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Coronavirus Live Updates And Map

Here you can find information about Coronavirus Live Updates and Coronavirus Map and other Coronavirus news.


Major and Critical Update about Coronavirus and Covid-19

There is no more question mark about Covid-19, a couple of companies have now received FDA Approval for Coronavirus, and the coronavirus vaccine rollout had already started in many places across the globe,

Europe is lagging behind, but also Europe will start to vaccine its citizens against Covid19 during January 2021.

These are great news for humankind and businesses worldwide.


Topics: 1. What Is Coronavirus
2. What Are The Update Confirmed Covid-19 Cases 3. Coronavirus Live Map And Corovnavirus Live Updates
4. What are the Symptoms of Corona Virus 5. Should I Be Worried About Coronavirus
6. How Does Corona Virus Spreads 7. How To Heal From Coronavirus
8. What Is The Difference Between Coronavirus And Seasonal Flu 9. What Is The Major Risk With The Corona Virus
10. What Is The Death Rate Of Covid19 11. Coronavirus City By City Map
12. Should I Travel During Covid-19 Outbreak 13. What Are The Best Websites For Coronavirus News
14. What Is The Graph Of Coronavirus Spread 15. Is There A Vaccine For Coronavirus
16. What Will Happen With The Corona Virus 17. What Caused The Covid-19 To Start
18. Coronavirus Theory 19. How To Solve Coronavirus Pandemic
20. Can You Get Coronavirus Twice 21. Covid-19 Quarantine
22. Where Do People Get Infected With Coronavirus 23. Who Should Worry From Covid19
24. Countries Where No Coronavirus 25. What Will Change After Covid19 Is Over
26. Coronavirus Health Safety Countries Ranking 27. Coronavirus Testing Methods
28. When Will COVID-19 End


What Is Coronavirus?

A coronavirus is a new virus that has not been previously identified. The corona virus is also named COVID-19, in the past there were other coronaviruses that commonly circulate among humans and cause mild illness, like the common cold, or SARS or MERS.

A diagnosis with coronavirus 229E, NL63, OC43, or HKU1 is not the same as a COVID-19 diagnosis.


What Are The Update Confirmed Covid-19 Cases?

If you scroll a little down you will also have Worldwide Coronavirus Live Maps, in addition to the covid-19 cases numbers below.


Coronavirus Live Map And Corovnavirus Live Updates

Monitor all the latest developments of the Coronavirus via Coronavirus Live Map and Coronavirus Live Updates page of Save A Train

* If you scroll further down, we also have a Coronavirus City By City Map for you, be patience it takes some seconds for the Corona Live Map to load and we have 3 working Coronavirus maps for you.


An easy to navigate Covid-19 Map for you to view

Use your mouse to scroll in and out, be patient until it the Coronavirus Live Map loads

Use the + and – signs to zoom in and our on the Corona virus Map and then see the Red dots, it takes several seconds to load.

Source: Arcgis and Johns Hopkins University


Inside a Train wagon there are between 20-48 rail passenger in comparison to airplane which carriers on 190-400 passengers

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What are the Symptoms of Corona Virus?

The symptoms of Corona Virus (COVID19) are similar to a seasonal flu, so if you are worried please call the relevant health organizations in your country.

The following symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure to Corona Virus:

Cough – Coughing that comes together with a snot is not a symptom of Corona Virus.
Shortness of breath
Temporary loss of taste and smell

It appears that the symptoms of Corona Virus would appear in most cases after 5 days.


Should I Be Worried About Coronavirus?

Our own opinion is that currently the Coronavirus is not more dangerous than a seasonal flu, At first their was no data on the virus, so there was reason to be scared, but now we know that it does spread rapidly, but the total death rates are actually lower than a seasonal flu.

If you do not fear from flu, you should not fear or change plans because of the Coronavirus, follow our Coronavirus Live Map and Coronavirus Live Updates and see how the virus progresses and make your own calculated risk assessment.

Try as much as you can to stay positive, mind affect body and both affect your health.


coronavirus by age


How Does Corona Virus Spreads?

The Corona Virus that causes COVID-19 seems to be spreading easily and sustainably in the community. Corona Virus community means, people have been infected with the corona virus can infect you by either breathing or coughing, make sure you wear masks! and protect yourself this way.

Another way of how Corona Virus spread is by touching the same surface as you such as doors or cloth or playground, also try not to use paper money in order to not get infected with the Coronavirus.

Lastly and this is not a joke, Corona Virus spreads also through farts, this might sound amusing but according to this Australian researcher, the Corona Virus can spread by farting.


masks coronavirus study


Train travel is still safer than air travel even during Coronavirus times, because each wagon of the passenger train has less passengers than an airplane.

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How To Heal From Coronavirus?

