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Italy is one of the most popular countries in Europe to visit because of the variety of destinations within its borders. Northern Italy is a premier hotspot when it comes to Italian culture, with so much for travelers to see and do. Whether sampling fine wine and dining on world-class cuisine or exploring ancient castles and churches, this region offers unique experiences that you will love. There are plenty of destinations to explore in Northern Italy, so if you have a week or two to spend in Italy, you are bound to find some places to captivate you. Here are a couple of suggestions for places to visit when touring Northern Italy by train.


Begin your Touring Northern Italy By Train in Milan

Begin your visit to Northern Italy in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. The city is full of stunning Renaissance architecture, incredible cathedrals and world-class works of art. Visitors can also take a day trip to the Italian lakes and Southern Alps region from this fabulous metropolitan. Milan is also home to Milan Central, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful European train stations. This is the perfect place to begin your tour of Northern Italy.

Turin to Milan Trains

La Spezia to Milan Trains

Parma to Milan Trains

Salerno to Milan Trains


Touring Northern Italy By Train 


Train to Venice

The train journey from Milan to Venice is typically two and a half hours, with plenty of scenery train travelers can admire from your carriage window. From the moment you leave the train station in Venice, you can catch a glimpse of the great Grand Canal, where every type of watercraft can be seen sailing by. Venice is made up of 118 islands connected by bridges and separated by canals. This magnificent city is renowned for its beauty, architecture, artworks and cobblestone streets. Traveler can’t help but fall in love with this enchanted region. Touring Northern Italy by train is not complete without a visit to Venice.

Genoa to Venice Trains

Turin to Venice Trains

Parma to Venice Trains

La Spezia to Venice Trains




Florence, the famous renaissance city, is located just three hours by train from Venice. Once you reach this destination, almost every major site is within walking distance from the train station. As the capital of the Tuscany region, Florence boasts amazing food and wine, along with world-class museums. Visit iconic sights, including the stately Ponte Vecchio also known as the ‘Old Bridge’, the towering Florence Duomo and Michelangelo’s sculpture of David.

Reggio Emilia to Florence Trains

Genoa to Florence Trains

Sestri Levante to Rome Trains

Parma to Florence Trains


Touring Northern Italy By Train 


Cinque Terra – Touring Northern Italy By Train

Make Cinque Terra your final stop – this stunning region is only a few hours by train from Florence. Cinque Terra has no museums or notable historic sites but it is a striking section of the Italian Riviera that has been left untouched. After days of touring Northern Italy by train, this is the perfect place to enjoy Italy’s natural landscape. The hilly coastline is a mixture of rock cliffs and pretty vineyards with five beautiful and remote fishing villages.

Reggio Emilia to Levanto Trains

Genoa to Levanto Trains

Sestri Levante to Levanto Trains

Parma to Levanto Trains


Touring Northern Italy By Train 


The towns are connected only by ferry, hiking paths and of course train lines. Explore the cliffs and beaches and refuel at one of the gorgeous cafes perched on rocky headlands overlooking the harbor. This idyllic region is truly breath-taking – the perfect place to re-energize. From here you can take a train back to Milan where you can begin your journey home.


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