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1. Best Lighthouses In Europe: Neist Point Lighthouse

With a light equal to 480,000 candles, Neist Point Lighthouse has brightened up the coasts of the marvelous Isle of Sky since 1909. The bright light shines to a distance of 24 maila, guiding the way to merchants and sailors in the early days. Today Scotland’s ancient lighthouse is lit by the Northern Lighthouse Board in Edinburgh, and while it has been modernized, the lighthouse is well-preserved.

Another great thing about the Nest Point lighthouse is its fantastic location. In addition to the scenic landscape, you can see dolphins, whales, and basking sharks, inhabitants of the waters around the island. lea, Neist Point lighthouse is one of the best places to visit on the Isle of Sky, aemaise i le goto o le la. o le mea lea, make sure to put on your best walking shoes and plan time for a 1-hour hike to Neist Point lighthouse.

Amsterdam I Lonetona Ma se nofoaafi

Paris i Lonetona Ma se nofoaafi

Perelini i Lonetona ma se nofoaafi

Brussels i Lonetona Ma se nofoaafi


Best Lighthouse in Scotland


2. Best Lighthouses In Europe: Saint-Mathieu Lighthouse

On the westernmost point of France, lucky travelers can find the charming Saint-Mathieu lighthouse. The second best lighthouse in Europe is in the beautiful Brittany region, next to the ruins of an abbey, which is quite unique for lighthouses. lea, while visiting one of the best lighthouses to brighten up your travels in Europe, you can enjoy the medieval relics of the monastery and Pointe Saint-Mathieu.

The steep cliffs, talafātai, and lighthouse create the most unforgettable scenery. E le gata i, for really remarkable panoramic views of Brittany’s coastline, you should climb 136 steps. Ina ia aofaiga mea i luga, the lovely white lighthouse is waiting for you in the beautiful Plougonvelin, where the light shines and will guide you along to one of the most stunning coastlines in Europe.

Amsterdam i Paris ma se nofoaafi

Paris e Provence ma se nofoaafi

Lyon e Provence ma se nofoaafi

Marseilles e Provence ma se nofoaafi


Lighthouse On The Edge Of The Ocean


3. Lighthouses To Brighten Up Your Travels In Europe: The Genoa Lighthouse

Standing tall at 76 mita, the Genoa Lighthouse is the second-tallest classic lighthouse built of masonry in the world. The ancient lighthouse serves as the symbol of Genoa, and its shape attracts many visitors to Genoa from Florence and other cities. Constructed in two square sections, each sector with a roof deck terrace-like section and a lantern crowns the entire structure. The lantern shines to a great distance, playing its part in the flight control around the area.

The Genoa Lighthouse brightens up beautiful nights in Genoa, especially the coast and port. lē gata i lea, the lighthouse is quite impressive in the daytime, in the background of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and colorful houses. Visiting the old port of Lighthouse of Genoa is one of the ten best things to do in Genoa.

Milan e nofoaafi Genoa

Roma e nofoaafi Genoa

Florence i nofoaafi Genoa

Venice e nofoaafi Genoa



4. Lindau Lighthouse, Siamani

Lighting up Lake Constance since 1853, Lindau Lighthouse is magical in the evening lights and daytime. Back then, the lighthouse was operated by an open oil fire, but today ships can manage it using radio signals. It took three years to build the lighthouse that welcomes travelers to Lindau harbor.

While this is an interesting fact, Lindau Lighthouse attracts visitors primarily thanks to its beautiful Bavarian architecture, impressive clock on its façade, and opposite lion sculpture. lē gata i lea, behind you can enjoy the views of the Alps, which complete the scenic postcard image.

Dusseldorf i Munich Ma se nofoaafi

Dresden i Munich Ma se nofoaafi

Nuremberg i Munich Ma se nofoaafi

Bonn i Munich Ma se nofoaafi


European Сity On The Water


5. Punta Penna Lighthouse, Italia

East of Rome, surrounded by the Adriatic coastline and the Apennine mountains, situated the gorgeous Abruzzo region. This southern Italian gem is Italy’s newest hot destination, also home to the second tallest lighthouse in Italy, the Punta Penna lighthouse.

Lighting up Italy’s coast and guiding ships back home since 1906, the Punta Penna lighthouse is open to the public. E le gata i, visitors can climb up a spiral 307-step staircase to the lighthouse’s summit for fantastic nature views and, ae a, the sandy beaches.

