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France is a popular tourist hotspot thanks to its beautiful cities and renowned landmarks. The country is a dream destination famous around the world for its incredible culture and delicious food. While many tourists flock to Paris, the city can often become very overcrowded, especially in summer. Luckily, France has so much more to offer than just Paris and we explore five of the less crowded cities below.


  1. Reims (Champagne)

Reims is the city and Champagne is the wine region and both are absolutely gorgeous. It houses some of the most renowned vineyards in the world and travelers are sure to enjoy its tranquil atmosphere. If you are a champagne fan, paying a visit is a must. The region is incredibly beautiful but much less crowded than the country’s capital. Whilst in Champagne, be sure to take a guided cellar tour and learn more about how champagne is made.

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  1. Lyon

Lyon is not only a peaceful holiday destination but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its famous Roman ruins and stunning museums. If you are a foodie, Lyon is one of the best places to enjoy some of the most delicious delicacies in France, although be sure to seek advice about staying healthy while trying new foods abroad.

For those interested in architecture, Lyon is also home to several Renaissance churches that you will find scattered all over the city.

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show lyon france skyline


  1. Grasse

If you’re interested in perfumes, Grasse is the perfect destination for you. Once you’ve experienced its tranquil, luxurious streets, you’ll find yourself wanting to return again and again. Grasse is a beautiful destination located along the French Riviera and, the best way to impress the locals here is to practice your French!!

how grasse small streets feels


  1. Marseilles

Famous for being the second-largest city in France, Marseille is a city with an impressive coastal climate. Here you will find epic ruins and amazing art centers to leave you entertained for hours. For those seeking relaxation, Marseille is home to stunning beaches where you can bathe in the pleasant sea. Marseille offers the best of both worlds as it is filled with cultural activities as well as serene locations to relax in.

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Boat in Marseilles harbor

  1. Lille

Often considered one of France’s most underrated cities, Lille is less crowded than some of the more popular French destinations but still equally beautiful. Tourists can stroll through winding lanes and enjoy the colorful architecture and bustling atmosphere along the way. For art lovers, the Palais des Beaux-Arts museum is a must-visit place as it is home to France’s second-largest art collection.

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Lille France night atmosphere


When visiting or touring France be sure not to miss any of the above cities! As they are less crowded, moving around them will be effortless and you will be able to enjoy the distinctive characteristics of each city. One thing these cities all have in common is beautiful scenery and – of course – amazing food, and lastly don’t forget, in Europe people train travel with Save A Train.


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