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With so many high profiles, popularized countries like France, Germany, and Switzerland, no wonder Austria hasn’t been getting as much attention! Ok, Italy never really fell off the map, but the train route from Austria to Italy sure has been neglected. But, that’s about to change! Austria and Italy by rail are one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever get to witness.

With their quaint mountain villages, mesmerizing natural attractions, and majestic city architecture, you’ll get an amazing Europe tour.  Trains in Austria are among the most advanced in all of Europe, night trains are in top shape (by the way, night trains have all the same routes as day trains do), most don’t require advanced reservations and are incredibly comfortable!

So, don’t wait any longer: start exploring Austria and Italy by rail by visiting these beautiful cities:


Start your Austria and Italy by rail trip with Vienna

Start your Austria and Italy by rail thrill by checking out Austria’s majestic capital first. Vienna oozes history, charm and inexplicable beauty!

Get lost soaking up Austria’s museums in a day, try traditional Vienna coffee and Sachertorte that’ll blow your mind! Check out Vienna’s all-time favorites like the Vienna State Opera and Schonbrunn Palace (they are the absolute must-see!). Depending on the train route you want to take, either go to Salzburg and Hallstatt straight or head towards Graz.

Salzburg to Vienna Trains

Munich to Vienna Trains

Graz to Vienna Trains

Prague to Vienna Trains



Go to Graz

Since Vienna-Graz has a direct rail line, stop in Graz and Klagenfurt on your way from Vienna to Venice. Don’t leave Graz without visiting the Schlossberg. This is a hill in the middle of the city known for its famous clock tower and a fortress. If you are in good shape, climb the stairs from Schlossbergplatz or just use the lift. Just next to the Schlossbergplatz is the historic Kastner und Ohler Shopping center – check out their roof cafe.

On your way to the station, walk the streets of the center, and try one of the best ice-creams ever! “Eis-Geissler” in Sporgasse produces organic ice cream that comes in countless flavors and is super delicious! Your Austria and Italy by rail trip is looking up by the minute, isn’t it?

Graz to Innsbruck Trains

Vienna to Graz Trains

Vienna to Salzburg Trains


Venice is possible to train travel when you do Austria and Italy By Rail


Check out Venice

Our next stop in Austria and Italy By Rail is Venice, Once you reach Italy, you’ve entered the land of gorgeousness! Accommodation in Venice is quite expensive, so it works in your favor if you are staying for just one day. Don’t waste your time but do as much as possible in this short period. A gondola boat tour is a must! FYI, it is also very expensive. Expect to pay about 80 EUR for a 30-minute gondola tour and about 120 EUR for a 45 minute one. Then, go check out Ponte di Rialto – one of the most famous bridges in Venice. It spans the Grand Canal, and it is close to the Ponte di Rialto. On your way to the train station, relish in the stunningly beautiful Piazza San Marco, aka Saint Mark’s Square.

Bolzano to Venice Trains

Vienna to Venice Trains

Trieste to Venice Trains

Udine to Venice Trains


And end your Austria and Italy By Rail at Florence

On your Austria and Italy by rail tour, you’ll be likely to stop in Florence. A day or two in this city packed with historical, artistic, and religious significance is pure magic. The first things to see are The Basilica and Cloisters of Santa Maria Novella. They are glorious and near the train station! There’s also a beautiful piazza there that is practically always filled with people. Then, move onto the magnificent Santa Maria del Fiore and its immense dome. Check out the Basilica of Santa Croce and Basilica di San Lorenzo and Medici Chapels as well.

Take a break from Austria and Italy By Rail touring and head to the San Lorenzo Market for a quick and delicious meal! This market is the locals’ favorite place to shop and snack! So, maybe buy someone a souvenir after you’d enjoyed your lunch? Yes! Don’t leave Florence without visiting the Uffizi, the Accademia, the Palazzo Vecchio, and the Pitti Palace. These are the major museums in the city. Also, pay a visit to the adjacent Boboli Gardens, the most beautiful gardens you’ll ever see.

Your next stop is Rome. Well, you know what to do there… and if you don’t check our Italy Pinterest boards.

Rome to Florence Trains

Bologna to Florence Trains

Livorno to Florence Trains

Ravenna to Florence Trains


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