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Meyldarên herî bihêz ên di pîşesaziya rêwîtiyê de îro hezarsal in. Ev nifş bi hesabên Instagram-ê yên bi heybet li ser tecrubeyên herî bêhempa yên li meqsedên dûr-lêdan disekine.. Ew 12 cihên rêwîtiyê yên hezarsalî li çaraliyê cîhanê IG-ya herî populer a bloggerên rêwîtiyê yên ciwan vedihewînin.

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1. Meqsedên Rêwîtiya Hezarsalî ya Cîhanê: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not only lovely for a weekend getaway but also is a popular millennial travel destination. If you travel across Europe, then in Amsterdam, you will find a laid-back atmosphere. Bi ser de, Amsterdam ji bo rêwîtiya solo cîhek fantastîk e. Wekî ku em dizanin, young generations love being independent and their solo trips.

Another reason Amsterdam ranks so high in the top millennialstravel destinations worldwide is the city’s LGBT-friendly nature. Amsterdam offers endless possibilities by dining in the Jordaan area and working in Zuidas’s bustling financial area. Bi gotineke din, the young generation prefers traveling to Amsterdam over the weekend, but there are many more things to do.

Brukselê ji bo Trains Amsterdam

Londonê ji bo Trains Amsterdam

Berlin bi Trains Amsterdam

Parîsê bi Trains Amsterdam


Amsterdam Riverwalk bicycles


2. Positano Îtalya

Being one of the most colorful and stunning places in Italy, Positano is a popular millennial travel destination. The turquoise Mediterranean Sea and the gorgeous villas in bright colors create an Instagram-perfect snap. This is one of the reasons why younger generations choose this place.

Dema ku Îtalya yek ji xwarinên herî xweş ên cîhanê pêşkêşî dike, the indulgent pampering lifestyle and visual appeal make Positano even higher in the millennials’ top travel destinations worldwide.

Milan to Trains Roma

Florence to Trains Roma

Venice to Trains Roma

Napolî ji bo Trains Roma


Summer Holidays In Italy


3. Millennial Travel Destinations China: Guilin

Millennials nifşek e ku ji rêwîtiyê û bi taybetî ji lêgerîna cihên dûr û bêhempa hez dike. Guilin offers spectacular landscapes and gorgeous countryside, with various activities in one of China’s most impressive and fascinating areas.

Bêyî, Guilin is a magnificent travel destination in China for the curious traveler to enjoy the world. Bo nimûne, they can explore small while cycling, visit the Longji Rice Terraces, sightsee along the Li River on a cruise or live with a local host family. Bi ser de, Guilin is a place where time has stood still, and you can explore ancient Chinese heritage and culture.


Millennial Travel Destinations Around the World


4. Budapest – Millennial Travel Destinations

This European city is perfect for you if you are a young adult traveling on a low budget. Many believe that the Hungarian capital is a rising star. Young travelers travel to Budapest for city breaks destination again and again. Budapest is very famous for its stunning streets full of sights and hidden gems to be discovered around every corner.

Wekî din, Budapest ji bo rêwiyên yekem-car li Ewropayê îdeal e, bi taybetî Ewropaya Rojhilat. The city’s versatile architecture, kafe, and bars on the Danube River attract young people from all over. Wiha, be prepared for partying and dining with the traditional goulash with a view of the beautiful river.

Vienna to Budapest Trains

Prague to Budapest Trains

Munich to Budapest Trains

Graz to Budapest Trains


Budapest Millennial Travel Destinations


5. Paris

Cihê betlaneyê ya bingehîn li Ewropayê, Paris ranks high on every traveler’s bucket list. While Paris is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, xemla bajêr li ber çavên tûrîstên ku cara yekem li paytexta Fransa ne winda nabe. Kolanên kevn û mîmariya barok, Champs Elysees zêde, patisseries cute, û bûtîkên bilind-end li dora her quncikê Parîsê ne.

Paş vê, Paris is a great place to explore Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge, the Pompidou Center, and the Louvre, cycling through the many iconic sights along the way. Rêwîyê meraq divê bifikire ku bi trênê biçin Versailles-ê da ku rêwîtiya xwe di kûrahiya çanda Frensî de dest pê bike.

Amsterdam to Trains Parîsê

Londonê ji bo Trains Parîsê

Rotterdam to Trains Parîsê

Brukselê ji bo Trains Parîsê


Louvre At Night


6. Berlin – Millennial Travel Destinations

The amazing party scene in Berlin attracts many young travelers all year round. klûbên binê erdê, herî baş birra li Ewropayê, dîroka herî balkêş, and vibrant culture make millennials choose Berlin for a solo trip, dawiya hefteyê hevalan, and even a bachelor and bachelorette weekend getaway.

