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Trains are the best way to travel in Italy regardless of the season. However, they prove to be the safer and more comfortable option, especially during winter. Winter train travel in Italy is not only safe, but it’s also fast and efficient.


The high-speed train lines such as Trenitalia run right down the center of Italy. Trenitalia is called Frecciarossa, Frecciargento or Frecciabianca depending on the line.  Trains link practically every town or city in Italy, taking you to the center of each destination. The main stops are Salerno – Napoli (Naples) – Roma (Rome) – Firenze (Florence) – Bologna – Milano (Milan) – Torino (Turin). Rome to Venice is a smooth 3 hour and 45-minute trip while a trip from Florence to Rome is a mere 1 hour and 32 minutes.

Because speed and convenience are key for Winter Train Travel in Italy, you can visit all the country’s top destinations quickly and comfortably. Here are the top five cities to travel to by train in Italy this winter.


Venice Winter Train Travel in Italy


1. Naples – is Our opener for Winter Train Travel in Italy

Naples is ideal for those who want to get away from the cold. It’s always sunny in Naples! When it comes to Christmas festivities, Naples shines above all other cities in Italy. They have Christmas nativity scenes that will take your breath away. You will see them all over the city. Many will agree that the most beautiful one is at Via San Gregorio Armeno.

Milan to Naples Trains

Florence to Naples Trains

Bari to Naples Trains

Rome to Naples Trains



2. Tuscany

Rome to Tuscany is a top route in Winter Train Travel in Italy because it is a short and an hour and a half train ride away. You could start your day in Italy’s capital enjoying the holiday sales and visiting the Vatican museums. By lunchtime, you could hop on a train and in less than two hours, find yourself in picturesque Tuscany. Take a dip in the thermal water spas to cap off your day.

Milan to Siena Trains

Florence to Siena Trains

Perugia to Siena Trains

Rome to Siena Trains


3. Palermo

If you find wintertime dreary and hate colder weather; then train travel to Palermo. Sicily is your escape from chilly northern Europe as it offers an atmosphere that feels closer to summer or spring. You also can’t help but fall in love with the city’s Christmas markets, nativity scenes, and medieval charm.

Messina to Palermo Trains

Syracuse to Palermo Trains

Sicily to Palermo Trains

Catania to Palermo Trains


4. Turin

Head up north to the city of Turin if a cold skiing getaway is your idea of winter fun. Turin is your Winter Train Travel in Italy gateway to the Alps. Don’t miss Luci d’Artista. It’s the annual contemporary art exhibit that lights up the city with spectacular light installations.

Milan to Turin Trains

Lake Como to Turin Trains

Genoa to Turin Trains

Parma to Turin Trains


5. Venice

Winter in Venice means clean, crisp air and fewer crowds to distract you from its beauty. Enjoy a gondola ride or sip coffee at the square. There’s always the possibility of light snowfall to make your Venice experience even more magical.

Milan to Venice Trains

Padua to Venice Trains

Bologna to Venice Trains

Rome to Venice Trains


Winter Train Travel in Italy, no need for airplanes


How to Buy Tickets for Winter Train Travel in Italy

Buying tickets in advance makes your life less stressful. For long-distance trains such as Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, reserved seating is mandatory. 

Buying a ticket in person at the station is always an option. However, be prepared for long lines and inconvenience, and higher prices. In this day and age, it’s become the norm to reserve your train seats online. When it comes to how far in advance you can buy your tickets, the answer will depend on the type of Italian train.

Frecce trains are high-speed trains that run between Italy’s major cities. You can buy your tickets as early as four months before your travel date. Recently, Trenitalia announced that it would increase its booking horizon to 6 months ahead.


Book your seats in advance, and you’ll even enjoy some significant discounts. It’s best to buy your tickets if you are sure of your travel dates as discounted and advance tickets are typically non-changeable and non-refundable. Contact Save A Train for any questions on winter train travel in Italy.



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