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The hottest trend in the travel industry is eco-friendly travel. This applies to travelers as well, that are passionate about giving back to the community, and not just indulge in a carefree vacation. If you are a smart traveler then sustainable tourism travel is not a foreign concept to you.

What is sustainable tourism? how can you play your part in conservation and building local communities? You’ll find our 10 sustainable tourism travel tips insightful and easy to follow.


Tip 1: Sustainable Tourism Travel

Travel by train, bus or boat is more environmentally friendly than by plane. The air pollution caused by trains is significantly smaller than by any other means of public transportation or private car.

Since the distances between most countries in Europe are very small, traveling by train across countries is a great opportunity for you to enjoy the views, and be a smart traveler. Therefore, train traveling is at the top of any sustainable travel agenda and on our 10 best sustainable travel tips.

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Sustainable Tourism Travel Tips


Tip 2 For A Sustainable Tourism Travel: Energy-Saving

One of the perks of traveling, and being a tourist is pampering yourself in everything. For some tourists, this may include living like royalty when on vacation. However, this way of traveling will cost our planet more. If you want to be a smart traveler, you can begin by saving energy and electricity. Therefore, one of the top 10 best sustainable tourism travel tips is to always turn the lights, AC, and TV off, when you leave the room.

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Tip 3: Green Hiking

Another sustainable tourism travel tip concerns nature protection, and you can begin by staying on marked trails. The marked trail is there for keeping natural resources and wonders in Europe safe from harm. Also, this way you won’t interrupt any wild animals or fauna ecosystems around.

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Green Hiking is a Sustainable Travel Tip


Tip 4 For Sustainable Tourism Travel: Keep it Clean

Bringing a small bag with you for rubbish is another amazing example of eco-friendly travel. For example, you could use this bag to collect any rubbish other travelers left behind. So, you’ll be contributing to keeping the most beautiful natural wonders in Europe clean and safe.

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Tip 5: Shop Local

Shopping locally and handmade products is an amazing example of sustainable tourism. Instead of contributing to the damage caused in the process of importing goods, you are contributing to the local community. Shopping for local crafts and goods is an amazing social and economical contribution to the local community. After all, cultural investment is a huge part of sustainable tourism.

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Sustainable Shopping tips Europe


Tip 6: Pack A Reusable Bag

While there’s a world trend of sustainable and recyclable shopping bags, you can still find yourself with a plastic bag. We all know the collateral damage one plastic bag can cause if an animal finds it or the environmental damage in the long run. A reusable bag is great for shopping in local markets and supermarkets. It’s a great idea to pack a reusable and foldable bag for all the souvenirs.

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Sustainable Traveling by packing reusable items


Tip 7 For A Sustainable Tourism Travel: Eat Locally

Supporting local businesses is part of being a smart and responsible traveler. You are a guest in a foreign country and culture, and should always show your respect and gratitude to the local community. This will have a huge economic and environmental impact.

Furthermore, food is an amazing opportunity to learn about the local cuisine. The stories, spices, and dishes will tell you everything you need to know about the local culture.

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Tip 8: Pack A Reusable Coffee Cup

One of the best experiences when traveling is definitely buying local pastry and coffee to go, and starting the day at a great viewpoint. However, if you think of all the other travelers practicing the same habits, soon enough our world will be full of plastic cups. So, packing a reusable water bottle and coffee cup means changing your habits, but think of how much it will help to reduce plastic waste.

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Pack A Reusable Coffee Cup for a Sustainable Tourism


Tip 9: Choose Conservation Focused Tours And Outdoor Activities

Spending your vacation outdoors, in Europe’s forests and highlands is one of the top 10 sustainable tourism travel tips.

Indorsing local conservations that protect wildlife is a key element in sustainable tourism. These conservation organizations often save endangered animals, plant trees, and play a key role in preserving ecosystems. Therefore, your vacation in Europe will have an added value, in addition to discovering the natural wonders, reserves, and national parks in Europe.

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Outdoor acitivities are key for Sustainable Tourism Travel


Tip 10: Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodation

The are many wonderful accommodation types in Europe, and the best way to enjoy all-natural wonders is by staying a few steps away. Small and independent inns, homestays, and conservation lodges will usually hire locals, and support the local community.

In addition, wildlife conservation offers tours and volunteer programs in exchange for accommodation. Thus, you will be extremely lucky to enjoy the most amazing wildlife and nature reserves.

The accommodation type you choose for your vacation in Europe is key to fulfilling your role as a smart traveler. Not doing your research on the best accommodation is one of the travel mistakes to avoid.

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Train travel is a great way to start your eco-friendly trip across Europe’s conservations and views. Here at Save A Train, we will be happy to help you plan an eco-friendly vacation to Europe by train.



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