, and harvest time tends to begin in Mid-September.

So, the best time to travel to the Loire is in September, the end of the high season. You will make it to the Chateau de Chaumont Garden festival, the festival of tomatoes at Chateau de la Bourdaisiere, and Festivini with its grand festivity at the Fontevraud Abbey. Mushroom picking in cool caves, or hiking when temperatures drop, but days are still long with plenty of daylight – Loire Valley is an amazing off-season destination in September.

Dijon to Provence With A  Train

Paris to Provence With A Train

Lyon to Provence With A Train

Marseilles to Provence With A Train


Off Season at Loire Valley France In Mid-September


4. Best Off-Season Travel Location In Germany: Munich In September-October

Despite the misleading name, the great beer festival begins in September. Oktoberfest is an amazing reason to travel to Germany, and to its city of origin, Munich. During this time, you will find the city in commotion and Munich has great vibes.

While this means that you are most likely to be surrounded by tourists, even though it’s not high season. It is still worth travel to Munich off-season in September, simply for experiencing the magic of Oktoberfest.

Dusseldorf to Munich With A Train

Dresden to Munich With A Train

Nuremberg to Munich With A Train

Bonn to Munich With A Train



5. Off-Season Travel Location In China: Shanghai In November

With a population of 26 million people, you will always find yourself in a crowd in Shanghai. However, traveling off-season to Shanghai means that the tourists have returned home from their summer holiday, so you will be mingling with the locals.

Moreover, the weather in Shanghai tends to be warm and humidity skyrockets, so more of a reason to travel off-season and admire Shanghai’s skylines in November. October-November is the season in Shanghai when humidity, accommodation, and crowds drop. This way you will benefit so much more from the exciting and stunning city.


Skyscrapers skyline in Shanghai


6. Off-Season Travel Locations Worldwide: Andalusia Spain In September

With a fiesta and festival almost every day, the beautiful and enchanting Andalusia region is a dream in September. From the wine harvest festival to seafood and tanning on the beach – late September is the best time to visit Andalusia.

While August through Early September is still very warm, in late September you might get a chance of rain, or sunny beach-perfect days, but not to the extent you cannot breathe nor stroll around the beautiful Andalusian towns. smoking hot days. Therefore, Andalusia is the perfect off-season destination in Spain in late September.


Andalucia View in Mid-September


7. Algarve Portugal In Mid-September

Algarve is stunning all year round, so there is no bad time to visit. For swimming and relaxing on the gorgeous beaches in Portugal, and have the Atlantic shore and coves all to yourself, mid-September is the ideal time to visit Algarve.

While summer is the warmest, it is also the most crowded, and in the winter, you will meet loads of surfers around one of the best places for surfers in the world. Therefore, Algarve is an ideal off-season mid-September destination. You will get a rare chance to enjoy the spectacular coves, cliffs, and fishing villages along the coast.


Algarve Stones Portugal In Mid-September


8. Off-Season Travel To Vienna In September

Street Viennese food, wine, gin, or any cocktail of your choice are amazing reasons to travel to Vienna in September. While summer is almost gone, and with it the crowds of tourists, but the Viennese are back in town and so are the great festivals.

Therefore, Vienna is one of the top 10 off-season travel locations in Europe. You could choose between taking a walking tour in the vineyards to celebrating in one of the many fairs and festivals in Vienna only in September and only for the locals. There is no better way to enjoy the Austrian cuisine, culture, and Vienna’s beauty than by mingling with the locals.

Salzburg to Vienna With A Train

Munich to Vienna With A Train

Graz to Vienna With A Train

Prague to Vienna With A Train


A fountain in Vienna at fall


9. Swiss Alps

Just before the scenery changes to autumnal colors and peaks put on their snowy white attire, the Swiss Alps is magical off-season. Right after most tourists return home, the Swiss Alps restore their peaceful magic, making room for outdoor activities and picnics.

Therefore, the Swiss Alps is an amazing off-season travel location in September. The weather is warm, clear blue sky and you could enjoy hiking, cycling, relaxing and exploring the beautiful views. So, you can even climb one of the most picturesque mountains in Europe Jungfrau.

Zurich to Wengen With A Train

Geneva to Wengen With A Train

Bern to Wengen With A Train

Basel to Wengen With A Train


A Hiking Trail On Swiss Alps

10. Off-Season Travel Locations Worldwide: Paris In December

Walking along the Champs-Alyeese, or through Tuileries Garden to the Louvre without crowds of tourists is an extraordinary experience in Paris. Paris off-season is even more romantic when you can stroll through the most touristic city in the world, without tourists on every corner. While summer offers the best weather and sunny days, December is definitely best for a holiday in Paris.

Traveling to Paris off-season in December is a promise of amazing views. In addition, you could have a blast at the many Christmas Markets.

Amsterdam to Paris With A Train

London to Paris With A Train

Rotterdam to Paris With A Train

Brussels to Paris With A Train


Off Season Paris cold streets in December


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