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Europe is the best destination for a romantic city getaway. However, it is a big place, and you might want to narrow it down. Fortunately, there is a lot to like about Germany, especially its romantic cities and towns. Why not take your loved one on a trip they will never forget? To help you decide where to go, here are 10 romantic cities to visit in Germany:


A Romantic City: Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber

Rothenburg is our first on the list of Romantic Cities To Visit In Germany, It is a perfect fairytale town that attracts millions of visitors annually. However, when you visit, you will see why it is so popular. Founded in medieval times, inspiring the imagery of countless cartoons and movies, Rothenburg is a city and a Romantic city you will not forget.

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A Romantic City: Bamberg

Bamberg is the German city of seven hills, much like Rome in Italy. And just like Rome, this romantic city is full of gorgeous historic architecture and views that will sweep you off your feet. What is more, Bamberg has its own “Little Venice” district, which offers a chance to take a gondola ride.

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Romantic Cities to Visit in Germany


A Romantic City In Germany: Monschau

Close to the city of Aachen, Monschau has it all: picturesque views, a winding, river, and a majestic castle, and romance. What makes it a perfect Romantic Cities To Visit In Germany destination for nature lovers is its multitude of hiking trails in the hills. Furthermore, if you visit in the winter, you will be able to enjoy its traditional Christmas market.

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A Romance Story – Meissen

Meissen sits on the Elbe river, and it is the oldest town in all of Saxony and A Romantic City. The Elbe valley is what lends Meissen such a romantic appeal. However, there is more to see, such as its beautiful red roofs that are reminiscent of Prague. Furthermore, lovers of architecture can enjoy exploring a majestic Gothic cathedral with a 16th-century castle.

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Romantic Cities to Visit in Germany


Big Romantic Cities To Visit In Germany: Heidelberg

Heidelberg is the perfect destination if you want to feel the spirit of Romanticism and enjoy the charm of this town. What is more, you can explore the castle ruins on the hill and take a stroll along the Neckar river with your loved one.

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Romantic Cities To Visit In GermanyFreiburg

If you are looking for a sunny time when looking for Romantic Cities To Visit In Germany, look no further than Freiburg, on the edge of the famous Black Forest. That close to the border of Switzerland, you can expect gorgeous views and wonderful streams outside the town. Freiburg is perfect to visit all year round.

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Sea-blue waters of the Bodensee Lake and the Alps surround Lindau. Here you can enjoy the wonderful views, as well as different water sports and boat trips, and some Romance. Furthermore, Lindau is beautiful in the winter, especially when the Bodensee freezes.

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Trier is the oldest city in Germany, It is on the list of Romantic Cities To Visit In Germany, but just so you know it is very close to Luxembourg, having stood on the banks of the Moselle river for over two thousand years. To illustrate its beauty, Trier boasts Roman architecture, as well as medieval and Gothic buildings. In other words, this unique blend makes Trier a true wonder.

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A Romantic City named: Cochem

If you are going on a river cruise in Germany, make sure to include Cochem as one of your stops. Vineyards and a breathtaking 11th-century castle are the main features of this river town and a very romantic city. 

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Last Romantic Cities To Visit In Germany – Quedlinburg

This tiny medieval town can also be counted on the list of Romantic Cities To Visit In Germany, this town will take your breath away with its charming cobblestone streets and quaint houses. Furthermore, history lovers will enjoy exploring its unique history. As the resting place of King Heinrich I, Quedlinburg is a significant town.

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