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A Europe Route Planner is essential in organizing your train journey across Europe. First of all, there are over 10,000 destinations one can visit in Europe. Due to the number of destinations, it is important to research how to map your travel. You probably want to have your own unique route to travel through Europe. And in order to plan ahead of time, you may want to reserve tickets in advance. Most noteworthy is you should be able to book train journeys that include customer service in your language and allow for flexibility like Save A Train allows.


Europe Route Planner Important planning factors

All planning begins with making sure you have the necessary travel documents. Similarly, before planning your journey, you may want to consider flying to the first destination if you live outside Europe and train traveling if you live inside Europe because that is the best way to travel in Europe. Some of the factors that seem important to current travelers are; historic sites, nature, nightlife, beaches, food, and activities.

London to Paris Trains

Paris to Amsterdam Trains

Munich to Berlin Trains

Rome to Milan Trains



Europe Route Planner by country

Europe Route Planner map









Firstly, reservations are needed for night trains and international trains and you can do it on Save A Train. Reservations are possible also for intercity high-speed trains (including EuroCity and InterCity). Main intercity routes are Vienna & Linz, Salzburg, Graz & the Carinthia district. Austria Europe Route Planner offers very good international train connections. Additionally, beverages and snacks available on most trains and dining options available on international trains. You can bring bikes on Austrian trains. You have also tickets for Austria that allows you to train travel to Lichtenstein.

Graz to Innsbruck Trains

Vienna to Graz Trains

Vienna to Salzburg Trains


Europe Route Planner Austria


Most trains in Belgium require reservations, so not much new for our Europe Route Planner here. It is very recommended especially that for airport trains, international trains, and high-speed trains you will have reservations enough time in advance. Furthermore, trains in Belgium have 1st and 2nd class seating. Some of the trains offer a mini bar and hot and cold snacks. Journey times within Belgium are fast with journeys between, major cities taking 20 minutes to an hour.

Luxembourg to Brussels Trains

Antwerp to Brussels Trains

Amsterdam to Brussels Trains

Paris to Brussels Trains


Belgium gardens


Similarly to Belgium Europe Route Planner, you do not need to make a reservation for most trains in Bosnia. It is not possible to make reservations for domestic trains in Bosnia. This includes Brzi Voz fast trains and
Putnički local trains. In contrast to other European countries, bikes are not allowed on trains in Bosnia. Additionally, international connections from Bosnia go through Sarajevo station.


Europe Route Planner Bosnia

Europe Route Planner for Bulgaria

You don’t need much of Europe Route Planner in terms of reservations for Barz Vlak local ‘rapid’ trains and also Patnicheski local trains. However, reservations are required for Expresen Vlak fast trains and international trains. International trains available in Bulgaria include the Bulgaria Express, The Black Sea Train, The Bucharest Istanbul Express and likewise some other trains leaving from Sofia. Bulgaria’s main routes take 6-8 hours (overnight trains are possible) Sofia is, of course, the main station for international connections. Bikes are allowed on trains however you will need to pay extra for them.


Bulgaria skyline


Europe Route Planner with Save a Train

Because there a million reasons to travel through Europe, we have found you the cheapest tickets. Europe has the most beautiful train stations. Whilst also having the most beautiful scenery, including bridges and beaches. So after you manage the country you travel in Europe Route Planner, Take 3 minutes now to book cheap train tickets in Europe on Save a Train. Pay using all the popular payment methods.


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