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If you’re looking to escape to top yoga retreats in Europe for your next vacation, you’re in luck. Some of the most beautiful European countries have plenty to offer when it comes to yoga and relaxation. Even though India is considered to be the most yoga place in the world, Europeans have indeed taken up the practice and have embraced it as their own. Here are some of the top yoga retreats in Europe, as well as ways of getting there by train:


Yoga Retreats in Italy

Beautiful, calming scenery can surely elevate your yoga practice — not to mention clean air and sunshine. If that’s what you’re looking for, then Italy’s the place for you. Of all the gorgeous yoga retreat places to pick from, we favor those in Tuscany. You could take a scenic train ride through the region and end the trip on a yoga retreat in Chianti. Enjoying sunshine, wine and staying mindful and present — what could be better?

Milan to Chianti Castellina Trains

Florence to Chianti Castellina Trains

Perugia to Chianti Castellina Trains

Rome to Chianti Castellina Trains


Yoga Retreats in France

Yoga Retreats with mattress


For those of you in love with the mountains, French Alps are going to be an opportunity you can’t miss. Other than regular yoga, in French Alps, yoga retreats you could do hiking, yoga, white water rafting, and even paragliding. Annecy is a great town to visit for this purpose, and you can reach it by train from Paris. It’s certainly an adventure suited for people who prefer a more active lifestyle.

Paris to Annecy Trains

Geneva to Annecy Trains


Yoga Retreats in the UK 

The UK has plenty of scenic, breathtaking places to retreat to, like Glastonbury, Devon, Kent, Scotland, and others. However, we still prefer London for its unique spirit and atmosphere. If you’re looking for a more urban yoga retreat experience, then London’s a good choice. The number of options will make your head spin — there’s something for every yoga taste. You can easily reach the city by train from most major cities in Europe, so that’s another bonus.

Amsterdam to London Trains

Lyon to London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains



Germany takes its wellness seriously and usually combines a yoga practice with a full spa experience. It’s ideal for vacations when you want to recharge your batteries and step away from the hectic lifestyle. Germany even offers completely silent retreats, with a lot of mindfulness meditation practice and some great spa treatments. Allowing silence and peacefulness of nature to wash the stress away is an excellent recipe for relaxation. If this sounds like something you might need, you can book a train to the Bavarian Alps.

Berlin to Munich Trains

Frankfurt to Munich Trains

Vienna to Munich Trains

Stuttgart to Munich Trains



relax mode while doing yoga


Austria loves its winter yoga retreats, which makes it a perfect destination during this time of year. Why not experience the season in all of its glory? Even if you hate winter, you’re bound to appreciate how yoga retreats in Austria make it blissful. They take the cold weather and turn it into a health-promoting mechanism, incorporating various styles of yoga, hikes and peaceful sleep to boost your immune system. Salzburg is one of the Austrian cities where you can experience this, and you can reach it by train.

Vienna to Salzburg Trains

Munich to Salzburg Trains

Graz to Salzburg Trains

Prague to Salzburg Trains


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