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Although European overnight sleeper trains are becoming something of an endangered species (budget airlines we are looking at you!), train lovers are still not giving up! For the enthusiastic train lovers, nothing beats hopping aboard night trains and enjoying the beauty of long distances without having to break the bank to get to their final destination.

If you’ve been planning a night train trip abroad but aren’t sure that night trains are the best option, do read the below.

NOTE: All of the reasons we’ve put together go beyond the “for starters, you won’t spend 10+ hours drooling on your shoulder as your head jiggles against the train window”.


Night Trains Are Cost-Effective

For every traveler on the budget (or those who’d rather spend more on a fine dish and sightseeing than they would on a ticket), night trains are the most budget-friendly option to opt for (especially for an extended trip). You can expect your expenses cut in half when you replace three or four nights in a hotel (even one in the cheaper category) with the same number of nights on a train, saving up about $500! If that’s not smart budgeting, we don’t know what is!

Salzburg to Vienna Trains

Munich to Vienna Trains

Graz to Vienna Trains

Prague to Vienna Trains


Time Efficiency in Night Trains & Comfort

The effectiveness of train travel is undeniable! European trains are fast, organized and everything you are looking for in a transportation option no matter if you are traveling to somewhere close like Italy or a further destination. Traveling by train is fantastic for everyone who’s looking to be the first in line at the tour office, their favorite museum, or anywhere else they’d planned to go. Night trains give you the option to actually get some rest during nighttime. Then use the daytime to enjoy gorgeous sceneries through the window and during train stops.

Lecce to Milan Trains

Reggio Calabria to Milan Trains

Bari to Milan Trains

Salerno to Milan Trains


Environmentally Friendly

Just like regular trains, night trains are the best traveling option for our planet. Since they produce far less CO2 per passenger than planes do, they could be the transportation of the future. So, if you are environmentally conscious, you know what way you’ll be traveling from now on.

Levanto to Turin Trains

La Spezia to Turin Trains

Naples to Turin Trains

Rome to Turin Trains


having fun with friends on Night Trains

Night Trains are great for Making Friends

If you are traveling alone, trains are giving you an opportunity to meet a lot of people from around Europe, all different from one another. Find a few similar interests to talk about, and you’ve potentially made friends for life! Plus, what’s even more important this time around (at least for the topic we’re on), you’ve found secure, reliable people to share your sleeping cabin with! Night trains are wonderful, but the downside is you can end up in the booth with a bunch of people who snore, stink (sorry!), or… just cough a lot. So, finding a group that’s great for a chat and a few nights in the same cramped compartment is fantastic!

Lyon to Nice Trains

Paris to Nice Trains

Avignon to Nice Trains

Marseilles to Nice Trains


The Scenic Appeal

Wow, we have almost forgotten to include the forever-inspiring benefit of night trains called – scenic appeal! Don’t sleep through Fjords, the Alps, and other similarly beautiful sceneries. But don’t feel obliged to stay awake as you pass Germany’s industrial heartland, either. Oh, and – take pictures, even if it’s only through the window!


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