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Luxembourg City is a magical combination of ancient and modern coupled with local and global, simplicity and luxury. It’s safe to say that with all these eclectic options, there’s no chance you’d get bored. That’s why it was difficult for us to name only the Top 5 things to do on a short visit to Luxembourg. But, we’ll give it a go!


1. History, Art & Culture

This lovely city offers an intriguing blend of history, culture, art, and natural landscapes. With many of the European Union offices and departments hosted in Luxembourg City, there is a real multicultural perspective to this city.

With its numerous exhibitions and museums, castles, and fortifications, Luxembourg combines an incredible variety of interesting cultural places. The culture and art of Luxembourg are a true reflection of its population, diverse and multicultural. Luxembourg may be the pride of its worldwide unique cultural activities varying from art and traditions to shows and festivals. In order to make it easier for you to discover art and culture in Luxembourg, Luxembourg for Tourism created the Luxembourg Card: free access to more than 60 cultural places in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

As part of the Top 5 things to do on a short visit to Luxembourg, you should definitely visit the Letzebuerg City Museum. The museum is housed in four historic buildings. The permanent exhibition “The Luxembourg Story“ illustrates the more than thousand-year history of the capital of the Grand Duchy. Next to many original objects, the exhibition presents the development of the city using a series of urban models. Temporary exhibitions are held regularly on two other levels of the museum. Be sure to check out what they are when you visit!

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2. Bock Casemates – Casemates du Bock 

visit the wall when you do a short visit to Luxembourg

Casemates du Bock are quite easily accessible beneath the former castle, Montee de Clausen. The Bock Casemates is a 17 kilometer long tunnel, initially carved out of the rock by the Spanish between 1737 and 1746. The casemates are known for their historical importance in Luxembourg, being a shelter for more than 35,000 locals and thousands of soldiers during the WWI and WWII. Consisting of atmospheric passages and impressive rock stairways, the historic tunnel of Casemates is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Charge those cellphones and pack that bag. This is a must-see on your Top 5 things to do on a short visit to Luxembourg!

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3. Religious Heritage in Luxembourg

Quirinus chapel is a must on a short visit to Luxembourg

Those interested in religious heritage must visit the Quirinus chapel. A gothic pilgrimage chapel was erected in 1355 and partly hewn in the rock. On its site, there was originally a heathen shrine which the Romans later worshiped as an early Christian sanctuary. A rock source surges here. People ascribed a beneficial curing power to its waters in case of eye ailments.

Since the 11th century, the site has been consecrated to Saint Quirin and from the beginning of the 13th, services were held in the two caves of the chapel.

The Gothic pilgrimage chapel was erected in 1355, while the roof and the small bell towers were added afterward, at the end of the 19th century.

St Michael’s Church is the oldest church in Luxembourg city and was destroyed and reconstructed several times over the past centuries. Saint Michel’s Church is one of the oldest religious buildings in Luxembourg. The building’s history dates back to 1987 when the Count of Luxembourg erected a small chapel within his castle grounds. The present church combines a Romanesque facade with Gothic structural elements and Baroque interior decorations. Notice the pointed arches in the nave. Large stained glass windows. A number of religious sculptures. And the huge Assumption of the Virgin painting mounted upon the Baroque altar. 



4. Palais Grand-Ducal on a short visit to Luxembourg

If architecture is your thing, then Palais Grand-Ducal needs to be part of the Top 5 things to do on a short visit to Luxembourg. As the original residence of the Grand Duke and the royal family, Palais Grand-Ducal in Luxembourg City is a spectacular piece of architecture, built in the 16th Century during the Flemish Renaissance. The palace’s interior design appears to be an exquisite combination of a variety of styles. A delicate interplay between romantic and medieval-gothic style, and industrial light designs by the German industrial designer – Ingo Maurer.


5. The Chocolate House in Luxembourg City

Chocolate house in Luxembourg

The Chocolate House in Luxembourg is known for its chocolate of course. But besides sweet bites and a variety of cakes, you can also enjoy their savory pies and salads. When the terrace is full,  you can always sit inside on the ground floor or upstairs.

The Chocolate House is situated in front of the Grand Ducal Palace. So take your seat and enjoy a Hotchocspoon. We are sure you will make Chocolate House your favorite venue. An unforgettable, superlative experience, on all counts.

*Extra Tip:

For an extra amount of fun, don’t miss the Summer in the City Festival. It takes place from the end of June until the beginning of September. During this period you can enjoy free concerts, markets, exhibitions, and sports events throughout the city.


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