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Topics: 1. OBB by Train Highlights
2. About OBB 3. Top Insights To Get A Cheap OBB Train Ticket
4. How much do OBB tickets cost 5. Travel Routes: Why is it better to take the OBB trains, and not travel by airplane
6. What are the differences between Standard, Komfort, and Sparschiene on OBB 7. Is there an OBB subscription
8. How long before the departure of the OBB to arrive 9. What are the OBB train schedules
10. Which stations are served by OBB 11. OBB FAQ


OBB by Train Highlights

  • With a high punctuality rate of 96%, OBB (sometimes called OEBB) is one of the most reliable railway operators in Europe.
  • Every year, OBB takes 447 million people and 105 million tons of goods across to their destinations within Austria and across Europe.
  • OBB is very environment friendly, and 100% of all their electricity is sourced from renewable energy.
  • OBB is Austria’s largest mobility service provider.


About OBB

OBB, Osterreichische Bundesbahnen, is another name for the Austrian Federal Railways. Since it was established in 1923, OBB has provided mobility services to Australian citizens for years now. A recent study showed that in Europe, OBB is the best in punctuality, reliability, and frequency.

OBB offers railway services within Austria and across Europe. With the right ticket, you can visit all the best vacation places in Europe. With different categories of tickets and card subscriptions, OBB caters to everyone’s needs.

OBB trains frequent the Vienna – Graz, Salzburg – Vienna, Linz – St. Polten, Graz – Salzburg. You can also get to neighboring countries within Europe using OBB trains.

Across the corporation, 41,904 employees working on the railway and bus networks (plus over 2,000 apprentices) ensure that some 1.3 million passengers safely reach their destinations every day.


OBB train tickets

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Top Insights To Get A Cheap OBB Train Ticket

Number 1: Book your OBB tickets in advance as much as you can

The price of OBB train tickets rises as the day of travel draws nearer. You can save money by booking your OBB train tickets as far out as possible from the departure day. OBB train tickets are available as early as 3 to 6 months ahead of train departure. Booking early ensures that you get the cheapest OBB train tickets. They are also limited in number, so the sooner you book, the cheaper for you. To save money on OBB train tickets, purchase your tickets early.

Number 2: Travel by OBB during off-peak periods

OBB train tickets are cheaper during the off-peak periods, at the beginning of the week, and during the day. You can be sure to get cheaper train tickets within the week. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, OBB train tickets are the most economical. Because of the volume of business travelers commuting to work in the morning and evening, train tickets cost more. It is far cheaper to travel anytime between the morning and evening commute. Weekends are another peak period for trains, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. OBB train ticket prices also increase on public holidays and school holidays.

Number 3: Order your tickets for OBB when you are sure of your travel schedule

OBB trains are in high demand, and with minimal competition, they currently remain the top choice for trains in Austria. They can afford to set train ticket restrictions like the one they have that prohibits ticket exchange or refunds unless it is the Business type of ticket. Even though there are still websites where you can sell your tickets second-hand to people, OBB does not allow for second-hand ticket sales. How does this help you save money? Order your ticket only when you are sure of your schedule would save you from booking one ticket twice because something came up and you couldn’t use the original ticket.

Number 4: Buy your OBB tickets on Save A Train

Save a Train has the largest, the best, and the cheapest deals for train tickets in Europe. Our connection with many railway operators, the train ticket sources, and our knowledge of the technology algorithms give us access to the cheapest train ticket deals. We don’t just offer cheap train ticket deals for OBB alone; we provide the same for other alternatives to OBB.

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OBB moving train


How much do OBB tickets cost?

OBB tickets start from €1,5 to as high as €51 for a single train trip. The price of an OBB train ticket depends on what type of ticket you purchase and when you choose to travel:


One-way ticket Round trip
Standard €1,50 – €51 €2,40 – €100
First Class €1,50 – €51 €2,40 – €100



Travel Routes: Why is it better to take OBB trains, and not travel by airplane

1) You Arrive at the City Center. This is one advantage of OBB trains when compared to airplanes. OBB trains and all other train travel from anywhere in the city to the center of the next city. It does save you time and the cost of a cab from the airport to the city center. With train stops, it’s easier to get to anywhere in the city that you’re heading to. It doesn’t matter where you’re traveling from, Munich, Salzburg, Linz, or Cologne, city center stops is a major advantage of OBB trains!

2) Traveling by airplanes requires you to be at the airport at least several hours before your flight time. You’d have to go through security checks before being allowed to board the plane. With OBB trains, you just have to be at the station less than an hour in advance. When you also consider the time it takes you to commute from the airport to the center of the city, you’ll realize that OBB trains are better in terms of total travel time.

3) On the surface, the price of OBB train tickets seems to be more costly than budget air tickets. However, when you compare all charges involved, OBB train tickets have a better price deal. With other costs like baggage fees that you don’t have to pay on trains, traveling by OBB is the best.

4) Trains are environmentally Friendly. In a comparison between trains and airplanes, trains would come out on top. Airplanes heavily pollute the atmosphere with the high levels of carbon they give off. Trains in comparison give out Carbon 20X lesser than airplanes.

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What are the differences between Standard, Komfort, and Sparschiene on OBB?

OBB has different classes of tickets for different budgets and types of travelers: whether it is business or leisure. You can be sure that one of these tickets would suit you.

