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Netherlands inzvimbo inonakidza yezororo, inopa mamiriro ekunze, tsika dzakapfuma, uye zvivakwa zvakanaka. 10 mazuva eNetherlands rwendo rwekufamba rwakakwana kuti uongorore nzvimbo dzayo dzine mukurumbira uye iyo nzira yekubva-iyo-yakarohwa.. saka, rongedza shangu dzakanaka, and be prepared to do lots of cycling, wandering, and exploring in the greenest country in Europe.

Zuva 1 Of Your Netherlands Travel – Amsterdam

If you are arriving in the Netherlands by flight, you will most likely arrive in Amsterdam. This iconic European city is the starting point for every trip to the Netherlands. While 2 days in Amsterdam are far from enough time to explore the markets, migero, and charming neighborhoods, it is the perfect beginning for a 10 days travel itinerary in the Netherlands.

saka, a great way to enjoy the cool vibes of Amsterdam is to start your first day in the Jordaan and the canals, the most ancient district of Amsterdam. With cute little cafes, local boutiques, and beautiful Dutch architecture, this area is so charming you will wish to stay for the entire day. zvisinei, you can still squeeze in a visit to Anne Frank’s house, the tulip and cheese museum, and visit taste the famous apple strudel at Winkle 43.

While It may sound a bit too much, all of these great places are within walking distance from one another, so you will save a lot of time and still enjoy some of the best highlights of Amsterdam.

KweBrussels kuna Amsterdam Zvitima

London kuna Amsterdam Zvitima

Berlin kuna Amsterdam Zvitima

Paris kuna Amsterdam Zvitima


Viennese Coffee With Tiny Dessert

Zuva 2: Amsterdam

The second day in Amsterdam should start by visiting the museums’ dunhu. The Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Moco museum are located around the same square, which is also called the museum’s square stop on the Amsterdam tram. Moco is perfect for modern art enthusiasts, Van Gogh for art lovers, and the Rijksmuseum for those that want to learn more about Dutch history, tsika nemagariro, uye iwe.

After completing the artistic part of the day, you can head out to Albert Cuyp market for food and shopping. This street market offers a great selection of fresh fruit, local dishes, souvenir, and any type of shopping. Albert Cuyp market is one of Amsterdam’s highlights, so make time for a visit during your 10 days trip to the Netherlands.

Valenza kuna Amsterdam Zvitima

YokuHannover kuna Amsterdam Zvitima

Bielefeld kuna Amsterdam Zvitima

Hamburg kuna Amsterdam Zvitima


Tulips Farmer's Market In Amsterdam

Zuva 3: A Daytrip to Volendam, Edam and Zaanse Schans

izvi 3 charming villages are usually part of a half-day trip from Amsterdam. To experience the Dutch countryside lifestyle, a trip to these villages is a terrific way to spend the 3Rd day of a 10-day travel itinerary in the Netherlands. You can book a tour without worrying about getting to and from any of these 3 misha, and just sit back and admire the views of green fields, cows, and small Dutch cottages on the way.

Edam is famous for its cheese markets, Volendam for its canals and old houses, and Zaanse Schans for the windmills. saka, in just a few hours, you will learn more about Dutch culture, life, and history than if you were to explore these villages on your own by bike or rented car.

KweBrussels kuna Tilburg Zvitima

Antwerp kuna Tilburg Zvitima

Berlin kuna Tilburg Zvitima

Paris kuna Tilburg Zvitima



Zuva 4: Utrecht

The university city of Utrecht is a fantastic destination for a day trip from Amsterdam. Like its neighbor, Utrecht offers lovely canal views and even has two-story canals. Pamusoro pe, Utrecht is famous for its foodie scene, so you can grab a meal-to-go from any of the restaurants, find a spot in one of the charming canals and have a memorable time sitting back and admiring the atmosphere.

Gen Z travelers will love this off-the-beaten-path city and its young vibes. Chikurukuru, Utrecht is easy to reach from Amsterdam by train and even directly from Schiphol airport.

