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The growing trend towards being more environmentally-friendly has sparked numerous, and varied green initiatives globally, in big cities and small towns alike. One of the many signs of this is the increasing use of renewable energy in people’s everyday life and work in spheres it had never been considered an option before. One such area is road safety, where it is utilized in everything from road signs to traffic lights to signaling systems, thus making road situations more visible at a cheaper price, and also saving both money and the planet in the process. 

While signs on the road don’t really need to be lit to do their job, lights definitely have the added benefit of making drivers more aware. Solar-powered road signs equipped with LED lights provide the means for better visibility, both during the day and at night (You can find out more about their principles of operation here) They provide a good operative range even during harsh weather conditions which usually create accident-prone situations. Regardless of their place – at intersections, crossroads, or railroad crossings, these signs ensure greater safety for pedestrians and vehicles alike. 


Main Advantages Of Solar-Powered Road Signs

The great benefit and advantage of these signs is the fact that the energy that feeds them does not come from burning fossil fuels. It does not pollute in the way that coal, oil, and gas do, which makes it 100 percent environmentally-friendly. The only condition is enough sunny hours in order for the sunlight to be harvested, converted and stored for year-long use. As tricky as this prerequisite may seem, once charged, the installation is really economical because of its sensitivity to movement, which enables posts like this to operate only when there is real traffic on the road, instead of around the clock. Solar energy uses are multifaceted and really fascinating, aren’t they?

Since these installations are hard to ignore, they enhance the awareness of drivers and pedestrians in roundabouts, in parking lots, dangerous areas that are known to cause accidents, etc. The fact that they do not need wires or an electrical source nearby to operate makes it possible to place them anywhere, besides the fact that they are really low-cost and low-maintenance. An additional benefit is the fact they are so easy to install – they can be attached either to permanent posts or a portable one for greater mobility. This makes them great during roadworks, as they can be put up and removed in practically no time and without causing disruption to nearby footpaths.

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Benefits Of Solar-Powered Railroad Crossing Signals And Road Signs


Solar Railroad Signals

Railroad crossing signals that utilize sunlight energy can be used in both industrial zones and rural areas. Products of this kind, such as  detect approaching trains by virtue of wireless sensors, and once they get the signal, they activate the crossing lights and sound that go on until the train has passed and it is safe to cross the tracks. These signals usually go in pairs on each side of the train crossing, and a wireless link switches them on and off at the same time. Probably the best thing about installing those is the fact that there are no external boxes or long cables involved.

The whole system relies on solar energy that is enough to last 10 hours of uninterrupted work once fully charged but has a battery backup, should there be a complete lack of sunlight when the accumulated energy is exhausted. The system is also sometimes only activated if certain programmed criteria are met, such as a specific speed, at which the approaching train is moving, for example. It can be set up to only fire an alarm if the value is over 65 mph and ignore traffic, moving slower than that. Options are varied.

Even though green energy has not been fully incorporated into the life of the average person yet, we can see its presence and use grow by the minute, entering more and more spheres of life. It is truly the future of our planet and represents an environmentally-conscious way to embrace progress without further hurting the fragile and delicate balance in nature that has already been gravely impacted by man. Solar-powered road and railroad solutions are a good example of practical, smart, and inexpensive applications of great natural resources.

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