Standard OBB Tickets:

The standard ticket is the most flexible train ticket that OBB offers. If you have to travel on short notice, you should get this ticket. You aren’t limited to a particular train, and you are allowed to choose your connection. OBB’s standard ticket is valid for 2 days irrespective of the route and purchase channel. Standard tickets can be reimbursed free of charge a day before its first day of validity. When purchasing this ticket online, there are special instructions for reimbursement and validity.



OBB Komfort Tickets:

OBB Komfort tickets are regular OBB tickets, and they are offered for connections via night train.  The OBB Komfort ticket covers the cost of the journey, a reservation in the category of travel selected, and breakfast in the sleeper cabin.
Unlike the standard ticket, the Komfort ticket isn’t flexible at all. It is booked for a particular route and a particular train. You’ll need to get a new ticket for any connections before and after the route that this ticket covers.
For reimbursements, OBB’s Komfort tickets are refunded free of charge until 15 days to the first day of validity. After the 15 day mark, Komfort tickets are refunded at 50% of the original price.



OBB Sparschiene Tickets:

Asides from the standard ticket and the Komfort ticket, OBB offers another range of tickets known as the Sparschiene ticket. This range is cheap and for low-budget travelers. There are two types of Sparschiene tickets.

obb train ticket


Is there an OBB subscription?

For local citizens, there are two types of subscriptions, the Vorteilscard and the Osterreichcard. For Internationals we suggest buying a long time in advance and then you will be presented with the cheapest option.

Vorteilscard Classic can be bought at: (local citizens receive a 45% discount on a standard single ticket for passengers that buy their ticket from)

– OBB ticket counters.

– At the OBB customer service 05-1717

– From the staff on OBB trains and buses.


With an Osterreichcard Classic, you will receive an additional self-booking discount of 5% on a standard single ticket for passengers when buying a ticket from:

– An OBB ticket vending machine in the train station.

– From the staff on OBB trains and buses.

Vorteilscard Family

Passengers aged 15 and over can purchase the Vorteilscard Family. This card is valid in combination with a photo identification card, which should include the holder’s age. With this ticket, you can travel on all OBB trains.

All holders of the Vorteilscard Family enjoy the perks of the Vorteilscard classic. In addition to the classic perks, two holders of the Vorteilscard Family card also receive a discount if they travel together with an infant or a child. 4 children per holder of a Vorteilscard Family will receive a discount of 100% on a standard single ticket.

Osterreichcard Jugend

Up until the day before their 26th birthday, passengers can buy an Osterreichcard Jugend. You can prove your age with a photo ID with proof of age.

Osterreichcard Familie

All parents of infants and children who receive a family allowance in Austria or elsewhere can buy an Osterreichcard Familie. The benefits are the same as that of the Osterreichcard classic.

Osterreichcard Classic

Passengers can buy an Osterreichcard Classic. With an Osterreichcard Classic, they will receive a discount of 100% on the cost of seat reservations for 1st and 2nd class.  With an Osterreichcard Classic 2nd class, you receive a 50% discount on a change of class from 2nd to 1st class with a standard type single ticket.

Osterreichcard Senior

Austrian senior citizens passengers aged 63 and over can buy an Osterreichcard Senior. The benefits are the same as that of the Osterreichcard classic.

Osterreichcard Spezial

Disabled people who have the following entries in their Austrian certificate of disability or of severe war-related disability can buy an Osterreichcard Spezial. The benefits are the same as that of the Osterreichcard classic.

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OBB train tickets


How long before the departure of the OBB to arrive?

It is difficult to accurately say to the second, but Save a Train advises that you arrive about an hour before your departure time. If you finish up at the passport control early enough, you can shop for things you need to make your train trip as comfortable as possible.


What are the OBB train schedules?

You can find out in real-time at our homepage on Save a Train. Just type in your current location and desired destination, and we would show you the information.


Which stations are served by OBB?

The Vienna station of OBB is Vienna Hauptbahnhof (Vienna central station), which is located next to Sudtiroler Platz at the heart of Vienna.

In Linz, Nowadays OBB trains depart and arrive from Linz Central Station (Central station in German equals Hauptbahnhof), not far from the Danube river.

Salzburg Hauptbahnhof (Salzburg Central Station) is located in the middle of the 2nd largest city in Austria – Salzburg.



Are Bikes Permitted On Board the OBB Trains?

Bikes are allowed on OBB trains as long as you buy a ticket for them at the station.  They cost €2 per bike.

Do Children Travel Free on the OBB Trains?

Yes, but only up to a certain age. Children younger than six years old travel free.

Are Pets Allowed on OBB Trains?

Yes, they are as long as they follow the guidelines for pets. Small pets must be carried in a crate or similar case.

What are the boarding procedures for OBB?

Some stations have electronic displays that reveal the formation of the trains. Further, use these to check the zones where the train coach number will be when a train comes.

Most Requested OBB FAQ – Do I have to order a seat in advance on OBB?

You can book a seat in advance on domestic OBB trains for 3 euros. You will get a personal seat after making a reservation.

Is there WiFi internet inside the OBB?

Yes. You can enjoy Free WiFi internet on all OBB trains and all travel classes when you buy OBB tickets (Preferably on SaveATrain.com).


If you’ve read to this point, you know all you need to know about your OBB trains and are ready to buy your OBB train ticket on Save A Train


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