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Italy has some wonderful train trips. It has a number of beautiful trains and exquisite stations throughout the country, but where was the first train trip ever made in Italy?


the first train trip ever made in Italy

The First Train Trip Ever Made in Italy – The Beginning

The first train trip ever made in Italy introduced railways was when Italy was a divided country. It took some years to link and connect the existing railway lines after Italy united. The first train line that Italy built was the Naples to Portici line which was in the then Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The line was 7.25 kilometers long. The line inaugurated on 3rd October in 1839. This was 9 years after the first “modern” inner-city line was built which was the Liverpool and Manchester Railway.

The initial track was a double track and it ran from the current site of Corso Garibaldi in Naples to the Royal Palace at Portici. The Royal Palace was at the foot of the famous Mount Vesuvius. People first made the train trip to Italy here, and this line now forms part of the Naples-Salerno railway line.

Naples to Salerno Trains

Florence to Salerno Trains

Bari to Salerno Trains

Rome to Salerno Trains


Modern Day

The Naples-Salerno railway line is a major railway line in the Italian rail network today and has a place in The First Train Trip Ever Made in Italy. It forms a link in the main trunk line to Southern Italy. The line’s first kilometer is the first railway line. People now use the train to one of the most well-known destinations, a famous coastal town called Amalfi in the region of Campania. It is a spectacular coastal town. It’s safe to say that the train journey to get there along the coastline is much the same. Think crystal waters, white sand and lush greenery in and amongst some beautiful old and new architecture. You will be on your way to imagining your train trip from Naples to Salerno, where you will then catch the bus or your other organized means of transport into Amalfi.

So what happened to the Naples-Portici line? The Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II is the main user of this line due to its easy access to Mount Vesuvius. The first train trip route in Italy still exists today.

Genoa to Milan Trains

Rome to Milan Trains

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Verona to Milan Trains


The first railway lines in Italy paved the way for the future of train travel in the country. Some of the most beautiful train journeys are here. Looking back on the first train trip ever made in Italy, we can be sure that although a lot has changed. The scenery has remained just as captivating then as it is now.


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