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When a traveler mentions visiting France, most people would instantly think of Paris. However, France capital is not the only city worth visiting in this beautiful country, Traveling to Strasbourg is the new IN. Many other places are as worthy of appreciation for all the gorgeous sights and experiences they can offer.

Strasbourg is one of those cities that we could appreciate more, both for its beauty and the abundance of things to do there. Traveling by train to Strasbourg from major European cities are going to take your breath away. Let’s have a closer look at how you can travel to this fantastic destination and what you can see and do there:


When Traveling To Strasbourg Visit The Strasbourg Cathedral

Cathedrals from the medieval period are enchanting, awe-inspiring and simply marvelous to explore. And Strasbourg cathedral stands tall among them — literally, as it used to be the tallest building in the world until 1874! Some parts of it date as far back as 1100, which is a true testament to how long this historic structure has been standing. Whether you choose to explore the inside or stick to observing the facade, you’re going to be impressed.

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Take Pictures Of La Petite France

Traveling to Strasbourg to La Petite France


Stepping into La Petite France feels almost like going back in time. With quaint black and white half-timbered structures stacked in the district that used to belong to merchants of all sorts, cobblestone streets, and traditional restaurants, it’s a place you have to experience. Take pictures and imagine yourself in times long past.

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Indulge In The Local Cuisine

For food tourists, there’s a special gastronomical treat to be sampled when Traveling to Strasbourg: Alsatian food, and exceptional wine and beer. Strasbourg reigns over the Alsace region, where wines are mostly varietal, and the main two to try are Gewürtztraminer and Riesling. Pair the latter with pan-fried carp or Choucroute garnie, well-known Alsatian classics, and delight your palate.

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Take A Boat Trip Around Strasbourg

petite France


Another excellent way of exploring Strasbourg is via a boat ride. It’s a beautiful chance to check out some of the city’s most beautiful sights and learn about its history at the same time. There are plenty of boat ride options to choose from, and you might get a couple of ideas as to which hotspot to visit next.


Traveling To Strasbourg By Train

Strasbourg has the second largest railway station in France, right after Paris. Reaching it by train is relatively straightforward, and you have the option of taking the high-speed train TGV (train de grande vitesse.) It could take you from Paris to Strasbourg in only 2 hours and 20 minutes, instead of the usual 4 hours by car.

That also means that travel times from other major European cities are also considerably shorter. If you’re traveling to Strasbourg from Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and other European countries and cities, you can get to Strasbourg easily and quickly. Look for night connections if you’re on a tighter budget because those tickets are usually cheaper.


Ready to have the time of your life exploring the charming city of Strasbourg? Book your train tickets now, and enjoy both the journey and the destination.



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