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Rail transport is the most environment-friendly way to travel. The greenhouse effect of gas emissions per kilometer on railway transport is 80% less than cars. In some countries, less than 3% of all transport gas emissions come from trains. The only methods more environmentally friendly than trains are walking and cycling. There are many reasons why choosing to travel by train is environmentally friendly and we would like to share these with you!

A typical train line can carry 50,000 people per hour. Compare this with a freeway lane, which can move only 2,500 people per hour.



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When contrasting motor transport with rail, external costs, noise, air pollution, accidents, and infrastructure deterioration, and congestion are far lower on trains than using a private vehicle.

Amsterdam to London Trains

Rotterdam to London Trains

Paris to London Trains

Brussels to London Trains


Noise pollution – Why choosing to travel by train is environmentally friendly

Noise pollution is the adverse effect of noise on both humans and animals. It is a direct result of poor urban planning. Problems from noise pollution date back to ancient Rome! Today, noise pollution from cars can cause damage to people’s psychological ­­­state. Symptoms include hypertension, high-stress levels, tinnitus, sleep disturbance, and other harmful effects.

Currently, there are measures to limit the impact of roadway noise. measures include noise barriers, limiting vehicle speeds, changing roadway texture, as well as traffic controls that enable smooth vehicle flow. This means that cars in the traffic control system will need to use their brakes and acceleration less.

The train is environmentally friendly and that is critical. India is seeing sales of cars increasing on an annual basis. China is predicted to have 300 million cars on the road by 2030. Aviation and ship travel are also adding to global CO2 emissions. It appears that out of all the modes of transport, only trains are keeping emissions low and sustainable for the future.

Electric and Hybrid cars are obviously better for the environment than traditional cars, but the problem today is that these cars are too expensive to be sold at a level that will balance out the negative consequences of cars.

Rimini to Florence Trains

Rome to Florence Trains

Florence to Rome Trains

Venice to Florence Trains



Diesel trains and electric trains

There is a difference between diesel trains and electric trains. Electric trains emit 20-35% less carbon than diesel trains. A train is environmentally friendly especially Electric trains that are powered by renewable energy and offer carbon-free journeys. Emissions from trains in Europe will reduce by a further 50% by 2030. These figures are great since trains account for 8.5% of all travel activity.

Cologne to Frankfurt Trains

Munich to Frankfurt Trains

Hanover to Frankfurt Trains

Hamburg to Frankfurt Trains



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Trains or planes – why choosing to travel by train is environmentally friendly

A key important item when comparing trains to planes is that planes need to use an incredible amount of fuel for both takeoff and landing. Also, when people travel by plane, they tend to get to the airport by car. This adds to the CO2 emissions for their journey. This makes taking an intercity train a no-brainer for the environment.

There have been some recent developments, particularly for people traveling for business who are informed by travel agents of the carbon impact of their flights. Also, aside from the environment, it is very difficult to reach city centers by car, whereas, if you are on a train, you have direct access to the metropolitan centers. This, more often than not, also means that is much faster to travel by train than any other method.

Genoa to Milan Trains

Rome to Milan Trains

Bologna to Milan Trains

Verona to Milan Trains


In conclusion, a train is environmentally friendly and the most environment-friendly way to travel and also provides convenience for people traveling for both business and pleasure. The increase in cars on the road means that congestion and pollution are on the increase and trains are the transport answer to protect the environment.


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