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These Top Tips for traveling with your pets should help ease your anxiety. Because let’s face it, traveling with your pets is stressful! But what’s more stressful, is the thought of leaving your animals at home or in the care of others. Obviously, no one looks after them the way you do! Right?

There are numerous options for what to do when you are traveling away from home. Dog hotels, hiring a caretaker, or transferring the burden, albeit a cute one, to your friend are among the choices. These are the most common that people resort to. However, sometimes there is no other option and you have to travel with your pet. While it can be quite a difficult procedure, Save A Train has some top tips that will help you while you traveling with pets!


Pet Tips 1: Bring A Treat!

dog playing with his toy

Traveling to a new place can and probably will be stressful for your pet. So making sure that he remains as relaxed as possible is key to a comfortable journey for everyone involved. Bring his or her regular toys, blankets, and other items that might make your dog or cat comfortable. Were they calm and did not do anything wrong? Make sure you reward them to make traveling with pets more comfortable in the future.

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Pet Tips 2: But Not Too Many Treats…

groom before traveling with your pets

I feel like this is obvious, but I am going to spell it out for you anyway! Do not give them a heavy meal or let them drink too much water so that your pet won’t have the urge to relieve itself in an awkward spot! (We did warn that traveling with your pets can be tricky!)

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Pet Tips 3: Exercise

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Whether you like it or not, these Top Tips for traveling with your pets mean you are gonna have to do some form of exercise! Just before you start traveling, take them for some vigorous exercise! Because of the extra-long walk or an intense playtime with your beloved fluffy friend, he or she might be just too tired to worry about things. if you have got a cat that is not so fond of being taken for a run, try to stimulate them inside. Make-shift toys can come in the form of dust mops for example! Trust me… I have experience in traveling with pets!

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Pet Tips 4: Research Embassy Requirements

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Different countries have different requirements. Many countries require quarantine periods, so if you want to spend time traveling with your pets, make sure you double-check this! Most countries require shots for rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), and parvo. Call an embassy and do your research online to see what the country’s requirements are, and make sure to have your paperwork handy when crossing the border.

You can research traveling with pets and the country requirements at

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5. Get A Health Certificate

Vet checking on a dog

Health certificates are required by airlines, border authorities, hotels, pet-care centers, and others when traveling with your pets. In many cases, when traveling with pets you need to get your health certificate within 10 days of starting your trip. Research the specific requirements of your itinerary before visiting the vet, so they can include everything necessary in the certificate.

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6. Keep An Electronic Copy Of Your Pet’s Health Certificate

Many hotels, travel operators, pet care centers, airlines, and customs and immigration agencies require a printed record of your pet veterinary certificate. Instead of printing off reams of copies for every possible instance, print off a couple and keep an electronic copy when traveling with pets.

Myscha Theriault is a best-selling author and internationally-syndicated travel columnist who travels full-time with her science journalist husband and giant Labrador retriever. With her electronic copy handy, she’s always ready to produce her dog’s health certificates as needed.

“The hotel’s business center printer allows me to print a PDF copy of our Labrador’s shot records as required, for example whenever we need to book an afternoon of daycare for her from the road. It keeps the paper clutter down day to day, while remaining prepared for last-minute changes in our schedule.”

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7. Research Local Vets

Just in case something happens on the road, you don’t want to be scrambling to find a reputable vet. Record the contact information for a few vets in the area you’re visiting before you start traveling with pets.

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We hope these Top Tips for traveling with your pets have eased your nerves a bit! Let us know if you have any other top tips to share with Save A Train and our community. We’d love to hear from you!



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