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On the rooftop of famous streets in Paris, or amidst the Scottish highlands or Alps, these are the most desired holiday locations in Europe. Moreover, these 10 top destinations with tennis fields will energize you from the first breeze and up your game to a new level. Solo or couples, you will love these stunning places and their tennis courts.

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1. Best Destination In France With Great Tennis Field: Mouratoglou Tennis Academy

The French Riviera is one of the top holiday destinations in France, let alone Europe. Alpine mountain views, the blue lagoons, and sandy beaches, just a few steps away from the Mouratoglou tennis field. Overlooking the Ionian Sea, this state-of-the-art tennis court is a wonderful place to practice your backhand with some of the top tennis instructors in Europe.

Mouratoglou tennis academy welcomes all types of players at all levels. The Mouratoglou tennis courts are open every day. During your stay at the hotel & resort, you can book a court of an hour per day. The amazing Mouratoglou tennis court is part of the world-renowned Mouratoglou Academy and had some of the best tennis players in the world practice here and continuing the hotel’s spa or beach for relaxation and unwinding.


man serving on a clay tennis court in Mouratoglou Tennis Academy


2. Amazing Holiday Destination In Italy With Tennis Court: Il San Pietro Di Positano

This great tennis court is exclusive to the Il San Pietro hotel guests. The Positano 5-star tennis court offers the Mediterranean Sea and the gorgeous Amalfi Coast. Il San Pietro tennis court is in Positano, one of the 10 most stunning destinations to visit in Amalfi Coast, and Italy of course.

Traveling to Amalfi is everyone’s dream. The beach, the picturesque villages, sea life, and postcard views complimented with great outdoor grounds for sports and tennis, can anyone ask for more? If you get tired of practicing your game, you could go down to the pebbled beach, or go on an exclusive boat ride along with the breathtaking Positano.

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Holiday Destination In Italy With Tennis Court: Il San Pietro Di Positano


3. The Best Tennis Field In England: Headland, Cornwall

Rocky coves, sandy beaches, the blue Atlantic Ocean, and English cottages in green moorland, Cornwall is one of England’s most picturesque holiday destinations. The stunning peninsula is perfect for relaxation on the coastline, and great outdoor activities, like tennis or water sports.

In Cornwall, you can choose from 4 tennis courts to play a great match. For example, Penzance Tennis club is open for all visitors and players at all levels. However, the best tennis court is in the Headland Hotel in Newquay. Overlooking Fistral Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, the Headland is a luxurious hotel, with great outdoor facilities to stay active on your holiday in the amazing English seaside.


Tennis Field In England: Headland, Cornwall


4. Top Tennis Holiday Destination In Switzerland: Gstaad Palace

Many tourists may know Gstaad town as a winter wonderland, but it is quite a summer fairytale as well. The Swiss Alps are stunning in spring, with great weather conditions for hiking, cycling, and a tennis match. Gstaad is an amazing destination for an active vacation in Switzerland, with exuberating views and fresh alpine air in nature that will boost your energy levels up.

As mentioned above, Gstaad is a top destination for a tennis holiday in the Swiss Alps. From the 5-star tennis courts in Gstaad Palace resort hotel to the Swiss Open J. Safra Sarasin tennis field, and Sportzentrum Gstaad club, the choice is up to you, the Alpine views will be waiting in every single court to practice your moves with some of the best tennis players in the world.

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5. Play Tennis In Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Serene, green and blue, breathtaking natural beauty, Lake Geneva is a magical holiday destination. The Alpine landscape in the background attracts visitors all-year-round, to a great ski weekend, or relaxing spring holiday. Here, you can choose from hiking in the Alpine meadows or relaxing by the lake, from staying active or chilling, either way, you choose will make you feel healthier and energized.

Since Lake Geneva is the ideal destination for outdoor fun, the tennis courts here add to the charm and attract tennis players from all over the world. The hotels and resorts here offer amazing tennis courts, and weekenders can also enjoy a single or couples’ match in one of the tennis clubs in Lake Geneva. This Swiss gem welcomes players at all levels and for every budget.

