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Travel Companies Stocks

Travel Companies Stocks – Travel Companies – Travel Stocks – Travel Stocks Companies


Travel Companies Stocks

This is not an ordinary page since we are in the travel and train travel industry, we decided also to make a dynamic page about the travel stocks in the world, so you can also maybe invest in travel companies and increase your own wealth and in the same time increasing your level of happiness by traveling by these travel stocks companies.

We’ve collected valuable information about the below mentioned travel companies, so by reading this page, you can learn more about their profile, stock value, and goals, which will ultimately improve your chances of making a profitable investment.



Travel Stocks Charts

What are the travel stock companies data is worth, if you can’t see their historical performances, so here are all of the above stocks symbols, now in historical charts per company and per symbol.

finviz dynamic chart for  BKNG finviz dynamic chart for  EXPE finviz dynamic chart for  ABNB finviz dynamic chart for  MAR finviz dynamic chart for  TRIP finviz dynamic chart for  TCOM finviz dynamic chart for  MMYT finviz dynamic chart for  CCL finviz dynamic chart for  RCL finviz dynamic chart for  RYAAY


Travel Stocks News

Data is good, but what is data without the information and news that leads to it, so here is the part of Travel stocks companies news from the stock exchange reporting systems and also from independent news outlets and analysts. This is the latest data available:


Booking Holdings Stock News

Expedia Group Stock News

AirBnB Inc Stock News

Marriott International Stock News

Tripadvisor Stock News


Trip.com (Ctrip) Group Stock News


MakeMyTrip News


Carnival Cruise Stock News


Royal Caribbean Stock News


Ryanair Holdings Stock News


Major Stock Market Information

Although travel is a large industry it is also influenced by other market indicators, so we prepared this short Stock market information chapter, so you can see major worldwide stock exchanges indexes as well as other great information we have provided above.



Our Personal View On The Travel Stocks

Please find below our view on each of the stocks.


BKNG – Given it’s the largest travel company in the world, we are bullish on Booking Holdings (BKNG).

EXPE – Had to fire a lot of people during Covid19 and thus its culture is fragile, so our view is Natural on Expedia Group (EXPE).

ABNB – Really depends on the valuation, We believe the right valuation for Airbnb (ABNB) should be half the value of Booking Group (BKNG)

MAR – For 2021 we are bullish on Marriott International (MAR Symbol) because the travel industry will see a huge boost as soon as travel is allowed again.

TRIP – TripAdvisor is trying to turnaround its revenue model, and in general we think content is king and TRIP is superb in its own content and user-generated content on its platform, we are Bullish.

TCOM – Given That Ctrip (TCOM) is Chinese first business, they enjoyed the quick return of China, however, TRIP Group has also global travel businesses that will enjoy the return of Travel, Bullish it is.

MMYT – It is hard for us to give advice on MakeMyTrip, because of China’s tensions, but on the positive side, India’s economy is in a good shape and should be very good post Covid19.

CCL – Carnival Cruise stock will spike as soon as the first ship returns to shore unharmed, these days are not far, until then we are natural on CCL.

RCL – Royal Carribian is very similar to Carnival Cruise and normally both companies’ results are similar, however, the upside on RCL is less than CCL, but also here we remain Natural on Royal Caribbean.

RYA – Ryanair is one of the largest if not the largest Budget airlines, as soon as the European restrictions are lifted, this stock will go very high, but even now, we think this RYA stock is great for your portfolio, Bullish.


We get a common question about Save A Train operation, Save A Train is indeed a train tickets website, but we also have a separate blog section, which is completely free, and it is only to promote travel and train travel in specifics.


Now you have a better view of the valuation and stock information of travel companies, this doesn’t need to discourage you from traveling, and when you do, please choose Save A Train. as your website for train traveling.



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