According to the latest Coronavirus live updates, There is no official cure, and treatments are based on the kind of care given for influenza (seasonal flu) and other severe respiratory illnesses, known as supportive care, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)., recent developments suggest that after testing on 100,000 patients, plasma blood of donors who already healed from Coronavirus have positive effects on Covid-19 patients.

You should rest and drink water and in case you still think you need extra assistance, call your health services, do not go directly to the hospital as you might affect others, and if you are thinking of taking Advil or ibuprofen to treat your fever, before you do take any medicine, speak to your doctor, several doctors suggests that taking these medicines can have bad affect and make things worse for you if you get infected with Coronavirus.

Please check our Is There A Vaccine For Coronavirus paragraph, we constantly update it with new developments.


What Is The Difference Between Coronavirus And Seasonal Flu?

1. The death rate from seasonal flu is typically around 0.1% in the USA, according to The New York Times, while The death rate for COVID-19 appears to be higher than that of the flu.

2. Coronavirus is new and seasonal flu comes every winter.

3. Coronavirus and influenza virus, while similar in symptoms, are from totally different families of viruses.

4. Health officials have said that vaccine for COVID19 could be over a year away, but nowadays it seems the Covid-19 vaccine will be much sooner. The flu vaccine has been publicly available and working for years now.


Coronavirus Infographic

COVID19 Coronavirus Infographic


What Is The Major Risk With The Corona Virus?

The true danger of Corona Virus is not the death toll. Experts say health systems could easily become overwhelmed by the number of cases requiring hospitalization – and, often ventilation to support breathing.

Some people may refer the Coronavirus to Novel Corona virus or or Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19 or Covid19 or Corona or SARS-CoV-2, those are the potential names for this new pandemic.


Passengers trains do not transport cargo, therefor there is no risk of animal viruses inside the trains.

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What Is The Death Rate Of Covid19?

The death rate for the COVID19 or Coronavirus or the Corona as its known is different from country to country and there is reason to believe many people do not report Covid19 since most people have minor symptoms.

In the study published on February 18th in the China CDC Weekly, researchers found a death rate from COVID-19 to be around 2.3% in mainland China But other sources says The death rate of the Covid-19 are actually much lower in China. Another study of about 1,100 hospitalized patients in China, published Feb. 28 in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the overall death rate was slightly lower, around 1.4%.

But a good note is that in South Korea among all populations that the death toll from the Covid19 seems to be very low because the public listened to the health organizations and the hospitals were quick to react on this new Covid-19 Pandemic.


Here is a short list of Death Rates by Country that is updated to 30/4/2020 and below it another Chart for death rate by age.

Confirmed cases Number of deaths Death rate (%)
United Kingdom 165,221 26,097 15.8
Belgium 47,859 7,501 15.67
France 165,093 24,121 14.61
Italy 203,591 27,682 13.6
Netherlands 38,802 4,711 12.14
Sweden 20,302 2,462 12.13
Algeria 3,848 444 11.54
Hungary 2,775 312 11.24
Spain 236,899 24,275 10.25
Mexico 17,799 1,732 9.73
Indonesia 9,771 784 8.02
Egypt 5,268 380 7.21
Brazil 79,685 5,513 6.92
Philippines 8,212 558 6.79
Iran 93,657 5,957 6.36
Slovenia 1,418 89 6.28
Canada 52,865 3,155 5.97
Ireland 20,253 1,190 5.88
United States 1,038,914 60,908 5.86
Switzerland 29,407 1,716 5.84
Romania 11,978 693 5.79
China 83,944 4,637 5.52
Greece 2,576 139 5.4
Bolivia 1,110 59 5.32
North Macedonia 1,442 73 5.06
Argentina 4,285 214 4.99
Poland 12,640 624 4.94
Denmark 9,008 443 4.92
Iraq 2,003 92 4.59
Colombia 6,211 278 4.48
Dominican Republic 6,652 293 4.4
Bulgaria 1,488 65 4.37
Finland 4,906 206 4.2
Germany 161,539 6,467 4
Portugal 24,505 973 3.97
Cuba 1,467 58 3.95
Morocco 4,321 168 3.89
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1,677 65 3.88
Austria 15,402 580 3.77
Ecuador 24,675 883 3.58
Cameroon 1,832 61 3.33
Lithuania 1,375 45 3.27
India 33,062 1,079 3.26
Croatia 2,062 67 3.25
Afghanistan 1,939 60 3.09
Japan 13,965 425 3.04
Estonia 1,666 50 3
Czechia 7,579 227 3
Nigeria 1,728 51 2.95
Moldova 3,771 111 2.94
Panama 6,378 178 2.79
Peru 33,931 943 2.78


coronavirus death rate by age


Coronavirus City By City Map

This is a new Coronavirus map that shows you the Coronavirus updates and case and also people who healed from the virus City by City Worldwide.