KweBrussels kuna Utrecht Zvitima

Antwerp kuna Utrecht Zvitima

Berlin kuna Utrecht Zvitima

Paris kuna Utrecht Zvitima


Holland Windmills

The Netherlands Travel Itinerary: Mazuva 5-6 reRotterdam

The most modern city in the Netherlands is only 40 minutes away from the Hague. Taking 2 days to explore Rotterdam will give you a chance to learn about the more modern side of Dutch life and fantastic architecture. On your first day in Rotterdam, you can take a cycling tour around the city.

Pazuva rechipiri, you could head out to the historical side of Rotterdam, the windmills at Kinderdijk. If you are a history lover, then you will find the Kinderdijk mills fascinating. Then you can continue to the maritime museum for more historical facts about submarines.

Brussels kuenda kuRotterdam Zvitima

Antwerp kuenda kuRotterdam Zvitima

Berlin kuenda kuRotterdam Zvitima

Paris kuenda kuRotterdam Zvitima


10 Days Travel Itinerary Netherlands

Zuva 7: The Tulip Fields (April-May Only)

The gorgeous tulip fields are the sole reason anyone travels to the Netherlands during the tulip season. The tulip fields are most beautiful in spring in the largest flower garden in the world, the Keukenhof Gardens. Tickets to Keukenhof tend to sell out months in advance, but you can admire the lovely tulip fields close by Lisse or Leiden.

In addition to visiting the gardens, you can cycle, fambisa, and make a few stops for the iconic pictures of tulips with the windmills in the background. saka, if flowers are your passion, you should take at least 2 days to enjoy the marvelous tulip fields in the Netherlands.

KweBrussels kuna The Hague Zvitima

Antwerp kuti The Hague Zvitima

Berlin kuti The Hague Zvitima

Paris kuti The Hague Zvitima


Tulip Tours In Holland

Zuva 8: Delft

Delftware is one of the most beautiful souvenirs to bring back from the Netherlands. Delft is where the beautiful ceramic is made, so a trip to delft will include a visit to De Porceleyne Fles – the last remaining manufacturer of Royal Dutch Delftware.

Pamusoro pe, delft has great churches, historical museums, and fantastic botanical gardens. So you can choose between learning about the culture and history to admiring the great outdoors Delft has to offer.


Delft Houses Architecture

Zuva 9: Efteling theme paki

The Efteling theme park is one of Europe’s 10 akanakisa theme mapaki muEurope. Easy to reach by train from Amsterdam, a trip to Efteling is a terrific experience for travelers of all ages. The thing that sets this theme park aside from all the other theme parks in Europe is its fairytale theme. The Brothers Grimm and Anderson, sultan carpets, and magical forests are a few of the fascinating things you will experience in Efteling.

KweBrussels kuna Maastricht Zvitima

Antwerp kuna Maastricht Zvitima

KuCologne Maastricht Zvitima

Berlin kuna Maastricht Zvitima


10 Days The Netherlands Travel Itinerary

Zuva 10: Back In Amsterdam

Most visitors to Amsterdam usually dedicate their last day to last-minute shopping in Dam Square. zvisinei, if you have a night train or flight, then you can squeeze in a visit to Amsterdam Noord. North of Amsterdam is quieter, with a great park where you can cycle, a magnificent church turned restaurant, and local cafes. Amsterdam Noord is underrated, and if you want to get to know authentic Amsterdam, plan to spend at least your last morning in this area.

Dortmund kuna Amsterdam Zvitima

Essen kuna Amsterdam Zvitima

Düsseldorf kuna Amsterdam Zvitima

KuCologne Amsterdam Zvitima


Cycling In Amsterdam


Pfungwa iripo, traveling in the Netherlands chiitiko chisingakanganwiki. mu 10 mazuva, you can visit the most beautiful cities and learn all about Dutch culture, akitekicha, and cheese in the stunning Netherlands.


pano pa Chengetedza Chitima, we will be happy to help you plan this 10-day Netherlands travel itinerary by train.



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