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If this is your first time traveling by train, there’s no doubt it’ll be the first of many. Honestly, whoever’s given traveling by train a chance went utterly crazy over it! Why? Because it’s magnificent! Contrary to the impersonal plane rides, uncomfortable bus tours, or way-too-responsible rides by car, a train journey is safe, quick but incredibly charming and romantic. One might argue that traveling by train is a real mix of Virginia Woolf absent-mindedness and modern-day practicality. Ah, you’ll see it for yourself already.

Since you’ve already got your ticket ready – here are the best 4 tactics to get the most out of your train journey:


Stay Away from Your Laptop & Phone

We’d recommend you avoid staring at your laptop the entire trip, as you’ll be missing out on so much! Instead, look around, see what’s happening; enjoy the window view and the spectacular nature outside. Observe the people around you and think about things you don’t usually have the time to do. It’s the perfect opportunity to detoxify off of your everyday gadgets and embrace the beautiful complexity of a Train Journey to – anywhere.

Milan to Venice Trains

Padua to Venice Trains

Bologna to Venice Trains

Rome to Venice Trains


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Enjoy the Novelty of the Train Journey

We can’t guarantee you’ll have that Ethan Hawke – Julie Delpy Train Journey situation on your first train ride (Oh, come on, we’ve all seen and swooned over The Before Trilogy, secretly, hoping we’ll have the same love story happen to us.) Break out of your shell and let the experiences occur. How many intelligent, exhilarating, and fun conversations will you have? The experience and getting to interact with people of different cultures is a fantastic feeling! You never know how many beautiful friendships you’ll build, how many crushes you’ll have, or how many breathtaking personalities you’ll meet. If you’re not too shy, be the first one to break the ice and talk to people you find interesting.

Lyon to Geneva Trains

Zurich to Geneva Trains

Paris to Geneva Trains

Bern to Geneva Trains


Travel in Groups

Nothing beats traveling around and taking a Train Journey to your favorite cities in Europe with a group of people you adore. Yes, we do know what you’re thinking – How will I multitask through everyone’s wishes, requests, everyone’s temper, and pre-planned destinations – and we’re somewhat with you on that. But, the thing is – if you organize well and have an honest talk before you embark on this journey, things will be better than you can imagine.

Traveling in groups and on special days lowers the price significantly for the train ticket (yes, you can actually get a discount on your ticket to, say, Trenitalia if you go on weekends). It also gives you someone to share the experience with and see things from other people’s perspectives. That, and – getting drunk in a foreign European country is definitely better among people you know than doing it solo… are we right, or are we right?

Luxembourg to Brussels Trains

Antwerp to Brussels Trains

Amsterdam to Brussels Trains

Paris to Brussels Trains


Start a Train Journey Journal & Take Photos

One of the best ways to use your time on a train is to start a journal documenting your experiences. We’re all way too wrapped up in our studies, office lives, everyday problems that we usually forget to step out of that problematic mind frame and breathe for a second. Writing a journal will give you some perspective on things, especially when you go back to it after a while. Plus, it will be an excellent memory of your journey, and a reminder of things you want to feel/think/experience again.



Enjoy your train trip, give yourself permission to relax, and embrace everything about your train journey! The most reliable place to order your train tickets is for sure, so – get movin’!


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