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Tennis rackets And Picnic In Lake Geneva, Switzerland


6. Top Destinations With Tennis Fields: Tennis Holiday In Paris

Little did you know that the chic and romantic capital of the world has Europe’s best-kept tennis courts. One of these spots is hidden in the 12th arrondissement, Paris’ central tennis club. Since the club is hidden on an old Parisian street, this modern tennis court transformed into a great tennis court from a stable. If you find it hard to believe come see for yourself, as this tennis club is open to everyone.

Since everyone dreams of coming to Paris, and many fulfill their life-long dream of traveling to Paris or moving permanently, the city is super crowded. Therefore it is no surprise that some of the most famous establishments in Paris move up to the rooftop. This is also the case with tennis courts, while in many countries these are outdoor fields, in Paris, you can practice your moves on top of a train station, on Jardin Atlantique, with views of Tour Montparnasse.

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City center tennis in Paris


7. Play Tennis In Pikes Hotel Ibiza

The Spanish island is famous thanks to the fabulous parties, luxury hotels, and beaches. You will be surprised to learn that Ibiza has some of the most breathtaking views in Spain. The rocky island, golden beaches, and pristine sea create an image that makes everyone forget about dancing all night. Instead, they rise with the sun, to welcome another great day in Ibiza.

Moreover, the Spanish island’s great outdoors makes the island a perfect destination for an active holiday. The hotels offer great sports facilities, like fantastic tennis courts. One of the best places for a solo tennis game is Pikes Hotel’s pink court. This fun tennis court overlooks the sea with green hills all around and the blue sky above. Perfect for singles, or doubles, if you are a tennis enthusiast, then Pikes in Ibiza is a must.


Coastline At Pikes Hotel Ibiza


8. Tenuta Delle Ripalte Elba Island, Tuscany

Very few holiday accommodations on Elba Island don’t have a tennis court. The Elba Island in Tuscany is by the sea, off the vineyard trails and Italian villas, but just as dreamy. Elba Island is one of the top snorkeling destinations in Europe, and you will agree once you go under and even before, while admiring the largest archipelago in Italy.

Therefore, Elba Island is a splendid outdoor holiday destination. Adding to the beach fun, you could play solo or sparkle your power couple advantage at one of the top resorts’ tennis courts. As mentioned above, every holiday accommodation in Elba offers private tennis courts, swimming pools, or private beaches. When you can jump from the court to the sea in a single step, you are living the good life, for sure.

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Tennis court in Tenuta Delle Ripalte Elba Island, Tuscany


9. Top Destinations With Tennis Fields: Tennis Vacation In Scotland

Castles, cottages, Scottish nature of cliffs and highlands, traveling to Scotland is going back to times of knights and legends. While the thatched cottages and magnificent castles are untouched by time within, the great green outdoors fully accommodate travelers today. From swimming pools to tennis fields, every detail is designed to provide the visitors all they need away from home.

So, if you fancy a match of tennis, or hiking up to magnificent countryside views, Scotland is a marvelous destination. Words will not convey fully the experience of a holiday in Scotland until you see the beauty for yourself. When you are in such natural splendor, you will treasure every minute of outdoor fun and relaxation.


Scotland Tennis Vacation


10. Tennis Holiday In Salzkammergut Austria

You could be writing poetry by the lake, watching the sunset, with Strudel. On the other hand, you could be taking the Schafberg mountain train to the glorious Lake Wolfgang in Salzburg. The Salzburg lake region is remarkably beautiful and a great holiday destination in nature. Lake views, Alpine pasture land, pilgrimage hiking route between St Gilgen and St Wolfgang are terrific ways to rejuvenate your strengths.

While most visitors come to Wolfgang Lake to relax, it is actually a marvelous active vacation destination. Apart from the great hiking, you can do, the Austrian region is amazing for tennis lovers. The hotels in Salzkammergut have wonderful tennis courts with alpine and lake views. So, if your long-life dream is a tennis holiday in Austria, Salzkammergut is the best location.

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Salzkammergut Austria 


Here at Save A Train, we will be happy to help you plan a great active vacation. These 10 top destinations have great views and amazing tennis fields. So, you can practice your solo game or in a match against your friends, creating fun memories on your beautiful holiday.



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