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The best meals to eat on trains are nowadays actually very delicious. Because many trains offer 5-star accommodation and first class food. This includes food made by world famous chefs. You are probably used to reading about the amazing food in train stations or beautiful scenery you can see on a train journey.  Therefore it might surprise you that the food you can eat on a train is equally exquisite.


Here are the top 7 best meals to eat on trains you can eat

1: Belmond British Pullman (U.K.)

Departing to numerous destinations in Britain from London, this train offers a fine dining experience. Dining includes meals created by celebrity chefs Tom Kerridge and Anton Mosimann who are renowned for their elite UK dining clubs.

Amsterdam To London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Berlin to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains


thai best meals on trains


2: Belmond Hiram Bingham (Peru)

Perhaps the most beautiful and scenic journey on the planet. This luxury 1920’s style train that travels through the Peruvian countryside offers exquisite meals. The four-course Andean inspired menu includes delights like crispy ham and eucalyptus and beef with grape and tartar.


Delicious best meals food aboard the Belmond Hiram


3: Blue Train (South Africa) – Africa’s best meals to eat on trains

This train offers 5 Star Cuisine known as “Cordon Blue,” which includes varied dishes made with local ingredients. Some of the tasty delicacies for instance ostrich, South African oysters, and venison.


Blue trains is a great restaurant and best meals


4: Great Southern Rail (Australia)

Similar to the Blue Train, you can enjoy fresh locally sourced food on this Australian Southern Rail. The chefs, local suppliers, and farmers have come together to create an Australian cuisine that brings the best of both food and wine. The train also features several restaurants that offer supreme dishes. For example kangaroo, saltbush and wild rosella flower, barramundi, and Margaret River cheeses.


battler service


5: Napa Valley Wine Train (California) – America best meals to eat on trains

Of course, a train with this type of name will serve excellent wine in large quantities and it also serves great food. The 3 kitchens on board provide passengers with multiple course gourmet meals in a train that was designed and built in 1917.


get top treatment to eat your best meals on trains


6: Orient Express (Europe)

In the first place, the words Orient Express go hand-in-hand with fine dining. This world-famous train travels through Europe and offers meals made with fresh ingredients collected on the trains stops. The chef on board Yannick Alleno has recreated the class of a previous era with dishes like Royal peas, Bresse chicken fricassee with mushrooms, and roasted rice.

Milan to Venice Trains

Padua to Venice Trains

Bologna to Venice Trains

Rome to Venice Trains


Orient Express best meals


7: Royal Scotsman (Scotland) – Europe’s best meals to eat on trains

Last on our shortlist of fine dining trains, this train features two historic dining cars. You can enjoy traditional foods such as kippers or Scottish breakfast. Please note that dinner on this train is very formal, so make sure that gentlemen wear jackets and women dress appropriately for the cuisine.


beautiful food



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