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Train tips for traveling around Europe are essential for travelers. Firstly, there are many different reasons for traveling to Europe. You may want to see beautiful bridges, railway stations, and equally breathtaking scenery. Or perhaps you are traveling to see the amazing culture of Italy. On the other hand, you may be traveling for business. Or all of the above and doing both business and fun travel – While reasons for traveling are always different the necessity of tips and hacks for travel remain the same.


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Best Train Tips & Hacks for traveling Europe by train

Rookie Mistakes

Firstly, don’t make the rookie travel mistake of trying to see everything in Europe in one trip. Besides the fact that Europe is too big to see in one trip, cities in Europe are also too large to see in one trip. In reality, it is better to choose a focus for your trip and stick to it. In the event that this is your first trip to Europe, you should consider the population like France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

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Train tips for Europe routes


Plan and book ahead

The train tip for booking ahead is that Not only booking tickets ahead of time help you budget it can also help guarantee you have reserved seats for your entire journey. In light of early booking tickets being of maximum benefit, we recommend logging in to book tickets as soon as they become available (2-3 months prior to the journey). Additionally, planning your trip off-season can ensure you avoid crowds and get even better prices. Not to mention, that booking early can help you avoid large crowds and large queues. Furthermore, if you book to go to tourist hotspots during high season times like July/August, you are less likely to encounter local people and more likely to be surrounded by tourists.  So although you may still be able to see all the sights at these times you will miss out on the authentic experiences. In the event that you are traveling as a couple or in a group you may be entitled to discounted prices for your journeys. But remember these discounts will only be valid if you stay together as a couple/group for the entire duration of the journey.

Zurich to Paris Trains

Geneva to Paris Trains

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Nice to Paris Trains


Travel Documents

The first train tips for travel documents is that: countries in Europe tend to have an agreement between them that allows tourists to go across borders without showing travel documents. Countries in the European Union, in particular, allow passengers to leave and enter without having to show passports. However, not all European Union countries participating in this open border policy like Croatia, Bulgaria, and Romania. In contrast,  there are countries that are not part of the European Union that do participate in the agreement like Switzerland and Norway.

Lyon to Geneva Trains

Zurich to Geneva Trains

Paris to Geneva Trains

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