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Over the past 10 years, millions have figured how beneficial it is to take a train! Rich fields of greenery, sparkling coastlines, and pristine mountain reefs are never mentioned in travel brochures or blogs. Taking the train is a fun, convenient, and wallet-friendly way to get from point A to point B, so don’t think twice, take the train!

The second great thing about trains in Europe and in general is how budget-friendly they can be. Not only are there so many cheap destinations to choose from, but also countless ways to cut down on general travel expenses. So if you’re yearning to hit the railway sometime soon, here are a few great tips to use:


Take Some Time to Do the Research and Planning before you take the train

In most cases when you take a train, you can make the most out of your ticket(s) with a quick online search. Book your ticket in advance if possible. Check what time of year the ticket prices are lowest, and make sure you’re on the lookout for those discounts. Usually, every country will have some sort of cheaper option available for ticket purchase. So, do your research! Read through this blog to become more familiar with the different options.

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take a train instead of a plane, and you can use your mobile device

When You Take a Train, Travel by Night

Whether you are a student who loves to travel or a regular traveler who takes the train on a daily basis, sleeping on a train can potentially cut down the money spent on accommodation almost in half. It’s an incredible way to save time too as you fall asleep in one city and wake up in another. Having said that, it’s important to understand the different types of night train accommodations.

The best are trains that have compartments. The seats can be pulled together when you take a train to form a bed along with a curtain for privacy. Next are couchettes, the cheapest and most widespread option. These rooms have four to six bunks and are unisex, so you have to sacrifice your privacy a bit. The last and the most expensive option is the sleeper. This one is far more comfortable and private, all of the options are still cheaper than a hotel room.

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Save on Food and Beverages and Take A Train

Packing your own food is by far the cheapest way to go about it. Unlike regular travels by bus or car, when you take a train you can actually eat comfortably. Most seats have a pull-out table or a fixed table between two seats. However, if you have to buy your food and beverages during your trip, that’s okay. A meal on the train isn’t overly pricey and you can often apply for cards that give discounts.

Bordeaux to Nantes Trains

Paris to Nantes Trains

Lyon to Nantes Trains

Marseilles to Nantes Trains

Planning for your journey by train can help you make the most out of your travel fund! Finding a good connection can often be cheaper than catching a plane, and more comfortable than traveling by car. Take a train for a unique experience that will surely enrich your entire vacation!

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