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Colorful, exotic, and extraordinary in features and place of habitat, you will find these 12 animals the most unique animals to see in Europe. inhabiting the deepest oceans, highest Alps, or resting in green European woodlands, be sure to be on the lookout for these amazing wild animals on your next escapade in Europe.


1. Unique Animals To See In Europe: European Lynx

Inhabiting Switzerland, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic, the European Lynx is a unique wildcat. The Lynx has a short tail, brown fur with spots, so easy to spot in the snowy winter forest.

You will find this wild cat a fascinating breed of a domestic cat, and the wild spotted cheetah.

Where Can I See The European Lynx In Europe?

The Bavarian Forest is an amazing place to spot Lynxes and their offspring.

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European Lynx in the snow is a Unique Animals To See


2. Unique Animals To See In Europe: Puffin

You can spot these beautiful creatures best from mid-April by coastal cliffs. For example, Skomer Island in Western Wales is a wonderful destination for wildlife and Puffin photography. In addition, the Brittany coast is another amazing location to admire the Atlantic seabird.

Puffins reach up to 30 cm in length and 20 cm in height. Moreover, with an orange beak and circles at the eyes, you will find that they are very easy to spot these lovely seabirds on cliffs by the ocean. With 90% of the entire global population in Europe, you can admire whole colonies by the coasts of Europe for most of the year.

Where Can I See Puffins In Europe?

The Brittany coast in France and Skomer Island are great places where you can see the Puffin.

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Puffin is a Unique Animals To See In Europe


3. Unique Animals To See In Europe: Saiga

The Saiga is a unique antelope, unfortunately, endangered nowadays. The Saiga is one of the 12 most unique animals you can see in Europe. With its unusual nose, this unique animal can easily adapt to cold and hot climates, since the nose’s form serves this purpose.

Therefore, the Saiga does not have a fixed home and can migrate up to 1000 km between summer and winter. Moreover, it can walk dozens of km per day and is mostly active during the day. An interesting fact about the Saiga is that in addition to plants and grass, it eats poisonous plants to other animals.

Where Can I See the Saiga In Europe?

You can spot the Saiga in the beautiful Carpathian mountains and woodlands.


Saiga is the wild in Europe


4. Unique Animals To See In Europe: The Pine Marten

If you happen to be hiking through the European forests and woodlands you are most likely to meet the unique Pine Marten. Pine Martens live in tree holes and are quite good climbers, so be sure to look up if you want to spot this special creature.

The Pine Martens are in chestnut-brown color, with a light yellow bib around the neck. Therefore even in the woodlands, it will be hard to miss this fascinating animal on a tree branch, with that yellow bib.

Where Can I See the Pine Martens?

The highlands in Scotland and Ireland, are the best places to see the Pine Marten. 


The Pine Marten is among the Unique Animals To See In Europe


5. Unique Animals To See In Europe: European Green Lizard

At 40 cm in size, it will be really hard to miss the European green lizard. This unique lizard has a bright green back and yellow belly. Interestingly, during mating season, the males change in color to bright blue.

The Green Lizard lives at a high altitude of 2000 meters, so, while you hike up in the Austrian mountains, be sure to look around. If you are traveling from autumn to winter, then you will probably spot these lizards in caves and dry hiding places. However, in the summer, starting from March, these beauties will be warming up in the sun.

Where Can I See The Green Lizard?

You can spot this green lizard sitting in the sun on rocks, across Europe, Austria, Germany, up to Romania, and Turkey.

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the gorgeous European Green Lizard


6. Unique Animals To See In Europe: Pink Flamingo

The beautiful pink flamingos inhabit one of the best wildlife nature reserves in Europe. The pink flamingos live with amazing wild horses in the Camargue reserve in France. The pink flamingo has become the symbol of the Camargue, in its vibrant pink colors.

