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Why are UK Train ride prices so high?

UK Train ride prices have risen too high. Europe is considered to have the best train journeys in the world. environmentally friendly train journeys in Europe contain beautiful scenery. Train passengers access everywhere from remote villages to major cities. In Europe, train journeys are competitively priced, saving passengers both time and money. In the United Kingdom, however, train journeys are very expensive.



Uk train ride prices compare table


Commuters in the UK

The price of commuting in the UK has increased by an average of £700 in the last 7 years according to an analysis by labor. The journey that has been most affected is the train from Birmingham to London. Commuters who use this train now have to pay Train ride prices of £10,567 for a season ticket. The increase in prices at the start of 2018 has in some cases added an extra £100 to some already expensive season tickets.

Amsterdam to London Trains

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Luxembourg to London Trains


Comparing UK train prices to Europe

Passengers traveling in Germany can buy a BahnCard100, which covers all of Germany for £3,795.

Passengers who travel between Manchester and Liverpool pay £3,152 and cannot use this ticket to travel anywhere else in the UK.

In France, annual commutes to Paris Train ride prices can be as low as £750 and in Italy passengers traveling between Velletri and Rome pay only £442.

The United Kingdom train prices are so high, that an annual ticket to travel to London Waterloo from 20 miles outside London costs 3,248.

The train companies that instituted the highest price increases in 2018 were Northern (4.7%), TransPennine Express (4.6%), CrossCountry (4.1%), Merseyrail (3.6%), and Virgin Trains (3.1%).

A study by VoucherCloud shows that passengers on UK trains pay a huge 50 pence per mile traveled. Compare this to the rest of the EU where the cost per mile is 19 pence.

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Tips for saving money on UK Trains

  1. Walk or Cycle

Because train prices go according to different lines. It could be that there is a line that is a better price for you but doesn’t run through your local train station. In this case, you can walk or cycle 10-15 minutes to get to a station at a better price, the same is true for finding a station for your return journey.


  1. Divide your journey

Due to the way fair Train ride prices are currently calculated on UK trains, it can actually be cheaper to buy two or three tickets to get to your destination than buying one direct ticket. If you are traveling from Liverpool to London for example, it is cheaper for you to buy a ticket from Liverpool to Crewe and then Crewe to London, than buying a direct Liverpool-London ticket. For more information on dividing your journey check out split calculators.


3) Register with ticket retailers

When you register with a ticket retailer you can be eligible for benefits like 25% off your next journey or a free hot drink.


Save money on Trains Everywhere

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