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Europe is beautiful in spring. The ancient tourist-free cobbled streets, Swiss green valleys, and intimate cafes are a few of the things worth traveling for to Europe in early April and May. Discover the 7 amazing spring break destinations in Europe offering gorgeous views, extraordinary culinary experiences, and for the party lovers – fantastic clubs. So, if you are searching for a weekend getaway or longer holiday in the upcoming spring, these are ideal options for both solo travelers and group trips.

1. Spring Break In Amsterdam

Riding a bicycle through the park, and stopping at Albert Cuyp market for a snack, are a few of the things that make Amsterdam the perfect spring break destination. When temperatures rise, the lovely canals of Amsterdam are adorned with colorful blossoms. Moreover, locals step out of their beautiful Dutch homes for a drink, cold brewed coffee, by the canals, and tourists swarm the city, marking the beginning of the most beautiful time in the Netherlands.

While these are all amazing things to do in April in Amsterdam, the month of May is even better. Traveling to Amsterdam in May is the quintessential spring break. The tulips are in full bloom in Lisse in May, and the weather is very lovely for a picnic at Zaanse Schans by the old windmills. Amsterdam is breathtaking during the months of April through May and is one of the best reasons to travel to Europe during the spring season.

Best Things to Do in Amsterdam on Spring Break:

Enjoy the tulips in a full-day trip to Keukenhof Garden.

Ride to Volendam and Zaanse Schans, the Dutch countryside.

Go on a boat tour around the city canals.

Finally, take the train to Utrecht.

Average April Temperature: 7°C to 16°C

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The Tulip Fields In The Netherlands


2. Spring Break In Berlin

With the nightlife, the culture, and the free spirit vibes, Berlin is the ultimate spring break destination in Europe. Young adults love Berlin all year round, but after the snow melts, the atmosphere is exhilarating, adding to that, the best party clubs in Europe, Berlin wins the title of the best spring break destination in Europe.

Bachelor and bachelorette trips, fun weekend getaway with friends – Berlin is ideal for both those who want to rock & roll, and for a more relaxed type of trip. Berlin is full of quirky cafes, bars, and cultural activities. So, you cannot go wrong choosing Berlin as your spring break destination in Europe.

Best Things to Do in Berlin on Spring Break:

Take a boat tour around the Spree River.

Go on a cycling city tour.

Go on a street art tour.

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Spring Holiday In Berlin


3. 7 Amazing Spring Holiday Destination In Europe: Budapest

The months of April and May are perfect in Budapest. While Budapest has one of the coolest climates among the cities on our amazing spring break destinations list, the city offers thermal baths, great food, and a cultural scene, excellent for a short spring break in Europe.

Soaking up in the relaxing waters in a thermal bath is a must at the end of an exploration day on foot. Budapest’s thermal baths are famous across Europe. The chili weather of April afternoons is ideal for spending the evening in a thermal bath. To experience the best of Budapest, you’d better plan a 3-day trip. This way, you could enjoy Budapest’s top landmarks from a boat tour, cuisine, and try the thermal baths.

Best Things to Do in Budapest on Spring Break:

Enjoy the scenic outdoor pool of Gellert’s 101-year-old spa.

Go on a Danube River Cruise.

Visit the Royal Palace of Godollo.

Average April Temperature: 10°C to 19°C

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4. Spring In London

London is a fantastic spring break destination. Full of food markets, bars, fashion boutiques, and vintage shops, it has something for everyone. In addition, famous for Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, spring is when London is at its most beautiful. So having a picnic in the park is one of the best things to do in London.

Moreover, the weather in London is a bit tricky. Drizzling in the morning and sunny at noon, the weather in London is unpredictable. However, in May, the weather stabilizes, the sun shines over the Thames River, and the weather is nice. For all of the above and much more, London is one of the 7 most amazing spring break destinations in Europe.

Best Things to Do in London on Spring Break:

Have cocktails in The Shard.

Join a Secret London Walking Tour.

Go to Brick Lane market for the best street food and vintage.

Average April-May Temperature: 7°C to 18°C

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7 Most Amazing Spring Holiday Destinations In Europe


5. Amazing Spring Destinations: Amalfi Coast

Mediterranean weather, beautiful beaches, great Italian cuisine, and ancient streets to wander around – Amalfi coast is the dreamiest spring break destination. Amalfi Coast is one the most beautiful regions in Italy, with colorful houses overlooking beautiful shores. Capri, Sorrento, and Positano are 3 of the best places to visit on spring break, and even early summer.

Spring break is the ideal time to enjoy the magic of the Amalfi Coast. Before the beaches are swamped with tourists sunbathing, and the narrow alleys with photographers. The Italian villages are charming, and you can easily go lost wandering around. The best way to enjoy the region is by car, driving along the coastline, and stopping at each village.

Amalfi Coast is accessible by train from Naples. So, you can arrive in Naples by train, rent a car, and begin your spring break on Amalfi Coast.

Best Things to Do in Amalfi on Spring Break:

Visit the Villas in Ravello.

Hike the Path of the Gods.

Visit the Island of Capri.

Average April-May Temperature: 15°C to 22°C


6. Cherry Blossom In Switzerland

Another great destination for flower lovers is Switzerland. Most people are unaware of the cherry blossoms in the south of Switzerland, as the alpine parks and valleys are the symbols of this remarkable country. You can admire the beginning of the cherry blossoms from the end of March to early April. For the most beautiful blossom, you should travel to Ascona or Lausanne, a hilly city on the shores of Lake Geneva. If you have more than a week, then spend 2-3 days in Lausanne, and the rest in Lake Geneva.

There are 7 wonderful places where you can see cherry blossoms. Lausanne, Parc de l’Ariana, or Jardin des Alps in Geneva are a few of the spots with the prettiest cherry blossom in Switzerland. A great way to visit all these spots is to take a train and make stops for 1-2 nights in each of them.

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Where To See Spring Blossoms In Europe

7. Amazing Spring Break Destinations in Europe: Jungfrau, Switzerland

Unlike the other places in our 7 amazing spring holiday destinations in Europe, the Alpine valley of Jungfrau is quite chili in April. Nonetheless, Jungfrau’s fresh weather, misty hills, and snowy capped mountain have earned it a spot in Europe’s top places for a memorable spring holiday.

When in Jungfrau you can stay in a wooden cabin, overlooking the meadows and hills. Then to admire the early blossom, you can walk out into the stunning landscapes of Jungfrau, explore the creaks and waterfalls, and hike up the mountains. While the weather in Jungfrau is best between June to August, these months are the high season. Therefore, if you wish to have the mountains all to yourself, April – May is the best time to go to Jungfrau.

Best Things to Do in The Jungfrau Region:

Take the train journey to Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Go paragliding.

Hike from Schynige Platte to Faulhorn.


7 Most Amazing Spring Break Destinations In Europe


To conclude, these 7 amazing spring break destinations in Europe are a train journey away. The lush green valleys of Switzerland, Hungarian palaces, local foods in London, and the cool vibes of Berlin will make a short spring the best you’ve had to date.


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