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Traveling around Europe by rail is a longstanding tradition that is not going away in a hurry – Trains are the fastest, most eco-friendly, and most efficient way of moving from place to place. Although our train ticket system takes the pain out of organizing train travels, a lot of planning and preparation remains. To help you plan the perfect trip around Europe, here are our top tips to travel Europe by train.


Plan your route when you Travel Europe by Train

To travel to Europe by train in 2020 it is important to consider planning out your route and how much time you will spend at each destination. If Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Milan, Paris, and Venice are on your absolute must-see list, figure out the most sensible route to make this happen. Make a list of places you want to see and that way you can roughly map out your trip. Decide on your dates and how many days you will spend in each place to complete your route itinerary.

Milan to Lake Como Trains

Turin to Lake Como Trains

Padua to Lake Como Trains

Venice to Lake Como Trains


Don’t try to pack your itinerary with too many destinations

One of the worst things you can do when you Travel Europe by Train is to try and fit in too much. There is a natural tendency to try and jam as many cities and countries as possible into your trip, however, there is no point in taking the journey if you are not going to experience each destination properly! Packing too many destinations into your itinerary can be costly and can turn your holiday into a blur of hotel check-ins and check-outs.

It is more important to enjoy each stop to the fullest than to try and fit too much in. You will save on transportation and gain more time to explore your destinations.

Brussels to Bruges Trains

Antwerp to Bruges Trains

Halle to Bruges Trains

Ghent to Bruges Trains


Check the currency

When planning your route to Travel Europe by Train, make sure to check the currencies of the countries. Not every country in Europe uses the Euro. Even some EU members, such as Bulgaria and Croatia, still use their own currency which is specific to their country. Check out this list of Euro and non-Euro countries.

Frankfurt to Prague Trains

Munich to Prague Trains

Berlin to Prague Trains

Vienna to Prague Trains


Book accommodation in advance

Though it is possible to book hotels and hostels as you move from place to place, we suggest you try your best to not arrive anywhere with no accommodation secured. Try to book your hostels/hotels in advance for the first one to three cities, particularly for popular cities during the high season like Berlin and Prague. Events, such as festivals in cities, also have an effect on availability. Not worrying about accommodation means you can spend your time doing more things, like sightseeing and enjoying your free time!

Frankfurt to Cologne Trains

Brussels to Cologne Trains

Vienna to Cologne Trains

Hanover to Cologne Trains


Overnight as much as possible – Travel Europe by Train

If you only plan on spending just one day in a city, try to get there by night train. You do not want to be spending your time during the day traveling By taking a night train, you can save money on accommodation and can have more time to explore your destination. When booking your overnight train ticket make sure to check how long it takes to get from one place to another.



Talk to people along with your Travel Europe by Train

Be sure to talk to the locals or other passengers on your train journey. The information that they will give you can be more valuable than anything you’ll find in a travel guide. By talking to others, you may be advised on the best places to eat, to go dancing, hidden gems, great sightseeing places, and the easiest way to get around.


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