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Why do we travel by train? Train travel is relaxing, practical and offers a social aspect that other transport methods simply can not match. However, traveling with a disability can be daunting to some. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fun, though. This article offers some basic areas that you need to consider when planning your train trip so traveling with a disability in Europe is less stressful.

While there are certainly some accessibility challenges, the basic fact is that the more research you do, the more accessible and fun your trip will be! For example; Did you know that Herculaneum’s ruins are nearly identical to Pompeii, but are wheelchair-friendly? And that cruise passengers with disabilities do not have to take the “donkey path” up the cliffs when visiting the Greek island of Santorini? Your vacation doesn’t need to be a struggle — do your homework and your trip can be filled with fully accessible hotel accommodations, accessible routes between accessible tourist attractions, and wonderful accessible travel experiences.


Which Train to Take on Save-A-Train if you are traveling with a disability?

If you have multiple options available to you (some countries have only one rail system), try to choose the carrier that offers the most services tailored to your Traveling with a disability needs. Namely; Boarding assistance and accessible sleeper cars. Washrooms should also be large enough to accommodate you and your wheelchair along with an escort or attendant. As always, ask as many questions as you can in advance to avoid unnecessary surprises!

Traveling with a disability, how to board a train with a wheelchair

Amenities and Services

Special Traveling with a disability service may vary from one region to another, depending on several criteria; the cars on your particular train, the facilities at the various stations along your route, and even your carrier policy on accessibility.

Paris to London Trains

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Frankfurt to Paris Trains

Cologne to Brussels Trains


Read Your Ticket and Know Your Route while Traveling with a disability

Examine your ticket and itinerary carefully once you receive them. Ensure that you are comfortable with its policies and provisions so that you are not surprised at your various stopovers (especially when traveling overseas).

Cologne to Frankfurt Trains

Munich to Frankfurt Trains

Hanover to Frankfurt Trains

Hamburg to Frankfurt Trains


Ramps and Weight Limits

Getting on and off the train is obviously an important part of the trip. make sure your departure and arrival stations are equipped with high-level platforms or wheelchair lifts. This will make it much easier to get on and off your train while Traveling with a disability.

Milan to Pompei Trains

Florence to Pompei Trains

Salerno to Pompei Trains

Naples to Pompei Trains


Traveling with a disability, a train ramp for a wheelchair

Extra Baggage when Traveling with a disability

The majority of carriers will do their best to accommodate people traveling with a disability and the potential extra luggage they may require (e.g. wheelchair, oxygen tanks, etc.). If you know you are going to need additional baggage requirements, let your carrier know in advance.

Venice to Rome Trains

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Zurich to Interlaken Trains


When you arrive

Stay in the most accessible parts of town. This is one of the hardest parts of planning your train trip while traveling with a disability. You may have found a great accessible hotel, but what will you find when you walk/roll out the front door? Are there hills and stairs in all directions? Will you have to roll over cobblestones? Are there accessible restaurants nearby? It is crucial to research the hotel neighborhood. You can use Google Maps Street View to get the lay of the land, then email the hotel with your questions.

With all the admin out the way, remember to take the time to relax and enjoy the adventure. Take some time to meet your fellow passengers, gaze out the window, or simply get lost for a little while as you travel the route so many have gone before.


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