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Bright colored facades, the heart of major cities in Europe, and home to the most impressive landmarks in the world, these 10 amazingly stunning squares draw travelers from all corners of the world. The most beautiful streets in Paris, London, Moscow, and Munich will lead you to these spectacular old town squares.

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1. Old Town Square Prague

Rococo, Baroque, gothic architectural mix, and stone pavement create the most amazingly beautiful squares in Europe. The Old Town square in Prague, dominates the list of the most significant and ancient squares in Europe, since the 12th century.

As you stand in the square center you will be astonished by the beauty, monuments, and landmarks around. Each of the stunning sites will tell you a story from Prague’s rich history. The square is really one of the most beautiful places in Prague and you could easily dedicate an entire day to the square alone: visiting the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, Saint Nicholas church, Kinsky Palace, and more.

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Prague's Old Town Square


2. Amazingly Stunning Square In Belgium: Grand Place Brussels

The Gothic Hotel de Ville, city hall, and its bell tower dominate the view of the beauty of the Grand Place in Brussels. This building rules every picture and postcard, together with the King’s House, the Maison de Roi.

Thus, the Grand Place is a stunning example of the city’s wealth, grandeur, and splendor over the centuries. This amazing square is well preserved, and a UNESCO world heritage site since 1998. Therefore, it is the center for many festivals in Brussels throughout the year: the famous flower carpet festival in August, the Christmas tree, and concerts.

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Grand Place Brussels is a beauty


3. Piazza San Marco, Venice

The lowest point in Venice, the only Piazza in Venice, the beautiful San Marco square is the first to be flooded when there is Acqua alta. Therefore, if you have not visited this amazingly stunning square in Italy – hurry and best during the summer season.

San Marco square is rectangular in shape, with cafes on all sides, and hundreds of tourists taking pictures and selfies with St. Mark’s Basilica, the Dodge’s Palace, Campanile, and the Museo Correr in the background. The paved floor, the basilica’s ornaments, or a few of the most beautiful features, not to mention the square’s size. While it is stunning in daylight, the atmosphere and light at sunset make the San Marco square even more beautiful.

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Piazza San Marco In Venice


4. Amazingly Stunning Square in Russia: The Red Square Moscow

In Russian “Red Square” translates to “Beautiful Square” so it is not surprising that the largest square in Moscow, is also the most amazingly beautiful square. The Red Square is astounding in size, and you will see that the famous landmarks are even greater in size and beauty.

The flower-painted St. Basil’s Cathedral, the red-rock Kremlin building, the State History Museum, all make the Red Square look like an image taken from an old children’s fairytale. The colors, and facades, are breathtaking in summer, and even more so on the white snowy background in the winter.


The Red Square In Moscow Russia


5. Place De La Concorde, Paris

The biggest square in Paris is one of the 10 amazingly stunning squares in Europe. Place de la Concorde is the opening point to a stroll along the Champs-Elysees, and home to the golden obelisk overlooking the city. In addition, in La Concorde square you could admire 3 of the beautiful fountains in Europe, like Fontaine des Mers.

The Concorde square has had many names during the centuries, from Place Luis XV to Place de la Revolution, where Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were guillotined. In 1839 the architect Louis Phillipe I accepted the job to redo the square, so it becomes a place of beauty rather than politics. Therefore, today you will see two of the most beautiful fountains, Fontaine des Mers and the Fountaine de Fleurs.

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Fountain in Place De La Concorde, Paris


6. Trafalgar Square London

Located in the City of Westminster, before the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square is the most beautiful square in London. The Nelson column is a prominent monument in the square, a statue that represents the Trafalgar battle in 1805. In addition to the lion sculptures, and stunning fountain.

Trafalgar Square attracts millions of tourists every year and is the central place for concerts, cultural events, and hangout places for Londoners.

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7. Marienplatz Square Munich

All the beautiful streets lead to the heart of Munich, Marienplatz Square. Since 1158, this gorgeous square has been the place where you can enjoy every major event in Munich and the stunning architecture. Beginning from the golden statue of the Bavarian patron, Virgin Marie, and not forgetting the mind-blowing New and Old Halls.

The two halls symbolize the square as the point where new and ancient history, culture, and life come to life. When you step into the amazingly stunning Marienplatz, you are awe-stricken by the glory and beauty of the Bavarian masterpiece.

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Above view on Marienplatz Square In Munich


8. Piazza Navona Rome

The once Domitian Stadium, Piazza Navona is the most beautiful square in Rome. In the center, you will find the stunning fountain, with Bernini sculptures, and staged gladiator fights. There are three fountains along the Piazza: the Fontana di Quattro Fiumi, the Fontana del Moro and the Fontana del Nettuno.

However, the Italian square’s name, Navona, translates as “big ship” since it was flooded in the past. The square was once a place for mock naval battles. Today, Bernini’s Fontana di Quattro Fiumi attracts travelers daily for a picture with the beautiful fountain. The fountain is a depiction of the meeting point of the four rivers: Ganges, Nile, Danube, and Rio de la Plata. The church of Saint Agnes in agone is another landmark that will amaze you on the visit to Piazza Navona. Bernini’s Four Rivers fountain is in front of the church.

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Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy


9. Palace Square St. Petersburg

Huge, vast, and with the views of the winter palace, the Palace Square in St. Petersburg is one of the amazingly beautiful squares in Europe. While you can visit many palaces in Europe, this winter palace is outstanding in beauty thanks to the bright colors of its facade.

The prominent building has 1500 rooms, occupies 9 hectares, so it is hard to miss, and admire all of it. The Hermitage, general staff building, and Alexander column are symbols of the national and historical events and took 8 years to build. The first building became the home of Russian emperors, but today it is the main public square in St. Petersburg.


A horse and carriage in Palace Square St. Petersburg


1o. Amazingly Stunning Squares in Europe:  Piazza del Duomo, Florence

Marble facades in multicolor, the Cathedral of Santa di Maria del Fiore dominates Piazza del Duomo. The Duomo dominates Florence’s skyline and the old city center, and the magnificent architecture will amaze you from first sight. Standing near is the Baptistery of St. John, and Giotto’s bell tower is in the center of the most amazingly beautiful squares in Europe.

So, the main thing that makes this Italian Piazza one of the gorgeous in the world, is the architecture. The square is surrounded by cafes and magnificent buildings. With plenty of spots to sit and admire the views of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, from every angle.

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