Should I Travel During Covid-19 Outbreak?

Currently governments are trying to contain the virus by doing restrictions in general and travel restrictions, but this Coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreak will not stop the world for long.

In our view, if you plan your travel at a later this year, you might enjoy good discounts if you book your travel now.


In many places trains are the fastest way to get to your destination, since they travel to the middle of the city.

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What Are The Best Websites For Coronavirus News?

1. World Health Organization.

2. Twitter Coronavirus Hashtag.

3. Centers of disease control and prevention (CDC).


Coronavirus at a glance


What Is The Graph Of Coronavirus Spread?

Here you can find the Coronavirus Graph, the number of cases, most important the number of people who already healed from Coronavirus, and unfortunately also how many people died from the Coronavirus


Click the words Show Graph and you will see what you are looking for


Here is a Coronavirus outbreak graph in every country

coronavirus outbreak graph in every country


Is There A Vaccine For Coronavirus?

There is no official vaccine for Coronavirus, but there are several countries and several pharmaceutical companies (AstraZeneca / Sinopharm / Moderna / Pfizer / CanSino Biologics / Sinovac) who are working on vaccine for Coronavirus, in this link you can find the Vaccine for coronavirus progress tracker.

Australia claims to be the first who used known drugs to heal a Coronavirus patient, they used 2 known drugs, one for HIV and the other for malaria and Doctors says that the patients responded very well to the drugs and made the virus disappear in 48 hours, if this gets further feedback from other places in the world, this could be the cure people were waiting to solve this Coronavirus crisis.

USA started trial tests for Coronavirus Vaccine bypassing animal tests and Israel Biological Research Institute has already declared that it has found a cure but no proofs just yet.

Doctors worldwide and the FDA are saying that a cure can be found inside the blood of those who already cured themselves of the Coronavirus, another good link for reading about getting a cure for Coronavirus from the blood of those who healed already.

Japan found an effective drug for Coronavirus that was tested on over 300 patients, the name of the drug is favipiravir and it is known to work on flu in Japan.

Another Live update on Coronavirus is coming from France, a Doctor named Didier Raoult, made a cocktail of drugs that includes hydroxycloroquine (the commercial name for chloroquine) and azithromycin, his experiment showed very positive results on the Coronavirus.

Lastly, there are reports coming from the USA that Gilead Sciences company had a recent success in a treatment with remdesivir to speed up your recovery from Coronavirus.


What Will Happen With The Coronavirus?

Although the latest updates on the Corovnavirus from governments is that the corona virus keeps accelerating, Nobel prize winner and Stanford Professor and Biophysicist, Michael Levitt is saying that Corona is actually slowing down,

But do not let this good news about Corona Virus fool you, Michael Levitt is also saying that the governments measures are needed is order to eradicate the covid19 which is the other name for Coronavirus in Asia, after going through the statistics of the Covid-19 from Hubei China, which Mr Levitt claims this is what he does best (calculations and statistics), since he didn’t find the cure for the Coronavirus, he reassures that corona virus is slowing down, but the public needs to listen to the guidance in relation to the Coronavirus from the governments

If you reached this part of the text, please read the whole article about Michael Levitt and see how the trend of the Coronavirus started to change on 1st of February and on the 7th of February.

End Of The Day our Coronavirus Live Map and Updates, which we updated regularly will give the best view of What will happen with the Coronavirus.


What Caused The Covid-19 To Start?

The last explanation and cause for Covid-19 which is now the scientific name of Corona Virus is still not definite, but the first Covid-19 case is traced back to November 17 2019, and the report mentions that the animal name Pangolin is related to the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak.




Another more widely known thesis is that the Coronavirus started in the Wuhan wet markets in China, and the current animal to blame is the Bat.


Train travel is the most Eco-friendly way to travel, so remember that when this hard time ends and we hope they will end soon.

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Coronavirus Theory

When looking at China fast increase and decline of Coronavirus, an anonymous researcher started to the raise the opinion that perhaps everyone in China actually got the Coronavirus and 90% did not show any symptoms, 5% got a flu, and 5% needed medical attention but not all hospitalization, this make sense on a certain level, but this also explains why governments are asking for their citizens to remain in lock down, because this way they can make sure the Hospital system do not collapse and not many people all at the same time come to the Hospital for Coronavirus help, In the modern world hospitals have special breathing equipment or they are called Medical ventilators, but those machines are not enough for everyone all at the same time.

Another Thesis for the Coronavirus diminishing in China, is that because China is a Dictatorship, people obey to their government requests, and when people were told to stay home and wash their hands, they did what they were asked, and it is now known that Coronavirus incubation period is up to 14 days so by locking the public from the outdoor, It didn’t allow the Covid-19 as its known in China to spread.