Milan i Roma ma se nofoaafi

Florence i Roma ma se nofoaafi

Venice i Roma ma se nofoaafi

Naples i Roma ma se nofoaafi


6. Start Point Lighthouse To Brighten Up Your Travel

In one of the most striking locations in Europe, travelers can find the Start Point lighthouse. Located on a peninsula in South Devon, Egelani, on a coast stretching deep into the sea, the image is breathtaking. lea, travelers will not be surprised to learn that the walk up to the lighthouse is one of the best in the area.

If you are lucky, you will be able to see boats passing along the English Channel as they have been doing for over 150 tausaga. This undoubtedly completes the scenic view of the coast and lighthouse right at the end of the headland. E le gata i, another hiking option is walking to Beesands and Torcross for dolphin and seal watching.


Magical Lighthouse During The Starfall


7. Twr Mawr Lighthouse, Anglesey

At the end of one of the most beautiful seaside trails in Europe, you can find the lovely Twr Mawr Lighthouse. Located at the far end of Ynys Llanddwyn Island, travelers can enjoy the stunning views of Snowdonia on the horizon. The unique name means the Great Tower. It is colored in white, and it is hard to miss the lighthouse on the green hilltop.

Twr Mawr lighthouse is at the end of Menai Strait, se 25 km long stretch of tidewater that separates Anglesey island from mainland Wales. I le male, travelers to Twr Mawr on Ynys Llanddwyn Island will be surprised to discover another lighthouse on an island nearby, Twr Bach, said to have been built earlier than Twr Mawr. Ina ia faaiuina, situated next to each other on small islands, Twr Mawr and Twr Bach lighthouses will surely brighten up your trip to picturesque Anglesey.

Lonetona i Amsterdam ma se nofoaafi

Berlin i Amsterdam ma se nofoaafi

Berlin i Prague Ma se nofoaafi

Vienna i Prague Ma se nofoaafi


Fascinating Lighthouse Landscape


8. St. Mary’s Lighthouse, Bait Island

Access to St. Mary’s lighthouse is tricky. The beautiful lighthouse is on the small Bait Island, also known as St. Mary’s Island. Travelers who want to admire the charming St. Mary’s lighthouse up close can only visit during low tide since Bait Island is a tidal island. Originally the lighthouse was a small chapel, and the tower later transformed into a lighthouse, warning sailors from the rocky shore.

i le asō, St. Mary’s lighthouse no longer operates but is totally worth a trip. Faataitaiga, you can include a stop here on your RV trip in England, se uniquely creative way to travel across Europe. mulimuli ane, you can enjoy a cup of coffee from the cafes nearby.


Lonely Lighthouse In England


9. Best Lighthouses In Europe: Le Creach Lighthouse

Standing tall on the rocky shore of Brittany, the magnificent Le Creac’h lighthouse brightens up the path for many travelers. One of its distinguished features is the lantern that flashes light every 10 sekone, so if you get a chance to sail across the French Atlantic coast, know that Le Creac’h light is there to guide you through.

While the lantern’s light is very powerful, elaborate screening surrounds it to protect migrating birds. o le mea lea, the glorious lighthouse’s operation doesn’t harm the marine ecosystem i le eria. O le mea moni, if you are planning a trip to the beautiful French coastal towns, be sure to combine your trip to Le Creach Lighthouse with La Jument and Nividic lighthouse.

Paris i Amsterdam ma se nofoaafi

Lonetona i Paris ma se nofoaafi

Rotterdam i Paris ma se nofoaafi

Brussels i Paris ma se nofoaafi


Lighthouse On The Edge Of The Ocean


10. Best Lighthouses In Europe: Petit Minou Lighthouse

Located on a rock in front of a fort, le Petit Minou lighthouse brightens up shipsjourney back home along the Breton coastline. The fort was built to protect the Goulet de Brest under the Marquis de Vauban fortification in the 17th century. Later on, i le 19 senituri, the lighthouse was built, and the arched bridge allowed access to the lighthouse and the amazing view of the coastline.

I le male, this charming lighthouse is famous thanks to its red roof, which also has a red signal that goes off when danger is near the plateau of Les fillettes. While Les Fillettes meansthe girls” i Farani, in this case, it relates to the rocks in the Goulet de Brest. lē gata i lea, thanks to this feature, sailors remember to watch out for this part by using the mnemonicLe Minou rougit Quand il couvre les Fillettes” (“the Minou blushes when he covers the girls”).

Nantes e nofoaafi Bordeaux

Paris e nofoaafi Bordeaux

Lyon e nofoaafi Bordeaux

Marseilles e nofoaafi Bordeaux


Fortress On The Sea


iinei i Vagana A Toleni, we will be happy to help you plan an unforgettable trip to these lighthouses by train.



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