Frankfurt to Trains Berlin

Leipzig bo Trains Berlin

Hannover Trains Berlin

Hamburg to Trains Berlin


Berlin Millennial Travel Destination


7. Liverpool, England

Millennials hez dikin ku cîh û çandên nû bigerin, û Liverpool yek ji bajarên herî kêfxweş ên Îngilîstanê ye. It is the home of iconic Beatles and has an exciting history, bazarên vintage, and one of the best food in Europe. ezt is no surprise that Liverpool is one of the top 12 cihên rêwîtiyê yên hezarsalî li çaraliyê cîhanê.

Liverpool is also an excellent alternative to pricy London. It offers superb accommodation, xwaringeh û xwarinên kolanan, cultural activities, and to top it all – the seaside to walk along after a long day or crazy night party. Di encamê da, we advise young people to travel light to Liverpool to leave room for great food and experiences.



8. Calabria, Îtalya

Calabria is off the beaten path of classic Italy. Firstly, it has authentic Italian food, craggy mountains, and cliffs. This is why Millennials adore this place and recommend others travel to Calabria via their social media. Ya duyemîn jî, Calabria is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. It offers Instagram-perfect views and provides a stretch of lovely villages, seaside towns, şêniyên dostane, and Italian culture.

While old generations prefer relaxing in Capri, young people seek unique places. They enjoy the journey, and the more there is to discover, ya baştir. That is why young adults will love Tropea. Exploring the town’s cliff-top church, 12Katedrala th-sedsala, and Byzantine cemetery is far more interesting than spending a day at the beach.


Сastle On The Edge Of A Cliff


9. Luberon, Fransa

The impressive Luberon massif is a beautiful region in Provence. Luberon has captured the hearts of millennial travelers through the scenic views of three mountain ranges: Lesser Luberon, Greater Luberon, and Eastern Luberon. Once you finish climbing to the top, the surrounding views will leave you breathless. Simultaneously, your Instagram will boom with questions about this fantastic destination.

Dijon to Trains Provence

Parîsê bi Trains Provence

Lyon to Trains Provence

Marseilles to Trains Provence


French Castle In Provence


10. Puglia, Îtalya

With remarkable caves and charming seaside towns, Puglia is full of spots to visit and discover. The Trulli is a lovely village young people would rank as a fantastic destination their friends should visit. In addition to unique villages, Puglia has rocky mountains, şikeft, and unusual landscapes. A great example is Castellana Grotte.

Puglia is a stunning holiday destination for relaxation and as a destination for an active holiday. Here you can cycle from one village to another, go down into the caves or go hiking in the Alta Murgia National Park in the footsteps of the dinosaurs. Ji ber vê yekê, Puglia is a fun holiday destination where you can easily spend a weekend or even more.

Milan to Trains Napoli

Florence to Trains Napoli

Trênên Venedîkê ber Napolê

Pisa ji bo Napolî Trênan


Sea Cliffs In Italy


11. London – Millennial Travel Destinations

Through colorful neighborhoods, street markets, international food, and ancient culture, London appeals to all ages. The English capital is a popular destination for millennials, especially those coming here for the first time. London is also famous for its culture and diversity, accepting all ethnicities and nationalities. There is always something fun happening in London.

Biserve, Airbnb is the best way to stay right in the heart of great London. Young adults would love this type of housing because it offers the best locations. Ji ber vê yekê, Millennials join tourists from around the world in the art galleries, London’s markets, and landmarks. Bi ser de, you might even meet them at the local pub, chatting about the fantastic day they had at the Notting Hill carnival.

Trains Amsterdam To Londonê

Parîsê bi Trains Londonê

Berlin bi Trains Londonê

Brukselê ji bo Trains Londonê


London Ferris Wheel


12. Leuven, Belçîka

Leuven is a young and vibrant hidden gem of Belgium. Great student life, lively spirit, and high level of tolerance make Leuven a new favorite destination among youth travelers. Apart from admiring the Gothic architecture, Leuven is a great mix of history and a young ambiance.

Many students at the oldest university add to the charm of this classic European destination. Herwisa, this student city is known for its famous Stella Artois beer. Di encamê de, this fact makes the city even more attractive to the millennial generation.

Luxembourg to Trains Brukselê

Antwerp to Trains Brukselê

Amsterdam to Trains Brukselê

Parîsê bi Trains Brukselê


Millennial Travel Destinations Worldwide Leuven


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