In our view this Coronavirus Theories both make sense, but in order to be accurate, you must obey to what your government is telling you to do, and stay home for 14 days, to allow for the Coronavirus to decline!


How To Solve Coronavirus Pandemic?

On the 11th of March 2020, the World Health Organization declared Coronavirus a Pandemic, but there are several countries who already don’t suffer from this virus, How did they handle the Coronavirus?

There are several theoretical ways to handle the Coronavirus Pandemic, such as the British model which obeys all elderlies to stay indoor for 3 months and let the majority of the public receive the Coronavirus and also heal from it on its own.

But there is the proven way to get rid of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and that is Isolating and quarantining people like South Korea did, or Lockdown like China did, These 2 methods in less than 2 months, brought down Coronavirus to its knees in those 2 countries.


Can You Get Coronavirus Twice?

This is a good question, and the answer according to the current data is No, Researches conclude that people can not be infected by the Coronavirus twice and it is not possible.


social distancing


Covid-19 Quarantine

In many countries around the world, when you return from overseas, you are being asked for home quarantine of 14 days because of the potential that you are holding the virus of Covid-19, the reasoning behind it, is that you as a person won’t infect others while not knowing you contain the virus Covid-19 inside you, most people either do not get any symptoms, and the rest who show Covid-19 symptoms are revealing it during a period of 14 days.

The idea of self-quarantine came from the way the Chinese and Korea authorities handled the Covid-19 outbreak in their own countries, another phrase being thrown in the air is Social distancing when people are speaking about Quarantine due to Covid-19.


Where Do People Get Infected With Coronavirus?

According to Israeli media, the places where people get infected from Coronavirus are:

1. Supermarket

2. Synagogue or Churches

3. General stores

4. Restaurants

5. Medical Clinic

Number 1 has the highest percentage for where you are likely to get infected from Coronavirus, so please be careful and be safe.


Who Should Worry From Covid19?

People with the following health background should worry from Covid19:

1. High blood pressure

2. Heart disease

3. Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus

4. Asthma or other Lung problems

5. Cancer

6. Kidney Failure

7. Smokers

Covid19 is a new type of Flu and very infectious, all people should worry about Coronavirus, but the people with the following health background should worry the most about Covid19.


Countries Where No Coronavirus

According to the latest Coronavirus updates, there are currently 22 countries where no Coronavirus have been identified.


palau micronesia


What Will Change After Covid19 Is Over?

Several things will not be the same after Covid19 is over:

1. The queue for immigration when entering a country will be longer than ever before.

2. You will need more than a passport to travel, for example certificate of immunity to Covid-19.

3. Recovery from Covid19 will not be the same in every country.

4. People will not love you when you are sick.

5. People will opt to use more trains and ground transportation.

6. Countries will advertise their health and air quality.


Coronavirus Health Safety Countries Ranking

A recent report has advertised the Top Coronavirus Health Safety Countries ranking, and here are the highlights of the report

1. Israel

2. Singapore

3. Slovakia

4. New Zealand

5. Hong Kong

You can find in the following link the rest of the countries, and also Country Risk Level During COVID-19 Pandemic


health safety coronavirus


Coronavirus Testing Methods

Because we are already several months into the Coronavirus pandemic, there are already many Coronavirus testing methods, First there are the tests to find out if you are ill, but also tests to find out if you had the Covid19 virus and if you have the Antibodies.

But the most important part to get out of this Coronavirus situation and this is the message of the WHO to all the countries in the world is, test test test.



When Will Covid-19 End

When will Covid-19 end is a question everyone is asking, and we should remember that we are just 3 months into this Covid-19 pandemic, but an answer might have surfaced by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

The innovation Lab of the University used predictive models among them SIR (susceptible-infected-recovered) model to predict when will Covid-19 end in every country based on various data points which are explained in the link above, and here are some of their findings – The findings model 97% elimination and 100% elimination, and if they are right the world is on the path to a very speedy recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

* It took 8 months without closing the whole world as we have seen with Covid-19, to get rid of the major part of SARS, and the SARS outbreak lasted between the years 2002-2003, so it seems these Singapore university models might be accurate.



when will covid19 end



We tried our best to serve you with the best Coronavirus live information that we gathered from many reliable sources on the internet and research institutions worldwide, our information includes Coronavirus live maps, and it is important to stress these Covid-19 maps are not static and keeps updating several times a day.

Additionally even our corona related links and Coronavirus sections are updated when new Coronavirus information is surfacing.


We don’t want to scare you from the Coronavirus, from our understanding its another winter flu, but you can never be too safe, when you decide to travel, remember this Coronavirus Live Updates And Map page and use our service, We have the Best and Cheapest Train Ticket Prices, Save A Train.


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