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Swiss trains are the best in Europe according to the Boston Consulting Group. First of all, the Swiss achieved high ratings despite dropping quality. The Swiss achieved a 7.2 overall rating out of 10. whilst Denmark, Finland, and Germany all achieved a 6+ rating. Amongst the ratings, it is especially relevant to mention that Bulgaria achieved a low rating of 1.9. Switzerland achieved its high rating because it scored full marks on the intensity of use.


Swiss Trains
Stunning scenery aboard Swiss trains.

The details of the report

In addition to achieving high ratings, Swiss trains are also considered to be a good value for money. The index ratings are as follows;

Tier 1

Switzerland (7.2)

Denmark (6.8)

Finland (6.6)

Germany and Austria (6.1)

Sweden and France (6.0)


Interlaken to Zurich Trains

Lucerne to Zurich Trains

Bern to Zurich Trains

Geneva to Zurich Trains


Tier 2

Britain and The Netherlands (5.3)

Spain (5.0)

Belgium (4.6)

Italy (4.5)


Lyon to Geneva Trains

Zurich to Geneva Trains

Paris to Geneva Trains

Lugano to Geneva Trains


Tier 3

Romania and Bulgaria (1.9)


Munich to Basel Trains

Zurich to Basel Trains

Bern to Basel Trains

Geneva to Basel Trains


What makes Swiss trains the best in Europe?

Firstly, there are several factors that make Swiss train travel the best in Europe. Not only do Swiss trains provide the best reliability and punctuality in Europe but also they are considered to be extremely safe with good quality service.  The Swiss are the most frequent train travelers in Europe with over 10,000 trains running daily on the 3000 km rail network. The Swiss rail network has the highest capacity utilization in Europe.

Basel to Interlaken Trains

Bern to Interlaken Trains

Lucerne to Interlaken Trains

Zurich to Interlaken Trains


Small is better

There is a reason why Swiss trains have been ranked number 1 since 2012. Countries with small rail networks (under 6,000 km) have all seen their ratings improve during this time. This includes Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. These countries provide higher punctuality, high-speed rail percentage and offer a lower cost per km for their service.  Equally important, these countries trains have fewer accidents and fatalities which improves their overall safety score.

Zurich to St Moritz Trains

Zermatt to St Moritz Trains

Lyon to St Moritz Trains

Basel to St Moritz Trains


Best places to visit in Switzerland with Swiss trains

There are many beautiful destinations to visit in Switzerland despite its small size. The alps and glaciers are the main attraction but travelers also enjoy the ancient castles, clear turquoise lakes, and bucolic countryside. Any time of year you can enjoy hiking, ice skating, festivals and carnivals in Switzerland. Additionally, there is a very low crime rate in Switzerland which makes it a safer place for travelers. The must-see places in Switzerland include Matterhorn, Zermatt which is the world’s most photographed mountain. Equally, Chateau de Chillon, Montreux is a must-see for tourists. This ancient water fortress which consists of 25 buildings and three courtyards is one of the most visited historic buildings in the world.


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