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Traveling anywhere is always amazing and we do it to discover beautiful cities, the history of a country or cultures very different from ours. However, you do not have to go far from home to discover beautiful places. There are a few European train tours with a unique charm that undoubtedly deserve a place on our traveler’s wish list. From charming European towns to capitals with rich histories and cultural influences, take time to discover which cities to visit.


Here are some European train tours you shouldn’t miss:

San Sebastian

We go to a little warmer land, specifically, to the beautiful region of the Basque Country. Here we find what the second European capital of culture was in 2016: San Sebastian. This beautiful city located on the north coast always tops the world charts for its gastronomic offer and its lively nightlife. On the other hand, surfing, parties and the relaxed atmosphere are something you will fall in love with. It is common to find events about art, music, and dance in all corners of the city. Therefore, it is one of the greatest in Spain and part of our European train tours to visit and spend the day discovering its best places and finish the evening with a delicious dinner and cocktails by the sea.

You can get with European Train Tours to san sebastian


In the heart of Germany, about an hour from Berlin, there is another city you shouldn’t miss. Leipzig is increasingly emerging as the most modern and viable alternative to the capital. Perhaps it is because of its illustrious history, linked to names like Bach and Wagner; or, perhaps, for its large green spaces, not yet conquered by the speculative hands. It could also be for its quiet soul, where art and music are extraordinary. As far as splendid European train tours go, this one is certainly worth it.

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The West Rhine Railway European Train Tours, Germany

For everyone who loves lush, knockout beauty, castles, and sunset bathed vineyards, this scenic stretch along the Rhine River is where you should go. The train ride between German cities Cologne and Mainz is one you’ll remember forever and ever. Its picture-perfect landscapes will leave you breathless! True romantics who believe in happy endings and fairytale magic will adore the charming castles peeking through green vineyards. The West Rhine railway is known worldwide as part of the “Romantic Rhine” journey, so if you’ve got someone you love to bring along, do so. You’ll have an unforgettable time, same as many others who have made the West Rhine railway a part of their European train tours.

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Lyon, The French European Train Tours

The beautiful Lyon is the third-largest city in France and the true dynamic center of the country. It’s definitely a more liveable and relaxed destination than the capital, offering entertainment at every corner. Lyon has it all: museums, restaurants, boutiques, and original shops, as well as a large number of bars and clubs. It is also a vibrant university city, well worth a visit on your European train tours. Beautiful buildings overlooking the Rhone River, large parks, and an environment boasting various French cultural influences – what’s not to love?

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No European train tours are complete without riding through the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany. This region in central Italy offers breathtaking sights and provides quite a few points of interest you absolutely must visit. From the most iconic Renaissance art of Michelangelo and Botticelli to Mother Nature’s finest works in the Apennines, Tuscany is magnificent. A well-planned train tour could take you along the Tyrrhenian Sea coast, or let you see the famed vineyards of Chianti.

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