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Topics: 1. Trenitalia by Train Highlights
2. About Trenitalia 3. Top Insights To Get A Cheap Trenitalia Train Ticket
4. How much do Trenitalia tickets cost 5. Travel Routes: Why is it better to take Trenitalia, and not travel by airplane
6. What are the differences between Standard Economy, Premium, Business and Executive on Trenitalia 7. Is there a Trenitalia subscription
8. How long before the departure of the Trenitalia to arrive 9. What are the Trenitalia train schedules
10. Which stations are served by Trenitalia 11. Trenitalia FAQ


Trenitalia by Train Highlights

  • The Trenitalia company was launched on the 1st of June 2000.
  • In 2005, the Frecciarossa 1000, Trenitalia’s fastest train line was launched. The speed that the Frecciarossa 1000 gets to is 300km per hour.
  • The major International train route is between Geneva and Milan and it takes 4 hours on board the Trenitalia.
  • Trenitalia operates long-distance train services and connections and regional trains to anywhere in Italy.


About Trenitalia

Trenitalia high-speed train is a service that connects north to south and east to west in Italy and also Italy with Switzerland, France, Austria, and Germany.

The trenitalia trains are traveling at up to 3oo km an hour on high-speed train lines.

In just 3 hours you could travel from Milan to Rome and from Milan to Bologna in 1 hour.

Trenitalia high-speed train

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Top Insights To Get A Cheap Trenitalia Train Ticket

Number 1: Book your Trenitalia tickets in advance as much as you can

Trenitalia tickets are available between 2 to 4 months ahead of the departure date. Booking a Trenitalia ticket in advance guarantees you get the cheapest tickets that are very limited. Train tickets go up in price as you get close to the day of travel, so in order to save money on your train ticket purchase, order as much as possible in advance.

Number 2: Travel by Trenitalia in off-peak periods

Trenitalia tickets are cheaper during off-peak hours, at the start of the week, and during the day and middle of the week train trips (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) often offer the cheapest prices. For the best prices, do not take Trenitalia trains in the early morning and early evening during the week (due to many business travelers). Avoid if possible taking Trenitalia trains on Friday and Sunday evenings (favorable for weekend getaways) and during public holidays and also during school holidays because on these occasions prices of Trenitalia tickets skyrocket.

Number 3: Order your tickets for Trenitalia when you are sure of your travel schedule

Trenitalia trains service is in high demand. Trenitalia Base train ticket can be exchanged and modified without limitation and the Economy Standard ticket can only be modified once before the train departure date.  You cannot exchange or refund the other Trenitalia tickets, but there are forums on the internet that you can sell your Trenitalia ticket second-hand. Save A Train recommendation for Trenitalia travel is to book when you are sure of your travel schedule.

Number 4: Buy your Trenitalia tickets on Save A Train

Save A Train has the largest offerings of train tickets in Europe and worldwide, we find the cheapest Trenitalia tickets. We are connected to many railway operators and our technology algorithms give you always the cheapest Trenitalia ticket in Italy with combinations of other train operators to other destinations. We may also find alternatives to Trenitalia trains.

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How much do Trenitalia tickets cost?

Trenitalia ticket prices for instance can start at €21 on promotion time but can reach €97 at the last minute. Trenitalia ticket prices depend on the class you choose and here is a summary table of the average prices per class for a Rome-Naples / Rome – Milan / Milan – Florence train trips:

One-way ticket Round trip
Standard 21 € – 70 €  40 € – 130 €
Premium 42 € – 90 €  78 € – 172 €
Business 47 € –  97 € 90 € – 190 €


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Travel Routes: Why is it better to take Trenitalia, and not travel by airplane?

1) The advantage of Trenitalia trains starts with the fact that you can depart and arrive directly at the city center in any of the cities that you travel from. Certainly, this is something that is very unique to trains, especially if you train travel from Rome, Milan, Florence, Geneva, or Monaco, it is a major benefit for Trenitalia. Due to the fact that the trip is direct to the city center, you avoid traffic jams and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic on vacation.

