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Every true wine lover knows that wine cities in Europe offer affordable and amazing wine. From France to Italy, and further, these countries are identified by many to have the best wines in the world.

In part, this is due to the ideal climate growing conditions, but it’s still an art. Not everyone knows how to make the most delicious wines.

Wine lovers know that some places are a bit hard to reach by train as they are rooted in the countryside. Thankfully, Western Europe has several cities that can still offer you the best wines in Europe. Plus, you won’t have to trouble yourself in finding a way to get to them, as all of these are accessible by train. If your starting point is any of the major countries in Europe, you’ll have an easy time getting there.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at the ultimate list of the best wine cities in Europe and how to visit them by train.


Koblenz, Germany

koblenz Wine Cities in Europe


Unfortunately not known to everyone, the Rhine River Valley in Germany is filled with quality vineyards. They produce the best wines in all of Germany, and most of them reach Koblenz.

This small town lies on the river Rhine and offers some of the best wine bars and restaurants in the region. It is particularly beautiful, not like some other bigger cities in the area.

The vineyards of the region are famous for having the world’s best Riesling wine. If you decide you want to visit the scenic town of Koblenz, you will have to try a glass or two of cold white wine.

Getting to Koblenz is quite easy, as it has one of the best locations of all the Rhine Valley wine cities. It’s halfway between two major German cities – Cologne and Frankfurt, and fast trains are going to Koblenz from both. What’s more, the town lies on the frequented Rhine Valley scenic train route.

In the end, the town is relatively close to borders with Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and France. That means you will have no trouble finding a train from these countries as well.

Berlin to Koblenz Trains

Frankfurt to Koblenz Trains

Luxembourg to Koblenz Trains

Stuttgart to Koblenz Trains


Vienna, Austria

Vienna is not just among the best cities to live in; it’s also among the best wine cities in Europe. The country produces a lot of wine in general, most of which is from the vineyards along the Danube valley. Vienna itself is one of the few world capitals that produces wine within the city.

All of that means that you will have the chance to try the best wines the country has to offer, right in Vienna. Furthermore, you should know that a bottle of wine to enjoy is Weissburgunder.

Vienna is the capital of Austria and one of the major cities in Europe, meaning you’ll quickly get there by train. It is the central rail hub that has connections to several neighboring countries.

Salzburg to Vienna Trains

Munich to Vienna Trains

Graz to Vienna Trains

Prague to Vienna Trains


Our obvious pick for Top 5 wine cities in Europe is Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux Wine Cities in Europe


Those of you familiar with wines, know that Bordeaux in France is one of the most known wine capitals of the world. That’s why it is on the list of the best wine cities in Europe. All the wine made in this famous region flows into the city to be enjoyed.

Bordeaux wines are famous for their mineral and fruit notes, from tart fruit to sweeter ripe fruit. These wines also have the amazing ability to age well. The makers often leave them to age for several decades.

Naturally, you don’t have to try old wines that cost a fortune to experience the region’s best wines. There are plenty of affordable wines with an exceptional price-value ratio. The top wine you need to try here is Red Bordeaux.

Reaching the city won’t be a problem, no matter where you’re located in Western Europe. What’s more, most of the train lines going to Bordeaux offer high-speed trains. You will only need a few hours to reach the city from anywhere in France. The train from Paris reaches Bordeaux in less than 3 hours!

Toulouse to Bordeaux Trains

Paris to Bordeaux Trains

Lyon to Bordeaux Trains

Marseilles to Bordeaux Trains


Florence, Italy is our last Wine Cities in Europe

The jewel of Tuscany, if not all of Italy, Florence is the perfect city with the best wines in the country. There are several villages all around the city that produce the wonderful Sangiovese wine and all of them to deserve to be on the list of wine cities in Europe. These gorgeous villages and the stunning Italian interior are hard to reach, but the city of Florence isn’t.

You can reach the city by train from anywhere in Italy, or further, like Switzerland and France. There are regular, high-speed trains that go several times every day from Milan and Rome, but also from Venice. These trips take less than two hours, and you get the chance to see the beautiful hills and fields of Italy.

Rimini to Florence Trains

Rome to Florence Trains

Pisa to Florence Trains

Venice to Florence Trains



So are you ready to enjoy wine cities in Europe? will help you get to any city in Europe, fast, cheap, and with a smile!


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