きみの Milanに Venice Mestreここから列車の旅が始まります

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乗客の年齢は私達があなたのために最もよい運賃を見つけることを可能にするでしょう。 「子供」と「青少年」の定義は国や鉄道事業者によって異なるため、若い乗客の年齢を求めます。 一部の鉄道事業者にとって、一定年齢未満の子供は無料で座席なしで移動できます。 お子様の座席を確保したい場合は、お子様の年齢として「4」を入力してください。 私たちのよくある質問ページで子供と青少年の乗客年齢についてもっと読む


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Milan All Stationsから Venice Mestreへの格安列車の移動

Milan All Stationsから Venice Mestreへの距離は 236ですキロメートル

(now random number 75-81%)
飛行機ではなく電車でMilan All StationsからVenice Mestreの間を移動する場合のカーボンフットプリントに対する%

(now random number 60-70%)
あなたが電車vs車でMilan All StationsからVenice Mestreに移動した場合の炭素排出量に対する%

出発駅:Milan All Stations
電車の駅はMilan All Stationsの中心にあります。

到着駅:Venice Mestre
駅はVenice Mestreの中心にあります。

あなたはこれらの支払条件Mastercard、Visa、American Express、MaestroクレジットカードでVenice Mestreへの旅費を支払うことができますが、以下の代替支払方法でも行えます。Paypal、Alipay、WeChat、Trustly、Ideal、Sofortもっと。

あなたがMilan All StationsとVenice Mestreの間の旅行を訓練する場合は特に、電車での旅行は非常に風光明媚な経験であることを忘れないでください。

Venice Mestreへの旅行に関するより重要な情報

Venezia Mestre railway station (Italian: Stazione di Venezia Mestre) is a junction station in the comune of Venice, Italy.

It is located within the mainland frazione of Mestre, and is classified by its owner, Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, as a gold category station.The station is situated at the 257.907 kilometres (160.256 mi) mark of the Milan–Venice line, and at the 27.778 kilometres (17.260 mi) mark of the Adria–Mestre line.

It is also the point of origin of other lines that converge towards Venice as the capital of the region Veneto. Additionally, the station forms the border between the boroughs of Mestre and Marghera, that are connected by the two underpasses of the station, one just for pedestrians and the other for both pedestrians and cyclists. Venezia Mestre is one of Venice's two most important railway stations, the other one being Venezia Santa Lucia, a terminal station on the island of Venice.

Both stations are managed by Grandi Stazioni, and they are linked with each other by the Ponte della Libertà (English: Liberty Bridge) between the mainland and the island. While Venezia Santa Lucia station's main doors are usually closed at night, Venezia Mestre station is always open and people can pass by also at night, to get on one of the few night trains or to use the underpasses between Mestre and Marghera (shops and ticket offices are usually closed at night). Late night or early morning trains might stop at Venezia Mestre station if the Venezia Santa Lucia station is closed at such time. In that case, passengers directed to/coming from the Historical Center of Venice they should use the 24/7 ACTV bus service (lines 2 and H1) from Piazzale Roma to Venezia Mestre station and vice versa..

Additional Information About Milan

Milan (Italian: Milano [miˈlaːno], Milanese: [miˈlãː]) is a city in northern Italy, capital of Lombardy, and the second-most populous city in Italy after Rome.

Milan served as the capital of the Western Roman Empire, the Duchy of Milan and the Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia.

The city proper has a population of about 1.4 million while its metropolitan city has 3.26 million inhabitants.

Its continuously built-up urban area, that stretches well beyond the boundaries of its administrative metropolitan city, is the fourth largest in the EU with 5.27 million inhabitants.

The population within the wider Milan metropolitan area, also known as Greater Milan, is estimated at 8.2 million, making it by far the largest metropolitan area in Italy and the 4th largest in the EU.Milan is considered a leading alpha global city, with strengths in the field of the art, commerce, design, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, services, research and tourism.

Its business district hosts Italy's stock exchange (Italian: Borsa Italiana), and the headquarters of national and international banks and companies.

In terms of GDP, it has the second-largest economy among EU cities after Paris, and is the wealthiest among EU non-capital cities.

Milan is considered part of the Blue Banana and one of the "Four Motors for Europe". The city has been recognized as one of the world's four fashion capitals thanks to several international events and fairs, including Milan Fashion Week and the Milan Furniture Fair, which are currently among the world's biggest in terms of revenue, visitors and growth.

It hosted the Universal Exposition in 1906 and 2015.

The city hosts numerous cultural institutions, academies and universities, with 11% of the national total enrolled students.

Milan is the destination of 8 million overseas visitors every year, attracted by its museums and art galleries that include some of the most important collections in the world, including major works by Leonardo da Vinci.

The city is served by many luxury hotels and is the fifth-most starred in the world by Michelin Guide.

The city is home to two of Europe's most successful football teams, A.C.

Milan and F.C.

Internazionale, and one of Europe's main basketball teams, Olimpia Milano.

Milan will host the 2026 Winter Olympics together with Cortina d'Ampezzo..