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The blog is about places to celebrate New Year’s in style with a train journey to your favorite European city for an unforgettable winter holiday. Whether you are looking for a romantic cultural night, a spectacular fireworks display or the party of the year, we have you covered. Choose your European destination and enjoy a significantly more unique New Year’s than you ever had before. Here is our list of top places to celebrate New Year’s – and you can reach them all by train!



New Year’s is a magical time to visit Florence, Italy. Florence has a unique atmosphere during this time and is accessible by train. Enjoy organized parties, romantic dinners out, the pyrotechnical shows that attract thousands of people from all over Europe in the hopes to make their night unforgettable. Visitors can also go to a concert in Piazza Della Signoria or Piazza Pitti, where famous singers like Alessandro Mannarino and Irene Grandi like to perform.

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fireworks in Florence is one of the places to celebrate New Year's


Florence is a favorite destination for people when it comes to ringing in the New Year and once you have been there, you will know why.


Berlin places to celebrate New Year’s

Have fun in Germany capital for New Year’s and enjoy its world-class nightlife scene. Berlin is a busy rail hub in northern Germany and luckily there are regular trains that run throughout the country to neighboring international cities.

Berlin is one of Europe’s hotspots during New Year’s. Its liveliness and diversity of evening events are matchless. For a special evening, plan on partying at the Brandenburg Gate where there is a professional fireworks show. Additionally, there is usually live DJs and food stands to feature an international array of cuisines.

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eiffel tower is one of the places to celebrate New Year's


If you are looking for somewhere more romantic, then Paris is the place to spend New Years. Go to the Eiffel Tower and watch the display of lights sparkle. Don’t miss the remarkable light show that runs from 11:30 am at the famous tower with enough music and effects to make it a night you will never forget.

If you would rather spend the evening indoors, book a dinner for two at one of the finest Parisian restaurants or enjoy one of the many live performances that run during New Years. With several trains to Paris from throughout France, as well as overnight and high-speed trains to many different cities, getting to Paris for New Year’s Eve has never been so easy.

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London – The best places to celebrate New Year’s

New Year’s Eve in London is always an extraordinary experience. You will be spoilt for choice with the array of events that take place in London during this time of year. From watching the fireworks to partying at the hottest London bars and clubs, there is something to suit everyone. Whether you are visiting the city from near or far, there are plenty of European trains that can take you to London.

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Amsterdam places to celebrate New Year’s

Amsterdam bridge is among the places to celebrate New Year's


Amsterdam is another European city good for a serious party throughout the year, but when it comes to New Year’s Eve, there is no place like it. With several high-speed local and long-distance trains to and from Amsterdam, it really is an easy city to reach by rail.

Have the time of your life as you join the unofficial parties that spill out onto the streets of the city.  Watch fireworks light up the sky throughout the evening and hit their peak at midnight to match the growing celebrations.

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Barcelona – The last one our list of places to celebrate New Year’s

Barcelona is a fabulous city to visit at any time of the year but during New Year’s the atmosphere is electric. Most bars and clubs, and even restaurants organize some form of New Year’s Eve celebration that typically runs into the early hours of the morning. Many people also choose to spend the evening at a beautiful beach for some outdoor celebrations, with the possibility that you would be treated to a spectacular firework display around midnight. Whether you are traveling from Paris, Zurich or another European country, you won’t be stuck for transportation as there are several trains that run to Barcelona.


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