When it comes to Trenitalia train tickets pricing, prices tend to vary quite often. Some promotions allow you to get cheap train tickets, but during the last days before departure, the prices are getting higher so if you like smooth traveling, Trenitalia is for you!

2) Traveling by airplane has airport security procedures. This means you have to be at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure. With Trenitalia, you need to arrive just 30 minutes in advance. Also, you have to commute to the airport from the city center. So, if you count the whole journey time, Trenitalia always wins in total travel time and also in price if you calculate your time as money.

3) Sometimes Trenitalia ticket prices are higher than by airplane on a ticket face value, but the comparison should include how much it costs you to take any means of transport to the airport. Besides, in some cases, you also get spare time when traveling by Trenitalia trains and lastly with Trenitalia, you don’t have suitcases fees.

4) Lastly, Airplanes are one of the reasons for air pollution, on a comparison level, Trenitalia trains are much more environment friendly, and if you compare an airplane to a train trip, train travel is 20x less carbon polluter than airplanes are.

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What are the differences between the Standard Economy, Premium, Business, and Executive on Trenitalia?

Trenitalia offers several train ticket class services that are built for any budget and type of traveler, whether you are a business traveler, leisure, or both.

The main difference between Trenitalia train ticket classes is the inflexibility of ticket modifications, prices, and services. Furthermore, a standard Economy train ticket is the cheapest and most flexible way to travel in Italy.

Standard Economy Trenitalia Tickets:

The Trenitalia Standard Economy train ticket is the cheapest of all the Trenitalia fares. It is best to book this train ticket in advance because base tickets low price – they sell quickly. Travelers who hold a Standard train ticket can take suitcases that fit in the baggage space, for free and can cancel their train ticket before departure and receive a partial refund (deduction charge of 20%).

Economy Premium Trenitalia Tickets:

This train ticket class is more expensive than the Standard Trenitalia ticket type, the Economy Trenitalia Premium ticket offers additional services. This type of train ticket is available in the Trenitalia high-speed trains and allows changes of time and date only once before the departure date.

In addition to the advantages of Standard train tickets, Trenitalia Economy Premium tickets offer nicer seats with more legroom and reclining seats on long-distance journeys. Above all, there are three food menus you can choose from and a light meal and drinks will be served to your seat onboard the Trenitalia trains.

Business Treintalia Tickets:

The Trenitalia Business ticket buyers can enjoy all the advantages we wrote above however, passengers of Trenitalia Business Premier benefit from many luggage bags, comfortable ergonomic leather seats, extended legroom, and three food menus to choose from. Moreover, you have walls for privacy and a silent area in the Business designated areas on the Trenitalia trains.

Executive Treintalia Tickets:

The Trenitalia Executive ticket buyers can enjoy all the advantages mentioned above in addition to wider ergonomic reclining leather seats to lay their heads and enjoy comfortably the views of Italy.


Is there a Trenitalia subscription?

There is a Pass for Italy, but it is only recommended as a cheap option if you plan to train travel over 14 days, the subscription allows exploring Italy by train with special passes. There are 3 pass levels available: Easy, Comfort, and Executive and you can select the number of journeys that range from 3 to 10 and choose the train type from high-speed Frecce to intercity and EuroCity.

The pass is available in paper format and must be activated within 11 months from the day of purchase.


How long before the departure of the Trenitalia to arrive?

To get your Trenitalia train and be right on time, the railway recommends arriving at least 30 minutes before your train departs. Indeed we at Save A Train, believe that it’s enough time and you can also enjoy the shops and get those items you need for the train trip to be as smooth as possible.


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What are the Trenitalia train schedules?

This is a tough question but one that Save A Train can answer in full and real-time. In detail go to our home page, type in your origin and destination in Italy, and you can find the most accurate Trenitalia train schedules there are. Trenitalia trains run as early as 6 am to 11 pm in the evening from Milan to Bologna, to clarify most of Trenitalia trains run until late evening’s with a train departing every half an hour or so.

