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Traveling by train can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to get around. You need to know how to make the best out of your journey and be smart. Being well organized and knowing what’s what goes a long way towards making your train trip a highlight of your holiday or adventure. Take a look at these Top 10 Easy Tips for Train Riding Smart. Be prepared for your next journey.


Top 10 Easy Tips for Train Riding Smart – TIP ONE: Buy Your Ticket In Advance

Top 1 of Top 10 Easy Tips for Train Riding Smart, Make sure to plan your trip and purchase your train tickets in advance to make sure you get on the trains you want. Be sure to ask about any specials or discounts that may be available to you. Who doesn’t love saving some cash! You will be able to save a bit of money to spend on other parts of your trip.

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Train Station Woman - Top 10 Easy Tips for Train Riding Smart
A woman at a Train Station

TIP TWO: Stow Your Luggage

The best Easy Tips for Train is that You don’t always need to check your bags in and if they are of reasonable size you can also choose to store them in the rack above the seat or wedge them into the triangular space between back-to-back seats. This way you have your bags close to you at all times.

Messina to Palermo Trains

Syracuse to Palermo Trains

Sicily to Palermo Trains

Catania to Palermo Trains


TIP THREE: Be Smart With Your Bags

We are not saying that every train has a thief ready to pounce at the first chance they get, but rather be on the safe side. Be vigilant when it comes to your bags. Store them insight rather than at the end of a train car. If you have a backpack you can also clip your straps to the luggage rack to be extra safe.

Milan to Turin Trains

Lake Como to Turin Trains

Genoa to Turin Trains

Parma to Turin Trains



TIP FOUR: Find Your Seat

If you used our previous Easy Tips for Train travel and have reserved a seat you are all sorted. You can go straight to your place. If not, you are welcome to claim any unreserved seat. If there are not many of these available, check the reservation tags posted above the seats or the compartment doors. The tags show the stretch of the journey that seat is booked for. They also show if you are getting off before the owner even gets on you are free to take that seat.

Milan to Venice Trains

Padua to Venice Trains

Bologna to Venice Trains

Rome to Venice Trains


TIP FIVE: Use Train Time Wisely

Take the opportunity to use the time spent on the train trip to get yourself organized. You can plan for your next destination. Use this time to read your guidebook, check directions to your next destination. Go through your photos, organize your backpack, double-check your connection or complete any other tasks you need to while you have the time. If your journey is longer this is also a nice opportunity to take in some of the sights.

Lyon Airport to Nice by Train

Paris to Nice Trains

Avignon to Nice Trains

Marseilles to Nice Trains



TIP SIX: Use The Bathrooms On The Train

To save both time and money try and use these Easy Tips for Train and use the bathrooms on the train as opposed to using the ones at the station. The train toilets are usually located at the end of cars and are often much cleaner than the toilets at the stations, as well as being free.

Milan to Rome Trains

Florence to Rome Trains

Venice to Rome Trains

Naples to Rome Trains


Train Girls taking photos - Top 10 Easy Tips for Train Riding Smart

TIP SEVEN: Talk to Locals and Other Travelers

Tip 7 out of our Top 10 Easy Tips for Train Riding Smart, What is a better way to learn about a city or country than by talking to some of its locals, or other travelers who may have been to the place you are going? They will be able to tell you the ins and outs of your destination and advise you on what to do and what not to do. Try breaking the ice by asking a question, offering a sweet, or showing something from your hometown.

Milan to Levanto Trains

Milan to La Spezia Trains

Siena to La Spezia Trains

Siena to Levanto Trains


TIP EIGHT: Pack a Snack

Travelling is hungry work and you may want to pack something to snack on when you are on the train. You can stock up on your favorite foods at a local supermarket or deli or visit the wine cellar before you hop on the train; most train stations have at least one of these. The food offered on trains is often bland and more expensive unless you are paying for a first-class seat.

Zurich to Innsbruck Trains

Salzburg to Innsbruck Trains

Vienna to Innsbruck Trains

Cologne to Innsbruck Trains


TIP NINE: Know Where To Get Off

Know which station is one of the essential Easy Tips for Train travel. When you arrive in a city you may stop at several suburban stations with signs showing your destination’s name and the name of the neighborhood, but don’t hop off until you reach the central station. You can always ask fellow passengers or check your guidebook for further help.

Hamburg to Copenhagen Trains

Hanover to Copenhagen Trains

Berlin to Copenhagen Trains


TIP TEN: Always Remember Local Train Etiquette

Take note of how other passengers in your train car are acting. If they are quiet, be sure to follow suit. Watch out for signs that may indicate that you are sitting in a designated quiet car where people come to sleep or work. No matter where you are sitting, try not to be the loudest person in the vicinity. Be sure not to rest your feet on the seat across from you too, unless you have your shoes off.

If you remember these Top 10 Easy Tips for Train Riding Smart we guarantee you a super trip and an overall great experience. You may even meet some new locals and make some new friends! Anything is possible when it comes to training travel. Once you’ve mastered these, then consider the Bernina Express and more!


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