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Which place better to enjoy pizza than the country that invented it, right? Italians love, love, love this delicious snack-turned-meal! No wonder pizzas in Italy are turned into a pure form of art, and are finally UNESCO-approved!

Roaming around Italy, you’ll find pizzerias opened in the 18th century but also the new ones, with a totally fresh approach to baking. There are hundreds of varieties of base options, toppings, sizes, and flavors. Basically, you cannot skip having pizza at least once during your visit to this beautiful Mediterranean country… okay?  Good. Even if you are not a pizza fan, Italian chefs will get you to change your mind

Our list will give you top-notch restaurants of Rome, Milan, Florence, Naples, and Verona. Here are the top 8 pizzas in Italy.

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  1. Da Vittorio a Trastevere, Rome: Pizza with an Adventurous Twist

At this pick of Pizzas In Italy, you can take part in sampling the “Tre Colori Pizza.” Three different spicy ingredients make for a red, white and green pizza, just like the Italian flag. Try not to let the jalapeno peppers, spicy Sicilian sausage, and tangy white cheese burn your mouth. If you finish the whole pizza in 10 minutes or less you win a prize. In addition to this rule, you also can’t drink more than 16 ounces of water or beer. The winner gets his meal free, a t-shirt and a photo posted on the wall of fame. And, what happens if you don’t make it? You can always try again, so remember this place when you travel to Rome.

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  1. Pizzeria Da Attilio, Naples: The True Kind of Pizza

Let’s start our story about pizzas in Italy with some basics. Many Italians consider Margherita the only true kind of pizza. Just a few fresh and homemade ingredients should make for a wonderful dish, apparently. And when it comes to Da Attilio’s Margherita, they are right. Homemade dough, fresh tomato sauce, olive oil, and fresh mozzarella are all you need. If your mouth is watering as you are reading this, Da Attilio is the place for you. Be sure to check it out while exploring the city of Naples.

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  1. Sapore, Verona: The Art of Making Doe

Sapore is a place where you can find the broadest range of high-quality dough in just one restaurant. Renato Bosco, the mastermind of this pick of Pizzas In Italy place, is considered one of Italy’s best bread making experts. Since you can find plenty of different styles of pizzas here, it would be great to ask for a degustation menu. It is also recommended to inquire about different base options before you make a final decision. Vegans usually love Sapore’s offer since it has an abundance of pizzas that match their preferences.

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  1. Pizzeria Brandi, Naples: Among the Best Pizzas in Italy Since the 18th Century

Pizzeria Brandi is reportedly responsible for coining the term Pizza Margherita. They took this name to honor the queen of the same name. Of course, the pizza with the same ingredients existed before, but this moniker made it iconic in the pizza universe. Pizzeria Brandi dates back to 1870 when it operated under the name of Pizzeria di Pietro. The tradition and the story behind this place have made it popular among Italians and tourists. That is why crowds still gather here hungry for a slice of a queen-named delight.

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  1. La Taverna Gourmet, Milan: A Modern Gourmet Pizza

A bit expensive for a pizza place, but its interior and location do justify a big bill. Nonetheless, the pizza is delicious too. This pizzeria is for the ones who think outside of the box. Extravagant ingredients will challenge you to try something new and extraordinary, like a pizza with figs or with seafood. Again, a degustation menu is a great choice here, since it is not easy to decide what to pick. Additionally, unlike most other pizzas in Italy, this one is really easy to digest.

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  1. Il Trapizzino, Rome: Something Little Different

Il Trapizzino is a real surprise for any pizza lover. Contrasting to other pizzas in Italy, pizzas here look more like triangular sandwiches. Some call them stuffed pizzas. Inside these stuffed triangles you can find ingredients like steamed chicken, eggplant and red octopus. The dough is very light, which allows you to eat two or three pieces. This small, cozy place in the neighborhood of Testaccio is always packed with people. So you better make a reservation at least a few hours in advance.

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  1. Pizza AM, Milan: A Place Where You Can Eat in the Cue Pizzas In Italy

This is one of the best-known Pizzas In Italy and it is in Milan. Thus, do not be surprised if you see a line of people waiting outside the shop. Cues are a regular thing in Pizza AM. Since they don’t want you to go somewhere else, owners will offer you small pizza slices while you’re waiting. You can get a glass of Italian white wine too. They have a small menu, with only 3 types of pizza. Hey, don’t you worry – they are all wonderful, so you won’t feel like you are missing out at all.

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  1. Simbiosi Organic Pizza, Florence: A Healthy Take on Pizzas In Italy

In case you are looking for a gluten free-Pizzas In Italy, Simbiosi Organic in Florence is the name you should remember. There are also several vegan options, but overall, every pizza tastes amazing! Everything is made from organic ingredients, making this pizza a bit healthier than others. The dough is very thick, which might be after everyone’s tastes. But – everyone will love the rich filling which challenges you to eat an entire pizza! If you can’t eat it all, pack what’s left and save it for tomorrow. It will still taste delicious.

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So there you have it. This was our choice of the top pizzas in Italy. So many restaurants to visit, and so many different variations to taste! However, these were only suggestions. You can surely find many more places with tasty pizzas around Italy yourself. If you need any help deciding which way is the best for traveling to Italy, visit us at We will be more than happy to help! Pack your train travel pre-trip essentials, give us a call, and let the adventure begin!


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