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Taking the train is one of the best ways to experience Europe’s most scenic regions. Enjoy spectacular mountains, lakes, landscapes rivers and incredible feats of engineering – These are The Most Scenic Train Trips in Europe.


The glacier express is among The Most Scenic Train Trips in Europe

West Highland Line Scenic Train Trips, Scotland

All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Most of the 264km journey is on a single track that gives a glimpse of the stunning moors, lochs, some of the most remote stations in Britain and – adding a dash of Harry Potter magic – the Glenfinnan viaduct used by the Hogwarts Express.


Route: Paris to Nice

Cue clay-tile-roofed villages, tidy vineyards, and gorgeous blue water!

A list of The Most Scenic Train Trips in Europe would not be complete without the South-of-France. It is famous for its beauty, so it’s no surprise it made our list. Starting in Paris, you’re in the sunflower and lavender fields of Provence just two hours later. Make sure you pack your costume, ‘cause the French Riviera is not something you want to pass up in Summer.

Lyon to Nice Trains

Paris to Nice Trains

Avignon to Nice Trains

Marseilles to Nice Trains



Rhine Valley Scenic Train Trips, Germany

Follow the curves of the River Rhine as it makes its way from Koblenz to Mainz. It’s only a fifty-minute ride, but along the route, you’ll see castles and vineyards clinging to the river’s slopes. It really looks like something out of a fairytale!

Berlin to Koblenz Trains

Frankfurt to Koblenz Trains

Vienna to Koblenz Trains

Stuttgart to Koblenz Trains


Breakfast in Munich and dinner in Venice

3 countries, 3 x the views. Jump on a train from Munich to Venice and get to drink in 3 countries worth of spectacular views. This line runs through some of the most beautiful mountains, rivers, and alpine villages in Austria, Germany, and Italy. 3-in1 of The Most Scenic Train Trips in Europe.

Milan to Venice Trains

Munich to Venice Trains

Bologna to Venice Trains

Rome to Venice Trains



If you’re looking for something that’s not as crowded and more on the wild side, then this trip is for you. Starting at sea level, the majestic fjordland quickly gives way to steep cliff faces and lush meadows. Be sure to pack hiking boots, because the train stops at several destination hiking trails.


Our last for this post of Scenic Train Trips in Europe is, Boarding the Glacier express!

St. Moritz to Zermatt. 8 hours of pure scenic bliss. It’s not called the Glacier Express for nothing. Travel through a landscape so sacred to Europeans that the railway (along with the Bernina) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; it’s also home to the headwaters of the mighty Rhone and Rhine Rivers.

Zurich to Zermatt Trains

Geneva to Zermatt Trains

Bern to Zermatt Trains

Lucerne to Zermatt Trains


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