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Once upon a time, when the budget did not play a role in choosing destinations (or at least, not as big of a role!) things were easy; these days, if we want to travel, we have to be smart with the way we handle our budget. Even though train traveling in Europe is the most budget-friendly option for everyone who’s looking to experience the most exciting (and relaxing!) way to travel, there can still be wallet-problematic situations you want to steer clear of.  

So, to help you get the most out of your travel, we have put together a list of what we feel are the top money saving tips for train traveling in Europe.


Don’t Travel at Peak Holiday Times

Yes, this one should go without saying, but there’s no harm in reminding you of it once again. When it comes to train traveling in Europe, holidays you want to steer clear of are primarily Christmas, New Year, and Easter as well as the month of August. For a reason, the prices skyrocket during these months, so… work around them a little bit.

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Stick to Eastern Europe when Train Traveling in Europe

Although advising you not to explore parts of Europe you want to see is kind of unfair and far-fetched, we’re doing it for your benefit. Train traveling in Europe, you will find that everything on the western end is way more expensive than the eastern block. So, until your wallet thickens, head East and explore the beauties of this side of Europe!

NOTE: When in Eastern Europe, make sure you stop by Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia), Bucharest (Romania), Zagreb and Split (Croatia), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Moscow (Russia).

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Avoid 1st Class When Train Traveling in Europe

Well, obviously! Still, do not be one of THOSE travelers who “accidentally” sit in 1st class. Why? Because you will end up paying a very expensive fine if you get caught which will cost you more than the 1st class ticket itself!

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Train Traveling in Europe Overnight

Book Overnight Trains if Train Traveling in Europe between countries

Overnight trains, aka night trains are the most cost-effective option for European travelers. Not only do you save on the price of bed but you also get to experience Europe from a whole new perspective.

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Pack a Picnic

Well, not literally a picnic but a “stash” of food from home, so you do not have to buy expensive food on board. You will save a fortune if you stock up on treats at the supermarket!

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Avoid Buying Advanced Tickets on Shorter Journeys within Mainland Europe

When train traveling in Europe, expect short journeys to be pricier than long ones; still, there is the benefit of not having to book in advance which does add to the flexibility of your trip and the thriftiness of it. When you are traveling in mainland Europe you can buy a ticket at the station before boarding the train.


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