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10 Most Unforgettable Places In Europe

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(Last Updated On: 11/04/2022)

From Ireland to Saxon Switzerland, and Moravian Tuscany, charming villages, and the largest ice cave in the world, these Europe has some of the most amazing places in the world. The next 10 unforgettable places in Europe offer breathtaking mountain views, mysterious paths, and unique natural wonders to discover.


1. Lavender fields Provence

Infinite purple beauty, the lavender fields of Provence are a breathtaking sight. Walking through the fields, taking in the fresh scented air, and admiring the scenery is one of the most wonderful things to do in Provence. In addition to the lavender fields, Provence is a magical place to travel in France. This French gem has inspired great artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Paul Cezanne. The paintings of the world-renowned painters beautifully depict the unforgettable scenery.

Therefore, it is no wonder that the Lavender fields attract so many visitors in springtime. So, in addition to taking gorgeous pictures of purple lavender, you can visit the many hilltop villages, like Les Baux-de-Provence and the ruins of an impressive castle.

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Woman in Lavender fields Provence


2. Most Unforgettable Places In Europe: Procida, Bay of Naples

Usually missed by travelers to Capri, and Naples, the small Procida island is the Bay of Naples’ hidden gem. Besides the colorful scenery, Procida and the Gulf of Naples have a laid-back, carefree atmosphere, that adds to their magic. Thus, be prepared to be amazed when visiting Procida and the islands of Naples, because this trip will one of the most memorable ones in your lifetime.

If we should jump straight to the things that make Procida one of the 10 unforgettable places in Europe, number 1 is the marine. The view over Marina di Corricella is what earned Procida a top place on our list. As you climb up the road to the castle, you arrive at the viewpoint, with 17-century fishermen’s houses below, and many bright colored houses, by the seaside. If this painting-like image is not unforgettable, what is?

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Unforgettable Place In Italy: Procida, Bay of Naples


3. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Insanely spectacular, Cliff of Moher has featured many movies and shows in past years. Moher’s natural beauty, covered in lavish green, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, with epic views along the 20 km hiking trail, this place holds the title of one of the most unforgettable places in Ireland and the UK.

Thus, if you are keen on discovering unique places, then a trip to Cliffs of Moher is perfect. Firstly, the hiking is 4-5 hours long. Secondly, the trail connects the charming villages of Liscannor and Doolin. So, pack your best walking shoes, and camera because you are in for an amazing day in Ireland.

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Cliffs of Moher, Ireland


4. Keukenhof Park, Holland, The Netherlands

With the fountains, Artificial lakes, green lands of grass, and colorful paths, there are plenty of places for stunning pictures in Keukenhof Park. The largest tulip garden in the world wakes up from its winter sleep in magnificent colors. Literally, every single path in the Keukenhof Park reveals tulips in many beautiful colors.

So, if you’ve never been to the Netherlands in the spring, now you have an amazing reason to come. Just a train trip away from Amsterdam, the tulips wonderland is a great day-trip destination.

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5. Most Unforgettable Places In Europe: Dordogne Valley, France

Stone houses on green hills, the impressive Dordogne and Vezere rivers, Dordogne Valley is France’s most beautiful region. Beginning at the volcanic mountain of Puy de Sancy, to the Massif Central, Dordogne has many hiking trails and viewpoints over the stunning valley.

Moreover, you can explore the 10 charming villages in Dordogne Valley. Every village has preserved its French countryside nature, and most importantly the medieval fortifications and architecture. So, Dordogne Valley is one of the 1o unforgettable places in Europe, thanks to the architecture and nature’s grandeur.

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Unforgettable Place In Europe: Dordogne Valley, France


6. Most Unforgettable Places In Europe: Durbuy, Belgium

The smallest town of old Durbuy is best to explore on foot. Ancient cobbled streets, and limestone houses, are well-preserved. One of the best spots to see the entire town is from Belvedere, where you can admire the town and Ourthe River. The lovely Durbuy is one of the most beautiful day-trip from Brussels, and you will have an unforgettable time discovering Belgium’s hidden gem.

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Durbuy, Belgium


7. Bernese Highlands, Swiss Alps

Home to the wonderful waterfalls of Lauterbrunnen Valley, and Eiger mountaineering, the Bernese Highlands are the most famous region in the Swiss Alps. With the breathtaking mountain views, snowy cliffs, sheep, and wooden cabins, together with rich and natural wonders, Bernese is an unforgettable place worldwide.

In fact, words will never convey all the beauties of the Swiss Alps. So, it is only through walking the Bernese Highlands that will you see how beautiful and memorable they are.

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Breathtaking Bernese Highlands, Swiss Alps


8. Most Unforgettable Places In Europe: Eisriesenwelt, Austria

Hiding beneath the Hochkogol mountain, near Salzburg in Austria, Eisriesenwelt offers unforgettable views. Above all, the unique cave formation, and mysterious space inside it, make the Eisriesentwelt ice cave one of the most extraordinary places in Austria.

In addition to the views inside the cave, the scenery on the way to Eisriesenwelt, and from it, is breathtaking. While Eisriesenwelt ice cave is 40 km long, you can only explore only 1 km inside, this walk will create memories that last a lifetime.

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Unforgettable Place In Europe: Eisriesenwelt, Austria


9. The Bastei, Germany

Jagged up together, the group of sandstone rock formations, famous as the Bastei, attract millions of visitors every year. Firstly, the giant Bastei rocks are erect from the ground. Secondly, the main elements are three pinnacles connecting with a stone bridge, to the tower, and adding dramatic effect. Lastly, the beautiful nature around is the Bastei is breathtaking, with various trees, and green plants overlooking the Elbe River.

To sum it all up, the Bastei site is one of the most remarkable places to visit in Saxon Switzerland. This area is one of the 5 unforgettable nature reserves in Europe. So, a day trip to the Bastei from Dresden, Berlin, and even Prague will be the most memorable day on your trip to Germany.

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The colors of The Bastei, Germany


10. Most Unforgettable Places In Europe: Czechia, Moravia

The Czech Republic has its very own lush green Tuscany. Moravia fields are rolling green hills, with few trees spread across the silky hills. You can visit Moravian Tuscany, from the nearest town, Kyjov. Moreover, the most beautiful views are in the villages nearby, for instance, Karlin, and Sardice.

Thus, for an unforgettable day, pack a blanket, and local wine, and find a spot with a great view of the Moravia fields. To top it all, stunning in any season, golden in the fall, and lavish green in the winter, it is always a good time to go to Moravia.

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Unforgettable Place In Europe: Czechia, Moravia


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