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Which stations are served by Trenitalia?

Trenitalia covers all of Italy, however, the major national stations are Milan, Rome, Venice, Naples, Turin, Bologna, Geneva, Florence, and Verona. There are 11 international stations: 5 Trenitalia train stations in Switzerland and 6 stations in France and a few in Austria and Germany and Croatia. So obviously you could comfortably and quickly travel through the beautiful European and admire the Italian views without missing a thing!

The central train station in Milan is located in the busiest Piazza Duca d’Aosta. The train station is architecturally impressive and surrounded by skyscrapers. So while you wait to board the Trenitalia train you can walk around and admire the marvelous sculptures.

Rome Termini is one of the largest train stations in Europe. It is situated right across from the baths of Diocletian in ancient Rome. The entrance to the terminal is from Piazza dei Cinquecento. There are 29 platforms in the terminal and Trenitalia’s train tickets office is in the station’s lobby.

Florence train station, Santa Maria Novella, is a short walk away from the Duomo and major attractions in the Old town of Florence. The station is named after the Santa Maria Novella church right across its entrance. So, you could easily steal a few more beautiful moments in the Old town, before continuing on your next adventure in Italy.

Naples terminal is east of the Old town. If you are planning to make some day-trips from Naples to Pompeii or Sorrento, then you will surely stop at Naples train station for your train trip.

If you are unsure which train station to choose within the city you are visiting, we made on our site All Stations to the majority of the large cities, so our algorithm will pick for you the right station to departure from and to arrive at.


Trenitalia FAQ

What should I bring with me to the Trenitalia?

Equally important is bringing yourself to the Trenitalia trip is essential. On top of it make sure to have your Trenitalia travel document on your phone or printed and a valid passport is a must-have and it is always good to have travel insurance.

What company owns Trenitalia?

Trenitalia is owned by the Italian government and is part of FS Italiane Group.

Trenitalia FAQ on Where can I go with Trenitalia?

Regional, metropolitan, and international trains, Trenitalia trains can take you anywhere in Italy and to selected countries that have borders with Italy. For example, with Trenitalia high-speed trains you can travel to France and Switzerland.

What are the boarding procedures for Trenitalia?

Booking train tickets and boarding Trenitalia has never been easier. You can easily buy your Trenitalia ticket at the last minute online and up to 1 hour before the departure of the train. For boarding, all you need is a passport and also to present the PNR code (6-digit code). To clarify, the PNR code is sent to you in the booking confirmation email with the e-ticket. You don’t need to print the train ticket in advance because it is available on your mobile and attached to the confirmation email, and the train controller can also verify your ticket by name in the worst case scenario.

What services on the Trenitalia?

Trenitalia trains have a designated on-train cafe bar that is dedicated to drinks and light food. The menu includes sandwiches, chocolate chips, snacks, chocolate bars, coffee, hot chocolate, and tea and you can then eat and drink in this restaurant rail car or take what you bought back to your seat. If you travel in Business, Premium, or First class you can choose a free welcome drink from an option of 9 available drinks and a sweet, savory, or gluten-free snack.  On all Trenitalia trains, there are power slots next to your seat.

Most Requested Trenitalia FAQ – Do I have to book a seat in advance on Trenitalia?

When you reserve a Trenitalia ticket, a seat is automatically allocated to you and you can’t reserve a special seat when making the reservation. If there are free seats when you are on the train, you are allowed to move around, change seats, and have a different space.

Is there WiFi internet inside the Trenitalia?

When you buy your Trenitalia tickets in advance, you can enjoy Free WiFi internet on all Trenitalia frecciarossa type trains and classes.


Trenitalia tickets


In conclusion, if you reached this far, you know everything you need to know about Trenitalia trains and are ready to purchase your Trenitalia train ticket on SaveATrain.com.


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