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Vienna is a popular travel destination, mainly because it is gorgeous and it being a city that has a lot to offer

However, it is also a city surrounded by many other interesting locations. If you have time for a day trip from Vienna, where should you turn your attention? We have got some suggestions that will certainly make your vacation in Austria more versatile. Furthermore, you can get to see some places that you might not otherwise make time to visit. Have a look at our list of 5 Best Day Trips From Vienna To Discover Austria that you might like!


1. Discover Austria – Hallstatt

Hallstatt is perfect for a day trip from Vienna because it does not take too long to explore, and it is absolutely stunning. However, if you are taking a train to Hallstatt, get going early in the morning, so you will have enough time. It is one of the longest day trips from Vienna, and good planning is essential. But, once you are there, there is plenty to enjoy. Hikes, taking pictures, or visiting the ice caves in the winter are all excellent choices.

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Passau to Hallstatt Trains

Rosenheim to Hallstatt Trains



2. Salzburg

Salzburg is easily accessible by train from Vienna, and it is one of the most engaging day trips. For instance, in Salzburg, you can explore the historic city center with its gorgeous baroque buildings. Then there is the Hobensalzburg Fortress, which will provide you with the best view of the city.

Additionally, you could tour Mozart’s home, now a museum with plenty of things to learn about the famous composer. Even more, you could visit the Salzburg cathedral where he was baptized.

Munich to Salzburg Trains

Vienna to Salzburg Trains

Graz to Salzburg Trains

Linz to Salzburg Trains


3. A Day Trip To Lainzer Wildlife Park

If you are looking to get away from the city for a day trip, you have plenty of options. One of them is the Lainzer Wildlife Park, which you can find in the Vienna Woods. Its beautiful nature with ancient oak and birch trees will make you feel like you have stepped into a fairytale. 

In the past, this place was a favorite hunting haunt of many nobles. Today, you can not hunt, but you can enjoy beautiful hiking trails as well as the view from the Hubertuswarte observatory.

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A Day Trip To Lainzer Wildlife Park


4. Laxenburg Castle

Just a 40 minute trip from Vienna, you can find this lake gem — Laxenburg Castle. The location was once a market town, but now it serves as a picturesque addition to Viennas charm. For instance, you can enjoy one of its many restaurants, sunlit fields and even sail out onto the lake.

Salzburg to Vienna Trains

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Prague to Vienna Trains


5. Kreuzenstein Castle

In the vicinity of Vienna, there is a majestic medieval castle you can explore. Kreuzenstein reminds many travelers of the magical Hogwarts, because of its spires and turrets. What is more, it offers unparalleled, breathtaking views of the Vienna Woods and the Danube. Additionally, the Leobendorf village is close by, which can be a good stop for you on your day trip.

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Kreuzenstein Best Day Trips From Vienna


Ready to see everything Vienna has to offer when it comes to day trips? With any of our 5 Best Day Trips From Vienna To Discover Austria, your trip will be worth it. Prepare to enjoy your vacation and make sure to Book Your Train Tickets on time!



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