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Cheap European destinations are a hot topic. First of all, tourists in Europe can see everything from great coffee shops to beautiful beaches. As a result of cities like Venice, Rome, and Paris millions of tourists travel to Europe every year. We have created a list of the cheapest European destinations for our readers. This list includes how to get there by train.


Cheapest European Destinations


Porto, Portugal is our First Cheap European Destinations

Most noteworthy about Porto is its’ incredible wines. This Cheap European destinations by the sea is a European mini-metropolis. Porto is great for culture and likewise is good for people who love the outdoors. The museums and architecture of this cheap European destination are divine. Certainly, a place to visit.

For directions on how to get to Porto’s Sao Bento station by train enter Save A Train.



Seville, Spain

Seville is a laid-back city. Enjoy an afternoon siesta. Jewish, Christian, and Islamic culture. Visit ancient churches and ghettos during the day. The food is delicious, especially the tapas. The impromptu guitar music on the streets captures the relaxing atmosphere of Seville. This Cheap European destinations city has probably the best charm in Europe and a rich history.

For directions and prices on how to get to Seville Santa Justa train station see Save A Train site.



Valencia, Spain

Valencia has 3 gorgeous beaches. As a result, it has great outdoor activities. A Cheap European national park is a great place for hiking. The close-by La Albufera National Park is a great place for hiking. Foodies also love Valencia for its fresh produce.

For directions on how to get to Valencia’s Estació del Nord train station enter the Save A Train website.



Istanbul, Turkey is our last cheap European destinations

Another amazing and cheap city is Istanbul. Because the Turkish capital brings together Europe and Asia. Rich in heritage, beautiful architecture, and exotic landscapes. Skylines of domes and a lovely blue sea-run alongside Istanbul. This city is great for the senses with amazing views, smells, and sounds throughout the capital. The popular food here is the doner kebab and Turkish sweet treats that can be purchased on the streets. All of the above can be experienced at very reasonable prices

For directions on how to get to Istanbul’s Sirkeci Station go to the Save A Train website.



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