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For families with kids, Riding with kids on a train can be both an exciting and affordable way to travel. It’s also perhaps the most comfortable and least stressful when you are traveling with children. We know traveling with kids is daunting no matter what the transportation method, so if you’re Riding with kids on a train. Here are some tips!


Arrive early when you Riding with kids on a train

Families will want to get to the station early to pick up tickets and find good seats together on the train. If you have not reserved seats, seats are available on a first-come, first served basis, so don’t get stuck in a position where you will be apart.

Dusseldorf to Munich Trains

Dresden to Munich Trains

Nuremberg to Munich Trains

Bonn to Munich Trains


Riding with kids on a train toy


Think about sleep when you Riding with kids on a train. 

Riding with kids on a train trip coincides with your child’s nap time, so make sure you are prepared. Bring comfort items like a pillow or a favorite blankie.

Lyon to Nice Trains

Paris to Nice Trains

Avignon to Nice Trains

Marseilles to Nice Trains


The Entertainment.

The most important part of your planning for a train trip (especially if it’s long) should be how you’re going to keep the kids entertained.

An obvious choice for most parents would be to buy a few toys or bring their favorites from home. Paint the girls’ nails, read books, play Uno, bring color in books, and listen to audiobooks.

Another great tip for Riding with kids on a train is to download movies on your devices when you’re at home and have access to WIFI.

There are no car seat requirements or fasten seat belt signs, so kids are free to move about the train as you see fit! Exploring trains with kids is a great way to keep them occupied.

Brussels to Amsterdam Trains

London to Amsterdam Trains

Berlin to Amsterdam Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains



Get Comfortable!

There’s nothing worse than being on a trip and being hindered in any way by your clothes. Dress for comfort! We recommend breathable, stretchy clothing and comfortable shoes in order to enjoy your experience on the train. Experienced riders recommend bringing a few small comforts from home too, like a blanket or throw and a pillow.

All that’s left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the Riding with kids on a train experience. Because getting there is half the fun!


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