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The Internet is everywhere. Even as speak the Internet has engulfed us completely and we can no longer imagine our lives without the Internet. There is practically no part of our lives that remains unaffected by technology and the Internet. This has especially been a boon for the people who love to travel or who are looking a seeing a new place for whatever may be the reasons. Booking is now just a click away, be it train, or plane or even a bus for that matter. There are train-booking websites, which provide the flexibility of booking from anywhere and everywhere.


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Impact of Technology on travel

Technology has made the world seem very small. There was a time when if I would have to visit a place internationally, I would need to reach the relevant place and then make the necessary bookings or maybe is there is a friend or colleague that is living in that place, I would contact them and ask them to do the needful. Then came into the picture the tour agents. For us it became hassle-free where I would just contact the tour agent, tell him about my plans and he or she would proceed with getting the necessary things in place. Now with the Internet and technology, I don’t have to worry about a thing. All I have to do is make the plans and go online over the Internet and check the relevant sites and make the bookings. These bookings can be for a flight, a bus, train or even a place to stay. There are train-booking websites available even for the shortest of the journeys. The need for tour agents has also become redundant with the Internet and technology in place. Be it a local vacation or an international vacation, bookings for anything connected to the place can be made online. There are plane booking websites, then train booking websites and even bus booking websites available. Hotel booking websites have become numerous and there is even a competition as far as the prices are concerned. The price for the same hotel with the same kind of room across websites will vary offering some discount or the other.

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Train booking websites have finally made an impact. The reason for the same being that there is an umpteen number of websites, with at least one website for every country. Thus making it possible that any journey that needs to be traveled by train can be booked, well before the travel date. Thus ensuring that your plans are not hampered due to the unavailability of seats.



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