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Ancient romantic towns, charming gardens, beautiful squares, attract millions of tourists to Europe every day. Travelers from all over the world visit Europe to explore its history and charm and find themselves pickpocketed by smart tricks in the famous European landmarks. Stay safe during your amazing trip by following these tips to avoid pickpockets in Europe.

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1. Tips To Avoid Pickpockets: Know The Danger Zones

Knowing where your going plays a huge part in having the best time of your life. So, when you are planning your holiday in Italy or France, you should research the must-see places as well as the dangerous spots. There is no reason to worry, you will not find yourself in a gang battle, but every destination has sensitive locations, where tourists need to pay special attention to their belongings and watch out for pickpockets.

Generally, the places you should be careful in, are places like flea markets, busy popular squares, and public transportation spots. What all these places share in common is that they are very crowded, so while you are gazing at the Eiffel Tower or Milan Cathedral, pickpockets can easily bump into you, and within seconds your wallet is gone. Being aware of your surroundings and the crowds is a top tip to avoid pickpockets in Europe.

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2. Research Pickpocketing Tricks And Scams

The beautiful stranger or bump-into trick are 2 of the most common pickpocketing scams in Europe. Just as every city in Europe has its magic and breathtaking landmarks, same with characteristic pickpocketing tricks. Therefore, if you wish to keep your precious belongings, research in advance for common pickpocketing scams in your destination.

Additional examples for pickpocketing scams are the beautiful stranger asking for time or directions. While you are checking your map, or watch, they come close and grab anything that’s in your pockets or bag. So, be alert and don’t fall for one of the 12 major travel scams in the world.

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beaware of Pickpocketing Tricks And Scams In London's Underground

3. Tips To Avoid Pickpockets: Leave Valuables In The Hotel

Leaving the passport, credit cards, and jewelry in the hotel safe is one of the top tips to avoid pickpockets in Europe. As mentioned before, pickpockets have a talent for knowing exactly where to find precious items without tourists ever noticing. Moreover, today when you can have a copy of your passport in your email or phone, or book online sightseeing tickets, there is no reason to carry all your cash or credit cards.

So, before you leave to go wander in one of the best flea markets in Europe, take only some of the cash. There is also no reason to carry all your credit cards, but if you insist, spread cash and cards in different inner pockets or money belts.

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4. Keep Essential Valuables In Inner Pockets

Money belts on summer days or inner jacket pockets are a great way to keep your valuables safe. This traveling trick is easy to do when you are wearing layers, during fall or winter and might be uncomfortable when the weather is warm and humid.

You can purchase money belts in any travel or souvenir shop at home or during the trip, for example in central train stations or airports. The advantage of keeping things in inner pockets is obvious, pickpocketers might bump into you, but will never manage to reach beyond your jeans pockets. This way, you can happily continue wandering around and exploring the wonderful landmarks in Europe.

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Pickpocketing In Vienna central district

5. Bring a Cross-Body Bag, Not A Backpack

When wandering the charming European alleys, or standing in line to the Louvre you should be comfortable. Wearing comfortable shoes is as essential as having a cross-body bag when traveling. A cross-body bag means worry-free travel, as you don’t need to keep looking over the shoulder to see if anyone is hovering over you in crowded queues.

Moreover, you can just grab the water bottle or wallet from the cross-body bag. So, bringing a cross-body bag is ideal to avoid pickpocketing in Europe, as well as sightseeing easily and comfortably.


Brussel's City Square Pickpocket scams


6. Tips To Avoid Pickpockets: Dress And Act Like A Local

One of the things that give a tourist away to expert pickpockets is very unique touristic fashion: pouches, sportive wear, and acting like a tourist. The cathedrals, ancient squares, and many of the landmarks in Europe are so breathtaking that tourists most often stop and simply stare, or take hundreds of pictures.

The best tip to avoid pickpocketing in Europe is to blend in with the local crowd. Therefore, just as you check ahead of the best places to visit in your travel destination, check the local trends and culture.

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Avoid Pickpockets By Dressing And Acting Like A Local

7. Tips To Avoid Pickpockets: Have Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance before the trip is essential. Today you can have your precious belongings and baggage insured as well, just in case it is lost or in this case, stolen. Travel insurance can be a life-saver if your wallet and cards are stolen, in a foreign country with no one to come to the rescue.

In conclusion, traveling is a great way to explore cultures, countries and discover amazing views. Most travel experiences are amazing and it is very rare that tourists encounter pickpocketing in Europe. However, it is always best to be prepared and take precautions, like following our tips on how to avoid pickpocketing in Europe.

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