In the lagoons, marshland, or flying up, showing off their beauty, the pink flamingo is quite a marvelous sight. As you walk through the 4 trails in the Camargue, you will quickly understand why this bird is one of the 12 most unique animals to see in Europe.

Where Can I See the Pink Flamingo In The Camargue Reserve?

The Camargue is a huge nature reserve in France. In order to see this unique bird, head to the Parc Ornithologique.

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Flying Pink Flamingo


7. Whales in Ireland

If you happen to be sailing in the South of Ireland, somewhere in the distance,  a knobbly head might pop up from underwater. This might be the Humpback whale, the magnificent and huge whale living in the ocean around Ireland.

Despite their impressive and intimidating size, 12-16 meters, they are harmless and gentle. These beautiful whales arrive in late autumn, singing their complex songs, lasting between 10-20 minutes.

Where Can I See the Humpback Whale?

Scotland, Ireland, England are great for whale watching.



8. Unique Animals To See In Europe: Wolves

Fascinating and frightening, wolves are one of the endangered animals in Europe. These unique animals easily adapt to any habitat, in their camouflage colors, and large in size. There are many wolf breeds, but the average wolf can reach up to 70 kg.

Wolves live in forests, in packs, and considered highly protected animals in Europe. There are conservation centers and reserves to protect the wolves and provide them with the best conditions so that they don’t totally extinct.

Where Can I See Wolves In Europe?

Liguria region in Italy, the Bavarian Forest, and Poland are the wolves’ preferred habitat.


Special Wolves Animals To See In Europe


9. Unique Animals To See In Europe: Dolphins

Splashing and singing in the waters of Italy’s coastline, the lovely dolphins are a wonderful sight. While everyone has probably seen dolphins in pictures, water parks, or zoos in Europe, nothing compares to sailing and admiring these lovely creatures.

The best time to see dolphins is in the summer when it is warmer, and you can go on a dolphin-watching boat tour.

Where Can I See Dolphins In Italy?

The beautiful coasts of Cinque Terre and the Ligurian sea are the perfect place to see wild dolphins In Italy.

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Dolphins in Italy jumping over water


10. Basking Sharks

When most people hear “shark” the most natural reaction is shrill and fear. However, the mighty Basking Shark might be huge and intimidating in size, but this shark only eats plankton.

Therefore, you can feel totally safe around these 12 tones and 12 meters fish. The Basking Shark is the second-largest shark in the UK, and the best seen from cliffs in the summertime. So, if you see a large triangular fin and grey body, then wave hello and prep your camera for a Basking Shark snap.

Where Can I See Basking Sharks Inn The UK?

off Cornwell shores, the Isle of Men, and many of West of England shores, you can see basking sharks in their natural habitat.


Basking Sharks looks similar to whales


11. Unique Animals To See In Europe: Wolverine

Gulo, Gulo, is the wolverine’s nickname in Latin, translated to Gluten. This unusual name fits the largest member in the Mustelidae family – perfectly since they have an unusual big appetite. 

For this reason, wolverines may travel far in search of food, and can now be found all over Europe.

Where Can I See Wolverines?

Generally, the wolverine population is concentrated in Russia, the Taiga, and Asia. Moreover, you can also see wolverines in the highland wildlife park in the UK.


Wolverine is a Rare and part of the Unique Animals To See In Europe


12. Unique Animals To See In Europe: Alpine Ibex

High up at 4000 meters, between the snowy mountain peaks, to rocky cliffs, you’ll find the Alpine Ibex. With horns that can grow up to 140 cm, this mountain goat is one of the most impressive and unique animals in Europe.

Firstly, inhabiting the European Alps, the Alpine Ibex, is not so easy to spot in comparison to Basking Sharks and green lizards. Besides, their hoofs make it easy for the Ibex to climb up and escape predators in the rocky Alps.

Where Can I See The Alpine Ibex?

The Italian Alps and Swiss Alps have a few amazing viewpoints for wildlife and Alpine Ibex watching.

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Mountain Alpine Ibex


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