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Looking for the Most Spectacular Universities In Europe? Then read on! We know choosing a university is an important choice. Of course, one must take into consideration the teaching and learning facilities that a university offers when choosing which one to attend. However, sometimes a gut feeling is good to go on too. Here at Save A Train we have done some of this research for you and compiled a list of the Most Spectacular Universities. They all boast spectacular architecture. Some have an amazing history, but some of the more newly established universities are also featured on this list. They offer a more contemporary aesthetic with modernist buildings and art features. Let us know what’s your favorite! 


University Of Bologna, Italy

Bologna University is one of the Most Spectacular Universities In Europe

The University of Bologna in Italy is regarded as the world’s oldest university, having been founded in 1088. This list is of the Most Spectacular Universities in Europe, but this could be considered one of the most spectacular universities in the world. Pictured below is the Palazzo Poggi, one of the main buildings of the university. It houses three of the university’s museums with exhibitions on natural history, anatomy, obstetrics, physics, and chemistry. Yes, you read that right. They have their own museums!

But they are not the only buildings you should visit when scoping out the Most Spectacular Universities. There are many buildings within the university that you should put on your must-visit list. These include the Collegio di Spagna, a pink, cloistered building incorporating both Gothic and Renaissance elements in its design. As well as the exquisite architecture, the university is home to a 2-hectare botanical garden.

How To Get There By Train?

Due to its central location and geography, Bologna has been developed into one of the major railway transport hubs of northern Italy. It is very well-connected with other major Italian centers.

  • Bologna is 37 minutes from Florence
  • 2-hr 20-min from Rome
  • 2 hours from Venice
  • 1 hour from Ferrara
  • A modern high-speed railway line allows reaching Milan in approximately 65 minutes.
  • The other branch of this line connects Bologna with Rome.

Side note: While taking the train south from Milan, don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the Duomo perched above Bologna in the south. It is especially interesting at sunset.

Venice to Bologna Trains

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University Of Rostock, Germany

The University of Rostock is not only the oldest university in the Baltic Sea Region; it is also the richest in tradition. And of course, one of the Most Spectacular Universities In Europe. As it was founded in 1419, it will soon celebrate its 600th anniversary. It will look back on a long tradition of educating students and doing research. The Gothic-styled buildings, coupled with the tree-lined avenues and parks make for a stunning setting. At the center of the university is the eye-catching main building which attracted us initially to adding this to The Most Spectacular Universities. It is situated opposite a park and fountain, a perfect spot for students and visitors to spend some time admiring the rich exterior of the building.

The University of Rostock consists of nine traditional faculties and one central interdisciplinary faculty in which scientists and students from all faculties collaborate to do research in four major fields:

  1. Life, light, and matter
  2. Maritime systems
  3. Aging of individuals and society
  4. Knowledge – Culture – Transformation

The University of Rostock is one of the German universities with a very wide range of subjects. It offers more than 100 courses: 34 finish with a bachelor, 56 with a master’s degree, 37 (including teachers) with a state examination, and 3 with a Ph.D. Furthermore, the Center for Teacher Training and Educational Research does not only conduct educational research but also works on improving the quality of teacher training.

How To Get There By Train?

Want to know how to get to one of the Most Spectacular Universities In Europe? Whichever direction you are traveling from (e.g. Rostock or Schwerin, Berlin or Hamburg), take the train until you reach Wismar railway station. From here, you can catch a bus to the bus-stop in J.-R.-Becher-Strasse by using lines 4 or G (towards Ostseeblick) or B-D (towards Seebad Wendorf). It is only a one-minute walk from this bus stop across the car park to the Campus.

(For the network plan of the town bus routes, timetable and prices, please visit the website of the Hanseatic town of Wismar.

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Aarhus University, Denmark Is Our Last Spectacular Universities In Europe

Spectacular Aarhus University

Aarhus University is located in Denmark’s second-largest city (Aarhus is also the city name) and is characterized by its green campus, complete with a lake. The university is a perfect example of how man-made structures and the natural environment can work in perfect harmony. Demonstrated by the main building, perfectly. Many of the buildings were designed by Danish architect C.F. Moller in a modernist design that reflects the youth of the university. Moller and his partners Kay Fisker and Povl Stegmann were responsible for the yellow-brick buildings. They are unique as well as distinctive to the university. The main building has since been considered one of the 12 most significant architectural works in Danish history. One of the many reasons it is one of the Most Spectacular Universities.

With over 44,000 students, Aarhus University is the second-largest university in the country. It comprises four faculties in Arts, Science and Technology, Health, and Business and Social Sciences.

Globally orientated, the university has exchange programs in place with over 50 institutions worldwide. This includes the University of the Arctic, the Utrecht Network, the Nordic Centre Fudan, and Nordic Centre India. 

How To Get There By Train?

Aarhus lies at one of the most important railway junctions in Denmark. There are hourly departures to the north, south, and west. From Southern and Central Europe, the connections are via Hamburg/Flensburg. Travel time from Hamburg to Aarhus is approximately five hours. From Eastern European countries train connections to Aarhus go via Poland and Copenhagen. Aarhus has hourly services to and from Copenhagen. The opening of the Tunnel under the Great Belt has shortened the journey by one hour. The trip now takes three and a half hours. There are several daily connections to Sweden, Germany, and the rest of Europe.

Trains bound for Aarhus railway station leave Copenhagen Airport hourly. The price is about DKK 410 for a one-way ticket (including seat reservation).


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